Find the Best Wall Interior Design Ideas in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

Find the Best Wall Interior Design Ideas in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR

Ideas for Living Room Wall Design That Are Bold

There must be at least one or two wall decorations in every space, and there are many possibilities available for the living room. When it comes to living room wall décor, if you’re having difficulties determining which way you’d like to go, we can help. Continue reading to get inspiration from 30 living rooms that can work with any taste.

Use sculpture

Sculptural pieces will give your living room more curiosity and dimension. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to go bland or colorful. Here, sculptural circles give this area a contemporary feel.

Make it ethereal

It’s often a good idea to choose a straightforward abstract picture that goes well with the textiles in your living room. You can always consider making your own abstract painting using a canvas and paint from the craft shop if you can’t afford to pay for a professional one.

Affix a triptych

A triptych hung above the couch is a wonderful way to cover bare wall space. It might be challenging to find enough unique works of art to build a substantial exhibit, so this is a wonderful alternative.

On a TV, try this twist

There are several televisions available today that, when off, serve as works of art. Options like these are fantastic to think about if you can’t picture a living room without a television but want to keep an attractive layout.

Simplicity is best

A more basic living space is ideal for a neutral abstract item like this one. Choose one beloved object to be the focal point of your minimalist room rather than leaving the walls completely barren.

Alternative: Welcome Color

A large painted fabric, on the other hand, will give a room a tone of personality if you prefer vibrant colors. It can be enjoyable to choose a style other than the typical framed canvas.

Install a Big Mirror

Never undervalue the impact of a large mirror in the living room. The best place to get items like this one is in an antique store, but there are also many modern options available that look much like old-fashioned pier mirrors. A mirror like this one is also useful for inspecting your attire before leaving the house.

Draw a Figure Leaning

Not only are figure drawings appropriate for the bathroom or bedroom. They can also give the living area a delicate, romantic feel. Instead of mounting a print like this one to the wall, choose to lean it for a sleek, carefree look.

Amazing Wallpaper

Be gloomy! Make a gallery wall with a range of prints that are the ideal match for your furniture and accessories. For an elevated, layered appearance, extra points if you hang everything on top of a gorgeous wallpaper design.

Sing together

By hanging a beloved instrument on the wall, you can demonstrate your passion for music. Most of all, when the mood hits, it’s simple to pick up and play this guitar.

Use plants as ornaments

Green up! To display favorite clippings (or even fake stems—we guarantee no one will be able to tell the difference), hang some planters on the wall. This method is a fantastic way to give any living room a 3D feel.

Check Out This Shelfie Trick

A little shelf like the one pictured here is a clever solution if you want to display some of your favorite treasures but don’t quite have enough space for a bookcase. Also, it will immediately spark conversation when visitors drop by.

Create a duo

Consider stacking two tiny paintings on a blank corner wall if you want to display them. Keep in mind that it’s acceptable to leave some white space open; if you’d rather keep things simple, you don’t have to cover a full wall.

Add additional light

Sconces are not only used in bedrooms. If you want to give your living room gallery wall a bit extra brightness, think about including one.

Assemble old mirrors

Why not use different mirrors to create a gallery wall? If you can find them at places like flea markets and thrift shops, collecting mirrors can be a lot of fun. For a distinctive design, mix & combine various sizes and shapes.

Alternately, quirky portraits

Make up a delightful tale for a weird vintage portrait and hang it in your living room. You might even put together a whole wall of portraits that you find while travelling or shopping at a thrift store.

Play Off the Architecture of a Space

If the wall paneling in your living room is particularly lovely, you should design the area surrounding it accordingly. It can be wonderful to honor this special feature and showcase your favorite artwork by placing pieces of art so that they fit in each tidy “box.”

Display a Wooden Item

Consider displaying a wooden item in its place if you’re having problems selecting a picture or painting that speaks to you. The sculptural design over the mantel in this living room gives it a tone of personality.

Consider Threes

Three separate works of art can be displayed in your living room in a variety of inventive ways. This kind of arrangement is ideal for a smaller wall and can always be expanded in the future.

Embrace the Walls

A great idea to inject a little unexpectedness into your living space is to hang vibrant wallpaper or a stunning mural. If you’re renting, you can always look for portable solutions.

Print Pictures

Print out all of the pictures you have saved in your favorite’s folder right away! You should hang a gallery of family photos in the living room. Simply print images in black and white and position them inside consistent frames if you’re concerned that such a setup would look too cluttered.

Think botanical

To add a bit of the outside world to your living space, hang some botanical or wildlife prints. This kind of arrangement is elegant and sophisticated.

Carry a Piece of the Museum Home

Even if your sofa is directly above a window, you can still display framed artwork on either side. Picture lights above each piece of artwork will spotlight your favorite pieces and give your home a chic museum feels.

