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Funky ideas for perfect storage

Having enough storage space will always be challenging, considering how humans like to collect information about our lives. But decent storage areas are especially challenging in public spaces of the home, like  the living room,  where we host parties and entertain friends, relax with family and lounge in front of the TV, enjoy snacks and drinks, play with pets, read and enjoy some alone time. Which of these activities do you do best in a tight, crowded space, right?

So, to keep your lifestyle and lifestyle functional, we’ve put together these living room storage ideas to help you organize work quickly and effectively.

1- Choose furniture with storage properties

If you can’t go sideways, go up! There’s no rule that says you can’t take advantage of your walls and ceilings to make your space look more neat and tidy, is there? This train always leads us to floating shelves, where you can place them as high as you wish and in any number of ways. Hanging hooks plus are great contraptions, but can make all the difference in keeping linens, blankets, hats, and coats in the living room, and instead of a bulky sofa, why not opt ​​for an upholstered bench with built-in storage?

You may remember these colorful and colorful domes from preschoolers, but they are definitely a part of adult life too. Imagine simple cubby-like shelves that act as storage solutions without focusing on the statement parts of your living room. Eliminating them in the corner might also help you hide tech and appliances. After all, you wouldn’t need to show your speakers and wires to everyone entering your house, would you?

2- Recruitment of furniture

Which looks more tidy and inviting: a room with blankets strewn everywhere, or one with blankets and throws neatly folded into ornaments and baskets, maybe just the ledge here and there? Just because something isn’t in use at the moment doesn’t mean it has to be removed behind closed closet doors, does it?

To make your living room look effortlessly tidy, use what you already own, for example, let this smaller side chair become an end table, complete with a table lamp and everything, or use a vintage bag as an eye-catching coffee table, or you can transform a set of baskets Affordable to drawers for jewelry!

3- Take advantage of all the spaces

Why choose a simple sofa that only serves as a seat when you can have a place to help you with storage? They are by no means less comfortable or stylish, but they double in terms of both visual beauty and functionality! But if you don’t have the space or budget to change your living room seating or have already invested in a sofa and don’t want to buy a new one in this style, then your best option would be to make use of all your surface spaces to keep things looking tidy, make use of all surfaces flat in your living room. For example, instead of cramming all those books, magazines, and potted plants on the coffee table, spread them out on the mantelpiece, windowsills, etc. Or here is an idea:

4- Choosing practical furniture

Some smart choices include: a magazine rack between two chairs to reduce buildup on the coffee table; a ladder leaning against the wall for washing blankets and throws, a media unit with shelves for anything to wipe away; cute basket in the corner; A coffee table lined up for stacking books and magazines on the bottom shelf; Built-in craft neatly framing the fireplace, bookshelves extending all the way to the top of the ceiling, etc

5- Bench seating and strategic storage area

Of course the best option would be to tear down a wall and make your living room much larger, but given that this goes hand in hand with a lot of construction and costs, Plan B should suffice: invest in custom furniture that offers built-in storage drawers.

But there is always an alternative plan to sweep your things into neat boxes or trays and just squeeze them under the sofa, coffee table and everything else is possible.

Trident Embassy Interior Designs Noida Extension, Noida

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