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Industrial interior design may be a style that’s informed, because the name suggests, by the factory look. Mainly comprising of sparse warehouses and industrial workshops and therefore the items they contain, which are repurposed for a cool, grounded look.

Converted buildings, turn of the century factories, warehouses and refineries are all prime for this interior design style. This look is all about combining the pleasing aesthetic of raw and rough materials with polished and streamlined items. It borrows from the philosophy of minimalism by keeping areas clutter free with minimal items of furniture.

The theory behind industrial interior design is that baring all with extreme open plan living makes things look great. It’s about unashamedly putting the working structural parts on display, instead of hiding them.

It’s especially favorable for spaces that have unavoidable pipes, beams, ducts and vents that can’t really be disguised. This interior design style takes complete advantage of that! A reasonably modern style, industrial interior design emerged as a well-liked trend within the early 2000s and still remains a favorite among people of all ages.

The last word in urban living decor, it offers a chance to combine new items together with your favorite vintage pieces. A celebration of when utility meets minimalism meets labor. One of the good things about industrial interior design is that it’s even as great within the bathroom because it does within the bedroom or kitchen.

In fact, you’ll easily apply the design throughout your entire house! To emulate the economic look in your house, these are a number of the key features to think about.


When it involves industrial interior design, exposed brick, whitewashed floorboards and polished concrete are the epitome of this popular style. Surfaces should have a country look, which applies to most fixed areas including walls, floors, stairs, window frames and door jambs. Glass or wooden table slabs atop over-sized castors (painted glossy black) are signature industrial design items.

This feature works for coffee or dining tables, kitchen islands, bed frames and even storage units. Reclaimed or weathered wood is a perfect texture for the economic styled home and may be used for flooring, ceilings, stairs and other furniture surfaces. For variety, try mixing a variety of materials – timber, metals, brick, concrete etc – as long as they’re on theme. Distressed wood and black iron work rather well together within the one piece of furniture.


Typically, industrial interior design lighting offers an opportunity to be dramatic. Think Edison bulbs, pendant lighting with visible cords, bulb cages and geometric shapes with artful metalwork. Lighting and furniture that utilizes parts of original machinery also are cherished characteristics of this interior style. Get creative and aim to repurposed objects wherever you’ll.


Create your base with neutral colors in mind. Cream and soft grays are ideal, particularly the maximum amount of your color scheme are going to be born from the natural materials around you – the terracotta of exposed bricks, tan from weathered timber and deep grays from polished concrete.


Raw and bare look materials are staples when it involves industrial interior design. Materials that employment rather well to finish the design and obtain the texture includes:

  1. Exposed wood beams
  2. Repurposed railway sleepers
  3. Pine
  4. Hessian
  5. Black metal and
  6. Copper pipes.


One of the challenges with the economic look is that it can present as cold and unwelcoming.

Try adding pops of color and personality with ornaments and other decor items. Trendy retro art will add a comfortable touch and really warm up your measurable. To complement the edgy feel of this style, street or urban art also works superbly and highlights the gritty yet funky nature of the decor. Last but never least, Pop Art makes for a bold and bright choice and honors, which activated this decor trend by getting into a warehouse within the sixties.


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