Paint one or two murals

Why not break the mould and create a striking mural in the living room? These artworks with a jungle theme are colorful and energetic.

Display Your Favorite Songs

Why not further express your personality in your living environment by using wall shelving? Take inspiration from this space, for example, if you enjoy music. Here, recordings serve as both artwork and are accessible when needed.

Be jovial

Let yourself to be a little whimsical. In an otherwise somber living room, a large alphabet print makes a whimsical statement.

Become earthy

Use moss as decoration to bring the outside in. Any area will feel cozier and earthier because to its low care requirements, interesting texture, and engaging look.

Display Your Happy Location

Pick a photo of your favorite spot and display it! If you have a favorite beach, invest in a professional aerial photograph or frame a snapshot you took during your most recent visit as a reminder of the warm days to come.

Think broad

Large canvases that hold sentimental value for you should be hung on the walls of your living room. This is a fun method to display some of your own artwork if you’re an artist.

Allow the Light to Enter

If your living room is on the smaller side, use mirrors to give the impression that it is larger. Three hung in a row above a couch appear sleek and contemporary.

The Area above Your Sofa: Filling Ideas

How can I fill the empty space on my wall? Is one of the frequent queries our Design Services team receives. Sometimes the wall of a bedroom, other times the top of a stair landing, and many, many times it’s the empty area over the sofa!

Given how frequently we receive this inquiry, we decided to devote an entire How to Decorate blog page to providing you with the solutions! Here are 10 ways to fill the large wall space above your sofa and make it a powerful focal point.

1. A Huge, Huge Mirror

The importance of creating a focal point and adding drama to every space has been highlighted on the blog and a big mirror is the ideal tool for doing so.

Because it’s so big, thinking of a method to decorate the area above your sofa can be scary. However, we like to view it as an opportunity to create something spectacular!

2. Three or more prints in a grid

When considering how to fill the space above your sofa, symmetry is another crucial factor to take into account because it provides the area a sense of order.

If you value a quiet, polished appearance, symmetry is also a terrific design element. A symmetrical room tends to be more tranquil because your eye doesn’t wander about it as much. Your sofa’s back can be covered with a grid of prints to both fill the area and establish a symmetrical focal point.

3. A collection of prints in various sizes

It can be quite scary to create a symmetrical gallery wall, but if you enjoy the style, think about arranging asymmetrical pieces of art together in the same style as we did here.

The arrangement of the prints is far more straightforward than the complex web you typically see on a gallery wall, despite the fact that they are all by the same artist but come in various sizes.

4. A Single, Big Painting

Consider putting one sizable painting on the wall over your sofa as opposed to numerous smaller ones. This has a few advantages, including the fact that you only need one item to complete the look, similar to putting on a dress.

No matching of trousers to a shirt, no harmonizing. One big piece has the advantage of feeling cleaner, more polished, and less cluttered. If you want to get that appearance, think about picking just one piece of art that you adore and sticking with it.

5. A group of mirrors

Consider hanging multiple mirrors over your sofa if your room is dark and you want to add additional light to it.

They not only look stylish and understated and complement any color scheme you choose, but they also bounce light around the space and give it depth.

6. Two related pictures or mirrors

When it comes to filling the space above your sofa, a pair of prints is a great option because there are so many advantages to purchasing home decor pieces in pairs!

You can always separate them into various rooms or keep them all together. A pair is significantly more adaptable than a single print, just as it is simpler to install a pair of lamps than a single one.

7. A bookcase

One of the finest ways to occupy the area above and behind your sofa, if you have the space, is with a bookcase or cabinet.

Two of our Toulouse Towers were arranged in this area behind the sofa, and we love how they add height to the space overall. Don’t forget to use decorative items like books and vases to support your shelves.

8. Consider a gallery wall

Although a gallery wall can be frightening, there’s really no formula for success! Simply go for it.

It’s important to arrange prints on the floor before hanging them on the wall, but we also like the notion of adding to a collection over time as you add more of your favorites, since this will assist to fill the area behind your sofa in a special way.

9. A mirror or substantial work of art plus a pair of wall sconces

The addition of a sconce to your wall decor illuminates the space and gives it a welcoming atmosphere.

Try combining your wall decor with a sconce to create an interesting grouping that has individuality and flair if you’re seeking for a creative method to fill the area behind your sofa.

Nothing struggling to come up with something to hang behind your sofa? If you place your sofa in front of a window, all you’ll need is the stunning view outside (and perhaps a couple of gorgeous drapery panels).

Boring decor and bland walls? 10 Quick Ways to Upgrade Your Living Room!

