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Cool ideas you must have in the kitchen

When we talk about designing the kitchen decor for our home, we may think that the intention is huge designs and large spaces, which need special budgets, cost and effort, and the result will not be satisfactory at times, but what we offer to you is what you have been looking for a long time, simple decorative ideas that make your kitchen The most beautiful at a simple cost and its implementation is very easy, 20 distinctive and wonderful ideas that make a real difference and make your kitchen distinct.. We wish you an enjoyable read.

  1. Bar or drawer

Choosing to add a bar or a separate island in the middle of the kitchen, it may provide you with additional storage space by designing drawers and shelves that allow it to be used when needed.

  1. Cutting spices and oil bottles

Tablecloths and oil bottles may cause a mess and we find it difficult to store them in an accessible way, so the modern design of kitchens provides a model for organized drawers that contain everything you need.

  1. Organized drawers for tools

Separating spoons from forks and knives in professional ways may help you save time and keep your home tidy for as long as possible.

  1. Waste separation baskets

It is important to start from now on separating your violations, as the whole world recommends this to save resources and help the recycling industry, and such a model collects a number of baskets for you in the least space and without disturbing the user during his movement..

  1. Hanging shelves to optimize space

Open hanging shelves may be used as a decorative touch besides its practical face..

  1. Exploiting Angles

If your kitchen has a small area or a special engineering design, do not hesitate to look for ways to exploit the corners and integrate them through innovative ideas that allow them to be used as storage spaces.

  1. Special Ideas

Modern means now have added everything that helps and allows the smart exploitation of spaces, moving hinges, rotating drawers and other touches that you may need if it is a small kitchen.


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