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Reasons why the cleanliness of your home is important to your health

In this topic, we will not talk about furniture, decor, architecture or the latest projects that a expert has done,  but about hygiene, we know that it is difficult for you to clean your home, but it is very healthy in addition to that your home will not look beautiful even if you They use the latest decorating techniques and rely on luxurious furniture only when it is clean, and if cleaning your house is impossible for you to do, you can hire someone to clean it for you.

1- Preventing the spread of bacteria

Wet surfaces and dirty floors are a suitable environment for the growth and spread of bacteria and thus the emergence of diseases in your home. The kitchen and bathroom are among the most important rooms in which bacteria can spread if you do not clean them well, so you must set a day a week at least to clean these spaces.

2- Preventing allergies

Mites are one of the most important insects responsible for allergy infections, so you must prevent them from your home by cleaning it from any dust in the places where it accumulates, such as windows and bookshelves. You can use a vacuum cleaner and suck all the dust, as well as behind cabinets and under furniture.

Another key to avoiding allergies is to keep the carpets and sofas clean, especially if you keep pets in your home, as their hair is one of the most common causes of allergies, so carpets and sofas should be cleaned daily.

3- Mood improvement

There are many studies that indicate that the cleanliness of the house enhances the performance of the immune system and thus protects us from many diseases, and makes us always in a calm state, which improves our mood.

4- Avoid accidents

Keeping your home clean prevents small accidents such as people falling from some places and sliding or bumping their legs into pieces of furniture, for example, your child’s bedroom is one of the  risky rooms so we advise you to buy large baskets to put all his toys and keep the space unobstructed.

5- Do not tire your eyes

It may seem strange, but keeping windows clean helps prevent visual disturbances as well as an aesthetic value to the home, easily because dusty glass does not allow you to clearly see anything through it.


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