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Unique ideas for an inspiring balcony in your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Having a distinctive balcony is not a difficult issue at all, as it is like all the rooms that I designed before and won everyone’s admiration, all you need is the passion for every step you take and plan, you must imagine in the beginning that you will be in front of many options that may be any use It is distinctive or otherwise, and we are pleased to offer you through this topic many important points to get a creative design of the balcony that will delight you and impress all your guests.


Try to make the outside balcony of your home contain many useful uses that may provide you with many solutions at different times, for example, you can design a family session for tea, whether in the morning or evening, and you can also receive guests through it, as well as you can design It has a suitable trip and many ideas in this regard.


Do not obscure the landscape

Landscaping is a gift that offers you, so you should never refuse it. You have to provide a balcony without high walls or blocking these landscapes and prepare the decoration to be completely oriented towards this landscape without any marginalization.

Attractive Decorations

Use a certain style to decorate the balcony, after you choose pieces of furniture and seating that are light in shade and are not restricted to the same formality through which you chose other formal rooms such as reception and living, try to separate the balcony from what is formal inside the house, being in the open air forces you to be bold more.

special theme

Use a decoration and a special style for your balcony to be attractive enough for everyone, it is okay to use plants, shrubs and flowers, as well as antiques and statues if the space in the balcony allows for additional elements, and you can also resort to more modern and free sessions to make it more lively and beautiful.

sun for cold regions

If you are in cold areas and need to go out during the day to the balcony, do not cover the ceiling and try to sit in the middle of light and sunlight so that you can easily get the required warmth.

Unique ideas for an inspiring balcony in your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Important tips and ideas before choosing industrial kitchens

Cooking is an art of arts that is becoming more and more important every day, and there are many programs dedicated to it, so we find new designs that have emerged in the world of kitchen decoration that are taken from TV programs and blogs on social networking sites specialized in the art of cooking.

In this article, we have collected for you a set of industrial-style kitchen designs , equipped with very high equipment that helps you prepare the most delicious meals, for a group of experts .

industrial kitchens

One of the most advantages of industrial kitchens is its high resistance, and ease of cleaning, if you have space, you have to rely on this design, these two aspects are necessary to work with all health guarantees, so industrial kitchens are the perfect choice for those who prefer cooking, in addition to that this kitchen is well-equipped With the latest appliances, including stoves, hoods, refrigerators, and everything modern.


The first thing to keep in mind when designing professional kitchens is the presence of wide areas of corridors, through which you can move freely inside the kitchen, if the space you have is not enough for all the tools and appliances, you must determine your priorities, so that there are corridors that allow more than one person to pass through without impede their movement.


Industrial kitchens usually have many storage spaces, with multiple shelves where everything is organized and open shelves, which are very convenient as they allow to have all the different tools and products within easy reach. With easy access to the most essentials at cooking time, without having to open drawers and cabinet doors with stained hands from the preparation process itself, you’ll save time while you’re cooking and clean up time too.

fully organized

If you have the possibility, having open shelves and cabinets can be a good way to create an industrial kitchen at home. The presence of elements to hang some utensils makes it easier for you to cook, and the matter does not stop only with cooking, but also preparing and preparing food, and these standards are taken into account by the industrial kitchen.

stainless steel

In modern kitchens, stainless steel is used in the stove only as an aesthetic appearance, but one of the most distinctive features of industrial kitchens is their choice of steel surfaces because it supports high temperatures, in addition to being easy to clean and prevents the reproduction of bacteria.

stainless steel

Choose stainless steel in appliances, lamps, and other accessories. As in the photo kitchen, we advise you to make it to display a more industrial image. In addition to providing more lighting for your kitchen.

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