Smart ideas to renovate your home at the lowest cost | Gurgaon

Smart ideas to renovate your home at the lowest cost | Gurgaon

In every home, there are those renovations, small and big, which are about tackling what is between our four walls. After all, our home is the place specially designed for us, to suit our individual needs.. isn’t it?! Of course, this means that once our life situations change, or our tastes and preferences change, the design requirements for our home also change, but unfortunately, a lot of the things we want to change in the home are often costly, beyond our budget, and not easy to implement, which means Waiting and long-term planning to save money.

It doesn’t have to be this way, small changes often do the job, and are more than enough to renovate a home, creating a whole new feeling, and in today’s article, you will find 13 smart renovations, at low cost, you can even say big impact for money little . check it yourself!

1. Install additional shelves in the kitchen

Our first practical example in this article concerns the kitchen, where storage is sorely needed, and nothing is better than a few extra shelves. There is no good kitchen without some practical shelves that fit not only the design of the kitchen, but also the walls and available space. In this design we can see the cleverness of integrating the shelf with hanging the cups below, to give you an affordable and very elegant decorative touch, as well as additional storage space.

2. A new look for old furniture.. thanks to the colors!

It’s impressive how impact color can be, whether it’s through clever wall design, or refinishing the furniture, especially with some contrasts, that enhance the luxury of design, and bold combinations are also able to show a room in a whole new light. While cool colors can play a good role in modern kitchens, as tones of purple, to make an elegant impression on the cabinet.

3. Entrance door lattice decorations

If the entrance is a business card for your home, the door is considered as a warm handshake with visitors, and many of the doors of our homes are designed from wood, which of course is always the best choice, but if you want to have a new entrance without direct investment in a new door, you can Resorting to lattice wood decorations, which take the form of small wooden beads attached to the door of the house to give it a completely new look. You can also use two vases filled with green plants, to give the entrance to your home an elegant and natural touch, that reflects the good taste of the owners of the house, and also without much cost.

4. Always clean the floors of the house instead of renewing them

Wooden floors are not only very popular in old buildings, but also have a special charm and a specific shape, give the interior design a comfortable and warm atmosphere, and they last in our homes for years and years, if we take good care of them, and continue to clean and refresh, to retain their elegant sparkle, and save money refurbished.

5. Black for cast iron stove

A true fireplace, having both a decorative and a functional advantage, becomes the center of the house in the dark winter days, and retains its aesthetic appearance in the summer, so he who owns one would never want to lose it, which requires constant care, but even if I neglected to pay attention Where a fire is located, there is always a way to treat it at low cost. Just repaint it in an elegant black color, to make the traces of fire disappear.

6. Less clutter in the hall

It is said that the hall is an invitation card to our house, which gives you the opportunity to leave the first impression, and in front of you there is room to unleash your imagination and creativity in creating ideas, where he put a shoe cabinet, and perhaps an elegant table. In addition to the elegant look, it will provide you with enough storage space to get rid of clutter in the entrance to the house, to deposit pairs of shoes scattered on the floor, or lost keys in the corners of the house.

7. Recycling: as an alternative and cheap hostel

The idea of ​​reusing old parts for a new job instead of throwing them away is called recycling, and what’s great about that idea is that it can become a family activity. Who doesn’t have a treasure in the basement, or above the closet, waiting to be dusted off and reused? Wooden stairs, for example, can be used as a great way to store things.

8. New ceiling lighting attracts all eyes to it

If you need to be economical and take small steps to renovate your home, you can use lighting as a small detail but with a big impact, like a reflector, maybe a sidelight on a frame to get everyone’s attention, or a new lighting fixture in the ceiling, like that cool chandelier that gathers Black with golden highlights.

9. Investing in solutions to maximize space

You can use storage boxes in the children’s room with all flexibility, as they are available in all shapes, sizes, and colors as well, and you can place them under the bed, in the wardrobe, and perhaps on some floor, to provide you with great solutions and practical storage space that helps to get rid of clutter and maintain a neat home from through small investments.

10. Double basin

You can save time and water by using a double basin, to complete the process of cleaning the pots in a faster time, and with the least amount of water, thus saving money on its bill, and using it for something else that is more important in your home.

11. Retain flexibility thanks to the organization modules

A small budget, and some creativity, is the way to reach the ideal storage solutions, such as the modular system for example, which allows you to keep your home organized, in addition to adapting to the surrounding décor and even adding a new and modern aesthetic value.

12. Iron element in the front door

Let’s go back to the entrance again. Small details such as the pot of green plants, make the front door look more friendly, however, if you want to leave some mystery in the door of the house, you can only achieve this by using heavy metal elements, it is cheaper than you think and gives the door a new look entirely.

13. Professional carpet cleaning

We finish our article with a very practical tip, while wood floors require special attention, carpets also need care from time to time even if they are not as strong as wood, they are not affected by dirt as easily as their wooden counterparts. Also, being careful to clean it professionally brings it back to glow again, as well as getting rid of old odors.

Unique ideas to renovate the look of your home

Who wouldn’t want to decorate and beautify their home without worrying about costs? You will be amazed because there are 9 great ways you can decorate your home without spending a lot of money, these smart ideas will give you your dream home with minimal budget.

You definitely want the entrance to your house to be clutter-free, so you can have a hidden space to store shoes. You need a large space, a reasonably sized space that can accommodate a large number of shoes. A great idea in this design is a large bench with cushions and hidden storage so you and your guests can sit comfortably when you take off or put on your shoes.

Installing extra shelves is a simple and affordable way to have a great-looking and clutter-free kitchen, and you can get extra storage space for your utensils and other things. Plus, they will be at your fingertips whenever you need them. Kitchen convenience is everything and with this idea, you’ll get just that.

