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Easy and practical bedroom storage ideas

The bedroom and the kitchen are the two storage rooms in our house and when the space is small we find it difficult to store, because they are rooms that need a lot of space to accommodate all the items, and in this article we will give you some suggestions to make your bedroom look clean and organized, let’s see a group of expert ideas for storage in the bedroom Simple and practical, you can do it yourself. Are you ready?

1- With ports

Although windows are a very necessary thing in all spaces, in some cases the main rooms do not have any windows and you can do it yourself with these basic steps:

1- Choose the right size

2- Draw an imagination of the window and determine its dimensions on the wall

3- Use a hammer with caution and determine the required depth, taking into account the thickness of the wall

4- Use plaster to make the area very suitable.

5- Let it dry and give it a paint brush.

This proposal assures you of space in the walls for storage.

2- Under the bed

Storage under the bed is one of the easiest ideas that you can do yourself and does not require any effort, and to ensure safe storage of all things, use the bags, whether it is bags for clothes or shoe boxes that you do not need in storage by placing everything you want to store in it to keep it.

3- Hanging cupboards

Hanging wardrobes are the ideal choice for additional storage space in the bedroom. Just use some simple tables to help you organize your room; the ideas on the market are endless with different sizes that you can choose from.

4- Extra drawers

Drawers are a very important thing in the bedroom and even necessary and essential in the bedroom furniture, and sometimes we do not have drawers in this case, we must suggest that you rely on some spaces such as under the table or wicker baskets and plastic boxes, all of these spaces you can store in.

5- Keep electrical cables out of your way

One of the problems that lead to a lot of problems in the bedroom is the presence of electrical cables scattered in the room that you can fix with nails so as not to hinder your movement.

6- Beautiful and practical hanger

The last thing we have about storage ideas in the bedroom are those beautiful, practical and easy-to-install hangers that you can choose to suit your taste, as well as shelves on which you can put books, magazines and shoes.


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