You’re tired of your lifeless living room and those colorless walls. Then it’s time to spruce up your house with classy living room wall decor. Personality is revealed in living rooms. The marks left on your walls resemble your signature in certain ways. Your living room walls are like a blank canvas, whether you are a travel lover, a fashionista, an art enthusiast, or a true bibliophile. Explore these stunning modern wall decor ideas if you want to turn your plain living room walls into unforgettable works of art. You’ll soon be residing in a chic house that will impress your visitors!

Huge Wall Art for Contemporary Decor

Undoubtedly, art draws people’s attention. See its appeal develop by making a large artwork the focal point of one of your living room’s walls. It is entirely up to you whether you choose an abstract painting or a simple black-and-white photograph. Yet, if you’re looking for modest living room wall decor, bet on art.

Shelves Make Beautiful Wall Decor

Lacking room on the floor for books? It is sensible to display them on a floating shelf. Together with that vanity, floating bookcases give otherwise plain walls an intriguing personality. Not to mention that it presents your house to guests as sophisticated and tasteful.

The Greatest Living Room Wall Art Is a Beautiful Gallery

Want to give the walls in your living room a unique personality? Then transform it into an art place! Give those framed wall hangings, posters, and artworks new life by displaying them. You can also cover an entire wall with them to make it appear much larger. This provides wonderful floor to ceiling continuity for your wall.

Give an Accent to Walls with This Innovative Living Room Wall Decor

Instead of spending too much time considering what additional design you can add to your wall, pick calming wallpaper. By doing this, you will turn a corner of your living room into an artistic space, but it won’t take long for that wall to become more prominent. This design concept is ideal for compact spaces.

Maps may also make stunning wall decor

Put a textured global map or a map of your preferred nations to the walls of your living room. It displays your wanderlust and adds a lovely texture to those basic surfaces. A map should be painted in black or another dark color. The little or medium-sized rooms will feel more fresh as a result.

Display Your Bikes on the Walls in a Bachelor’s Living Room

Mounting your bikes to the walls of your living room is one of the most creative and useful decorating ideas? This makes a wonderful focal point for your wall and grabs everyone’s attention. Also, this clears up floor space while simultaneously transforming your living room’s bare walls.

Brass as Living Room Wall Decor

The two most subtle décor elements that may instantly transform a plain living room wall into a work of art are sculpture and brass. Choose a calming color scheme for the same in accordance with the color scheme of your living space, and observe how the atmosphere is revived!

Place That TV on the Wall

Want to add a contemporary touch to your living room? Install your television on one wall to start. Not only will you create more room this way, but your wall will also appear more organized and clean. Consider this design for a comfortable living area with a modern feel.

In your family’s living room, hang a mirror. Wall art

Mirrors’ stunning appearance is one of their best qualities. Also, because of how beautifully they reflect light, your living room begins to appear larger than it actually is! To create a salon-like atmosphere in your house, you can go for a large or medium-sized mirror. Isn’t it fun?

To create a cute living room mural, paint

People can enter a completely new universe through art. A scene from your preferred movie or an offbeat phrase should be painted on your wall. If not, you can just cover the wall. Both of these suggestions are excellent for bringing new life to your living space.

You may instantly change a standard living space into something exceptional by hanging a painting or putting up trinkets! Use them as soon as possible. For more design inspiration, you can also schedule a consultation on our website!

Make It Yours! For Your House, 12 Beautiful Wall Showcase Designs

A wall is an empty canvas. They strengthen bonds, create and relive memories. Walls serve only one purpose: to connect homes and other functional spaces so that they can be combined to form a unified whole. You should not take walls lightly. Your home’s mood can be improved by how you design and beautify it, or you can construct areas that define the overall style.

Designs for wall showcases highlight the appearance and texture of walls. They can be made lovely and beautiful in a variety of ways. We frequently put together collectibles before designing our home. a lot of paintings, photos, artwork, or handmade items to cover empty walls. This results in a disconnected, chaotic appearance and feels that can tarnish a lovely house. Placing stuff on the floor doesn’t make much sense because most urban Indian homes are small. They should build wall showcases to put objects on exhibit, mount crucial devices, and display attractive items.

Designers can start with bare walls. They require little effort, but when well-designed, they may provide a house a cozy or minimalist, traditional or rustic aspect. To make the entire room stand out, the decor and designs must complement the theme you’re trying to portray. If you know what you want to do with wall showcases as a homeowner, designing them is simple. We have all the details you require regarding wall showcase designs and the countless ways to decorate them.

Design Of A Wall Display For The Hall

A home’s living room serves as a display. Hence, it goes without saying that the walls and interiors must be finished to the highest standard and assembled in harmony with the furnishings and decor. Straight lines and few distractions will be reflected in the decor if the design is modern and minimalist. Interiors that are similarly vivid and hallucinogenic benefit from well-placed mirrors and lighting. Included below are a few fantastic ideas for wall showcase designs, whatever your intended look may be.

