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Secrets to a happy home

If we told you that the way you decorate and accessorize your home really could make you and your entire family happier, would you believe us? Well, that’s absolutely true! Ask any contemporary interior designer with a flair for positive energy layouts and they will tell you that happy design is 100% something we want you to get to work! If you want to enjoy a more sociable family living room or simply have the desire to transform one apartment into a welcoming and pleasant home, we have some perfect tips for you, here. Do we begin?

1- Aye and chaos

No… We’re not telling you that you need to create a seriously refined and totally minimalist living room, but by keeping the clutter out of your home, you will empty the space for so much more happy energy to flow! Don’t forget that accessories and clutter are very different things.

2- Importance of valuable things

Anything that reminds you of a great achievement or a great experience should absolutely be given priority in your home. By seeing constant reminders of the things you have loved and enjoyed, you will naturally find yourself feeling happier and more positive on a regular basis.

3- Japanese Zen

If you can, try to create a quiet, weighty nook somewhere in your home! Whether it’s at one end of your sofa that is always kept clutter free or even a small spare room that you can convert into a reading area, taking time to enjoy a little zen will make your home so much more geared toward calm and happy thoughts.

4- Social and comfortable

Fun interactions with friends and family are a surefire way to improve your mindset, which is why planning a sofa seriously socially is a great idea. Instead of pointing each seat toward the TV, as is the norm, and turning it into an L or U-shape, to encourage conversation and fun!

5- Natural plants

We all like a little treat now and then and fresh flowers are the perfect way to tap into that self-care mentality. Showing some new blooms will always make you smile, improve the scent in your home and inject a little spring vitality and you don’t need to go crazy over the cost either! A £3 bunch will work just as well as a bespoke package!


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