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  1. Livspace:
    • Livspace is a popular online platform that connects homeowners with interior designers. They offer a range of design styles and have a team of experienced professionals.
    • Website: Livspace
  2. Morph Design Company:
    • Morph Design Company is known for its contemporary and innovative designs. They have worked on various residential and commercial projects.
    • Website: Morph Design Company
  3. Shantanu Garg Design:
    • Shantanu Garg Design is recognized for its luxurious and sophisticated designs. They specialize in high-end residential and commercial projects.
    • Website: Shantanu Garg Design
  4. Studio Lotus:
    • Studio Lotus is an award-winning design firm with expertise in architecture and interior design. They focus on sustainability and innovation in their projects.
    • Website: Studio Lotus
  5. The Orange Lane:
    • The Orange Lane is known for its eclectic and vibrant designs. They cater to a diverse range of projects, including residences, offices, and retail spaces.
    • Website: The Orange Lane
  6. Renesa Architecture Design Interiors:
    • Renesa is a multidisciplinary design firm that works on architectural and interior projects. They are known for their creative and contemporary approach.
    • Website: Renesa Architecture Design Interiors
  7. Anagram Architects:
    • Anagram Architects is an architectural and interior design firm that focuses on sustainable and contextually responsive designs.
    • Website: Anagram Architects
  8. Ecoinch Services:
    • Ecoinch Services specializes in residential and commercial interior design projects. They are known for their modern and functional designs.
    • Website: Ecoinch Services
  9. Conarch Architects:
    • Conarch Architects is an architecture and interior design firm with a focus on creating timeless and innovative designs.
    • Website: Conarch Architects
  10. Design Atelier:
    • Design Atelier is known for its contemporary and minimalist designs. They offer services for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.
    • Website: Design Atelier

Before selecting an interior designer, it’s advisable to review their portfolio, client testimonials, and approach to design. Additionally, consider scheduling a consultation to discuss your requirements and get a sense of their design philosophy.