Design for a photographic showcase wall

Every home must have pictures. The majority of us accumulate them as a way to reflect, gather memories, and serve as reminders of the passing of time. Photo-filled showcases are reminiscent of old-fashioned houses. They might be glass-enclosed or free-standing, photo collages or standalone frames. They aid in providing your living room context and a vintage appeal.

Make a statement with your hallway showcases

A hallway can be created as an addition to your living room or as a freestanding space with shelving for pictures, paintings, wall sculptures, and curiosities. Given that it connects to a home’s inside, the hallway can display beautiful wall designs, and showcases are an excellent way to do it.

The Magnificence of a Wall-mounted Display Concept

Wall-mounted showcases are pieces of furniture that hang from walls rather than standing on legs. They are simple to complete, repair, and maintain. Wall-mounted exhibits are available in many different finishes and designs. There are some that are entirely closed and have a practical purpose. The construction is kept basic by using classic or contemporary design for the exterior doors.

Indian-inspired wall designs

Display ideas for Indian homes can range from straightforward to intricate, ornate to basic. Almost every home has one of these freestanding showcases, which are a relic of traditional lifestyles and a throwback to earlier times. Throughout the beginning of time, showcases have been used to hold knickknacks and curios, photo frames and keepsakes, vases and music systems, regardless of how small, long, tall, or heavy they are. They have evolved into altars for past, present, and future recollections. Indian-style wall displays are available in a variety of styles now and have evolved to be quirkier, more original, and more artistic, expressing the moods of the home. They have a gloss or matte surface, are either open shelves or closed shelves, and are composed of wood or MDF.

Design for a Free-Floating Wall Display

Floating showcases that are mounted into the wall either horizontally or vertically go well with contemporary decor. They might be embellished with a few curios that improve the room’s appearance and are straightforward and hassle-free. The material for floating exhibits might be light wood or even metal. Their stability and construction enable additional storage and creative displays.

TV Premieres Are Popular

of the most widely used showcase designs. In addition to books and trinkets, TVs require larger niches and shelves for gadget placement. Displays that are modular are quite popular. They can be made small only for this one or stacked floor to ceiling with tools and appliances. The primary standard for television showcases is robustness.

Elegant Modern Wall Display for Total Elegance

These showcases can be formed of wood, metal, or other materials and are stylish, slick, and complementary to contemporary designs. They add a touch of refinement to the space while maintaining order. Modern displays were born out of the necessity to provide living rooms texture and add focal points all over the room.

Elegantly Decorated Wall Displays

These displays are fancy, as the name implies, have textured glass and shelves, are striking, and come in a range of color combinations. Designed in mosaic and other materials, with elaborate designs and lighting niches, embellished showcases are standout pieces in and of themselves. They improve the curios they store’s aesthetic.

Showcases for the Wall with Lights

For a more contemporary, elegant appearance, showcases might be softly lighted. Statement pieces are highlighted by built-in LEDs and lighting that has been deliberately positioned in the showcase. They in turn are made to go well with the room’s lighting.

Maze Showcase Wall Designs

These multi-shelf showcases feature interconnected spaces and are constructed with a number of fascinating niches to keep a range of goods. They were designed with the complexity of the maze in mind. They can be utilized for things of various heights, colors, and textures due to their horizontal and vertical alignment.

Design of a minimalist wall display

Designs for minimalist showcases are functional without sacrificing aesthetic. They have distinct niches and are subtle, elegant, and stylish. They blend gently into the space by using neutral colors and designs that allow them to showcase books, curios, and artifacts without drawing too much notice. They complement minimalist, deconstructed homes better because they are unique, sleek, and attractive.

Kids’ Room Wall Display Designs

The showcase design is considerably different in a child’s bedroom. There is more room for innovation because there is a greater requirement for storage that is fully useful. They are able to show awards and storybooks, store toys and clothing thanks to white display cases with attractive pictures and unique doorknobs.

A big canvas can be used and many different designs can be used for wall exhibits. The standards used to build them are equally significant to their appearance. Before creating one for your home, remember the following advice.

After determining the room’s measurements, design a showcase. Depending on the available area, you may decide whether to create a group of showcases or just one.

SHAPE – The wall showcase’s shape is determined by your preferences and the room’s overall decor. While black or dark-hued shelves in pastel spaces may draw too much attention, round shelves in interiors with geometric patterns can look out of place. With the correct showcase design, you can complete and improve a space.

Budgets for showcases vary according to the complexity, material, design, and structure of the display. Because to their distinctive appearance, square and rectangular displays are less expensive to produce than floating shelves and round showcases.

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