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Children reach a certain age characterized by curiosity and discovery, as he has not yet realized the concept of safety or the extent of the danger of what is ahead, but we are aware of this and we know that children at this age are at risk from the simplest things that may not occur to us. Therefore, it is important to make our homes secure in the presence of children to avoid any accidents or exposing the child to any danger.

Come, let us give you some ideas to secure your homes to be suitable for the presence of children, and this includes the child’s room, bathroom, kitchen, or any area that may pose a danger to the child, so follow us.

1.​high shelves

The shelves should be raised above the child’s height to store your things safely and out of children’s reach.

2. bed

The child’s room, especially the child ’s bed, is one of the places where you should feel completely safe when leaving him alone. Do not hang any panels over the bed, shelves, or anything that may be heavy and dangerous to fall on your child, except of course the light toys that are placed above the child’s bed, which They should be at an appropriate distance to be seen and not touched, and are often placed at a young age before the child can move and stretch.

Do not create crowding in the child’s bed, whether with pillows or toys, as they expose him to the risk of suffocation, and put side pillows to avoid hitting the child with his body or head in the vertical barrier of the bed.

3. Covering the electrical sockets

Electrical sockets should be covered to avoid electrical shocks that could result from your child touching the sockets or inserting objects into them when exploring these strange openings.

4. Barriers to limit movement

With a moving fence or gate, you can set boundaries for the children so that they don’t move in remote places like roads or stairs and stay under your eyes.

5. Where to put the TV

Consider placing the TV in a high place, possibly on the wall, using its own stand, and removing any accessories in the media unit that may be easily accessible. Also, be sure to place the remote control in a high place out of the reach of the child.

6. Sharp edges

If your children move freely around the house, be sure to limit sharp edges such as the edges of furniture or tables by switching furniture or using rubber on these edges to avoid any accidents.

7. bathroom

Do not let anything make you lose sight of your presence with the child at the time of the  bath, whether it is a phone call or the presence of someone at the door. Do not leave your child alone during the bath time, as it only takes seconds for a disaster to occur, especially in the presence of water.

Put non-slip towels and carpets and be careful not to leave any razors in the bathroom or medicine at the level of the child, but put them in the cupboard, which is preferably high and closed well.

8. The kitchen

Do not leave  the kitchen while cooking or heating food or close it so as not to give children a chance to be near the stove while it is burning. Place stove knob caps to prevent children from playing with the gas, if not available, turn off the gas when not in use or shut down the kitchen.

Keep cups and plates, as well as detergents, in a high place away from children, whether in high shelves or in closed cabinets.

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