Interior Designer in Sector 58 Gurgaon Best Interior Design Firm

Interior Designer in Sector 58 Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

Interior Designer in Sector 58 Gurgaon | Best Interior Design Firm

T.V panel design

TV, which was once a dream, has become a necessity of every home with time and technology. And new styles, designs and types of TVs have been introduced for interior decoration and decoration. And TV screen technologies such as LCD, Plasma, Flat, Retina, and Crystal have been introduced. The TV has moved from a large box to a beautiful frame and has a great design.

A great example

Arranged with limited premises and resources, this TV lounge is organized in an ideal and expert manner. Especially by designing the TV stand and TV panel furniture as required, both space and money will be saved. The combination of red colors is the center of attention.

The magnificent display of innovation and the enchanting architecture of traditional beauty

In the house under observation, a wonderful piece of art has been created by unparalleled hard work and investment in TV and all its accessories. The golden arched closet has been converted into a TV stand for multi-purpose convenience. The  sound system and other things along with the TV panel are beautifully decorated.

Modern and attractive look

An exemplary effort to organize a TV set and all its accessories in a confined space is evident in this model. The combination of white and proportionate colors and the bright background of the cinema-sized screen is a symbol of dignity and sophistication despite its splendid simplicity.

Artistic skills

The color pink is a symbol of happiness and contentment and the whole room has a pink color combination. It has a cinema-sized screen decorated in a unique and modern wardrobe. Which is a masterpiece in itself.

Stunning and unique

The large family TV lounge has a TV-like seating area in a beautifully decorated and modern style. Exquisite black wood furniture and TV wardrobe stand out throughout the scene.


This sample contains valuable ideas for a small home. What’s the point of turning a kitchen dining table into a TV lounge? In this photo, the TV is beautifully mounted on a board above the main kitchen table. Which is a unique and creative idea.

Bedroom TV lounge

The highlight of this bedroom is the beautiful decoration of TV wardrobe and related accessories. The dormitory’s exterior background and cinema-sized screen feature wall-to-wall closets and multi-purpose furniture.

A creative style

A magnificent TV lounge has been created with the help of a beautiful wall dividing the room. On the one hand, it has enhanced the beauty of the house. On the other hand, an additional room cover has also been made available.

Unique style of TV lounge

A living example of good judgment and good manners, the TV Lounge is a perfect fit for the average family. Decorated with artistic combinations of colors and orderly settings.

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