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What is a bungalow? | Best Interior Designer near me

What is a bungalow?


This is a 1-story house and is often a relatively small house with 1 to 3 bedrooms. When we think of a bungalow, we often think of a holiday home. But of course there are also people who live in a house like this. She is originally from South Asia. The name originated in India, which refers to a Bangladeshi style house often found in the Bangladeshi countryside. In addition, there are also semi-bungalows, in this type of house one room is located on a second floor. Here we mainly focus on single-storey houses.


What kind of bungalows are there?


There are various bungalow types. Of course there are the traditional models. These are built on site; just like with regular homes, the concrete is poured on site at the construction site. Nevertheless, a prefab house is actually the most obvious. These types of houses are made in a factory. An advantage is that the house is ready within 2 months and that you are less likely to encounter unexpected delays. If sustainability is important to you, it is best to choose a well-insulated, sustainable home with solar panels on the flat roof. In addition, this type of home is extremely suitable for adapting and making it accessible for young and old, with, for example, if necessary, threshold-free floors and wider doorways.


Advantages of a bungalow


This type of construction is generally completed more quickly, as it is less complex than a regular home, as the use of scaffolding and transportation of work materials for the upper floor is simply not necessary. As a result, these types of homes are often cheaper than regular homes. Another advantage of a single-story house is that the number of toilets can be reduced because all rooms are on the same floor. Single-story homes are also much more practical to clean. You also don’t need a lot of furniture to set it up.


Disadvantages of a bungalow


Other costs, such as those for a roof, are equal to those of the regular home. In that respect, a bungalow is very pricey in comparison. This also applies to the land price.


Ultimately, of course, the choice is very personal and depends on several factors, such as the size of the site and the budget you have. The size of your household also plays a role. The house must be able to offer sufficient space for all family members.


What are the costs of a bungalow?


The costs of a single-story house naturally depend on many factors. What material do you use? Where is the house manufactured? In a factory, or on the spot? What size is the house? And of course you also have to take the land into account when considering the costs of construction. The land price depends on the location. The costs of a bungalow start at 900,000 rupees.


If you are interested in building a 1-story home after reading this, or if you have any questions, please contact our professionals. They can help and assist you with your project.


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What is a bungalow? | Best Interior Designer near me


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