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If you follow some basic rules, you can make the best bathroom. First, think about what you want to do in the bathroom and how long you will stay.

For example, if you only use the shower in the morning and evening and spend about 10 minutes in the bathroom, you can make the bathroom as small as possible and use the space for other living spaces. If you spend a lot of time in the bathroom, such as a half-body bath, prepares a large bathroom / bathtub.

Once you’ve derived the size and requirements from your application, style your bathroom. In addition to the Scandinavian, modern and minimalist designs that are popular these days, we also recommend fashionable bathroom styles such as Asian and tropical that will give you a taste of travel.

A bathroom dryer is a must for bathroom styles that require a lot of interiors. In bathrooms that do not have an indoor drying function, try to keep the minimal design of unit baths and standard bathrooms as much as possible.

Main use of bathroom, staying time, required space

Shower only (staying time is about 15 minutes or more)

Choose a bathroom with only a shower box, which is common overseas. It only requires a space of about 4 square meters, so it is recommended for small houses and apartments.

Shower & bathing

(staying time from about 30 minutes) The most common unit baths in Japan were made with these uses in mind. You need about 15 square meters of space.

Half-body bath (staying time is about 1 hour or

More) Design a space that is larger than a unit bath and allows you to stretch your legs and relax in the bathtub. With about 20 square meters, you can stay comfortably for a long time.

Bathroom drying (use time is about 3 hours or more) Although

it is a completely different purpose from bathing, the bathroom drying has the longest usage time. If you keep the bathroom as small as possible, the laundry will dry efficiently. The size of a unit bath is ideal considering the amount of laundry and drying efficiency.

Bathroom interior design style

Once you understand the main uses and space of the bathroom and the minimum required functions, consider the interior design style of the bathroom. In the end, I recommend you to see a lot of bathroom design images in Interior A to Z, but here is a summary of the main bathroom interior styles:

Minimal design the minimal design

That can easily keep the bathroom clean is very convenient and recommended. If you are not good at cleaning the bath, prepare only the minimum bathroom interior. Choose FRP with as few irregularities as possible.

Asian style

Balinese and Thai style bathroom interior design. Finish the tub with large stones and marble, place wooden deck-style flooring, and large foliage plants such as palm trees and monster. Add aroma and other scents to make it even more GOOD!

Hot spring style A hot spring style that any

Japanese can use. Use trees such as cypress and line up rocks to build a bathtub. If you plant a bamboo grove in the garden that you can see from the bathroom, the atmosphere is already an open-air bath.

Scandinavian style

A style using a nice and simple interior created by Scandinavian people who spend a lot of time in frigid countries such as Norway. You can have a pleasant bath time with a simple design wooden floor, which is different from the hot spring style, and a dazzlingly white design bathtub.

Choosing bathroom materials

Many people choose tiles for their flooring, but there are many other options.

Floor / wall material

Wood: A material that has been thoroughly impregnated with preservatives such as pine, cypress, pine, and sugi. If properly maintained, it will last for about 10 years. Roughly speaking, the price starts from 150,000 rupees.

Artificial marble: A material that feels very smooth to the touch. It can be easily cleaned without being scratched. It is a material that is very easy to clean and lasts semi-permanently.

Resin: It is a reasonable material that is easy to apply anti-slip, easy to maintain, and has a price range of about 50,000 rupees. If you don’t have a particular preference for choosing a color, resin material is recommended.

Tile: The cheapest material next to resin. Many of these are also functional in modern times, and it is possible to add texture and anti-slip. There are some parts that are difficult to clean, such as tiles and grooves in the tiles, but they will last a long time. The price range is from 100,00 rs.

Bathtub material

Enamel: A bathtub made of glass work. It’s super easy to clean. The price range is about 50,000 yen.

Stainless steel: The metallic cheapness can be completely eliminated by coloring. The price range is 50,000 rupees.

FRP (Glass Tempered Fiber Resin): A material made by hardening fibers with glass. The price is cheap, about 30,000 rupees.

Artificial marble: A material with smoothness like marble. The price range goes up a little and starts from 100,000 rupees.

Interior miscellaneous goods & items that can be used in the bathroom

Bathroom accessories help create the atmosphere of the space, so of course they don’t have to be functional all the time. Find the best bathroom interior that expresses your personality, without sacrificing space or financial burden:

Seashell: An item that you can get for free whenever you go along the coast. An item that reminds you of the fun memories of the beach.

Houseplants: Houseplants that is indispensable for Asian styles. If you use a big one, the atmosphere is a secret hot spring in the jungle.

Colorful soap / body soap: An item of two birds with one stone that can be used as a color in the bathroom and also has a nice scent.

Surround system: If you’re singing in the bathroom, make sure to use waterproof speakers. Transform into a stress-relieving karaoke room for one person!

TV: If you take a half-body bath for a long time, enjoy the video on a waterproof TV rather than a book.

Cake stand: A stand used for very cute afternoon tea. If you want to improve the cuteness, please do!

Candle: This item is also for long-term bathing. Just staring at a small fire will calm your mind. Don’t forget to ventilate.

Wall decals: Put nice waterproof stickers on simple walls. It also becomes an accent color, and the bathroom becomes gorgeous at once.

Toys: It is also recommended to enjoy bathing with water guns and bath toys.

Floating light: A floating light that you want to use with a candle.

Types of bathroom lighting

A typical bathroom or unit bath has only one wall light. It’s sad to take a bath in the dim light. But there are many ways to brighten the bathroom. Here is a summary of the types of lighting that can be installed in the bathroom:

Wall-mounted / mounted lighting: A wall-mounted type. In a bathroom surrounded by steam, you can illuminate your hands and feet much more efficiently than illuminating from the ceiling.

Ceiling lighting: A type of lighting that can be attached to a ceiling. Install large, strong lighting of 15 watts or more.

Floor lighting: If the bathroom is large or the ceiling is high, use floor-mounted lighting. You can clearly see your feet and prevent falls.

Portable lights: It’s difficult to add new lighting to standard bathrooms such as unit baths, isn’t it? In such a case, bring a waterproof portable light and use it. I recommend the cute portable lights that are sold as many as 100.


Lighting selection is just as important as thinking about decoration when designing a new bathroom. It makes a big difference just whether the color of the light is cool or warm. One technique is to install it in a place where you cannot see the main body of the lighting fixture, such as the wash unit or the back of a mirror.


Is it possible to design an ideal bathroom? Interior A to Z also offers free consultation on housing and interior design, so please feel free to contact us.



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