The first impression your home makes is at the entrance, you can enjoy a stunning entrance just by repainting your door. The majestic black color will make your door and entryway unique and elegant, if you prefer. You can choose bright and bold colors such as blue or red; It all depends on the style of your home and your personal preferences. You can also add little green touches for a simple and sophisticated look.

Adding new colors to your home can completely change it and make it look like you got new furniture. Simply revive your old furniture with new colors and you will be amazed at the effect, Revamp your cabinets to give your home a new look without spending a lot of money.

It is not easy to clean floors, but wood floors are quite different. You can have a beautiful and easy-to-clean floor, just change the laminate flooring regularly. This will instantly refresh your home and give it a new look, and you won’t have to spend a fortune on giving your home a new look.

No matter how small or seemingly insignificant it may seem, you should never underestimate any storage space in your home. Even the smallest of spaces can accommodate something, such as decorative items and beautify that area. Make some small investments in the storage space of your home and get huge returns; It’s a great way to add space for different items.

Do you have some unused old wooden stairs? Polish them up or give them some color and you’ll have a whole new space to store items or decorate the wall in your home. This is a creative idea that will make your home look unique and elegant.

If you want to avoid clutter in your kitchen, one simple and cool idea is to install a two-tub sink. Wash in one and stack the dishes neatly in the other, and they look incredibly stylish so your kitchen will look more aesthetically pleasing.

Wood always looks beautiful, so if you need more storage space and want to beautify your home at the same time, feel free to use wooden shelves. As we know that Wooden shelves complement any decorative item you put on them such as antiques, picture frames and books, use wooden shelves to give your home a new look and get extra storage space.

How to renovate a house with the ground floor in a modern style | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

After a while, we need to do some renovations, even in one room, but we are torn between what we see of ideas and what can actually be implemented. In this article, we offer you a set of ideas that are all easy and applicable with little effort, but they will make a big difference and make you feel renewed.

Say goodbye to bad carpets!

The old carpets, with their equal and delicate shapes, have no place in the modern homeOf course, if you love rugs and can’t do without them, you will find plenty of suitable designs, but in a modern home, bare wood floors are the best thing.

Modern heater

Of course, central heating is the best solution of all but if you can’t achieve that then at least change the old heater with a more modern finish!

Extended spaces

The exterior extension of the living room to the garden is one of the best renovations that you can make to increase the living room space and also connect the two spaces, whether it is the garden or the terrace. You can achieve this by removing the wall and adding sliding and folded clear glass doors, which will also contribute to the natural light in the house!

Smart ideas to renovate your home at the lowest cost | Gurgaon

Smart ideas to renovate your home at the lowest cost | Gurgaon

|| Smart ideas to renovate your home at the lowest cost | Gurgaon

Simply renovate your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Want to give your home a new look, but don’t have the budget or time for a complete renovation? That’s the beauty of these 10 tips, which can help you give your home a new style (inside and out) for a fraction of the cost. The best part is that these home improvement ideas can be completed in less than a weekend! You can even invite a friend or two to lend a hand and set up a social event out of it.

Just keep in mind that when it comes to home improvement jobs, we always recommend getting help from a professional to ensure top-notch results and keep everyone safe, especially when it comes to hazardous items like electrical and plumbing.

  1. Spray a new coat of paint on the wall

Few DIY projects are as quick, easy, or effective as a freshly painted wall. But why stop changing that white wall to beige, for example? Why not go with forest green, yellow sunshine, or any of the other eye-catching colors? Or get creative on the artistic side and choose a mural? Or try giving your ceiling a bold look?

  1. Update your bathroom

Small little details throughout your bathroom can breathe new and elegant life into it. We’re talking a new shower curtain (or replacing said curtain with a glass door), new textiles, a change of mirror, or a brand-new dressing table.

  1. Change your old lighting fixtures

It’s amazing the difference lighting can make in a room. Have you ever thought about replacing those frosted glass pendants in the dining room with a contemporary chandelier?

Just remember to bring an electrician in case you need to rewire – safety first!

4- Bring a touch of nature into your home

Mother Nature is always welcome indoors, where colorful flowers and lush plants can add a dose of happiness and vitality to any space. Interior and decor experts recommend reading a little about plants that are friendly to indoor spaces, such as in low light and so on.

5- Add details for your home

Whether it’s for kitchen gadgets or travel souvenirs, a floating shelf or two can help add some personality to your home.

6- Put a place for pets

Your pets deserve to be happy and relaxed just like you. Thanks to the fact that pet decor has come a long way, these days it is very easy to find fun and stylish pieces for your furry friends for your interiors.

7- Cleaning the tiles

Getting bathroom/kitchen tile and grout to look brand new can liven up an entire room. And no professional help is needed here! Just go get your sink and tile repainting kit and follow the instructions.

8- Arrange the lockers

When you’re busy in the bathroom and kitchen, check if these cabinets can do some updated hardware. It’s much cheaper than buying new tanks, just measure the length between the drill holes in your existing fixture so you know what size you should get. Then go and choose a style that can live up to the look of your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

9- Renovation and painting of the exterior facade

Don’t expose your neighbors and passersby to an ugly exterior. Paint that front door, sweep the driveway, plant some new flowers, mow the lawn, update your house and mailbox numbers, replace your old doormat…so many ideas!

10- Clean the dust and renew the energy of your home

The effect a pressure washer can have on a home is incredible. Rent one from a hardware store (if you don’t own one yourself), and scrub the outside power of your home, driveway, and driveway to get rid of all the mud, dirt, and mold that’s built up over the years.

Simply renovate your home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Perfect ideas for living room design

When hosting a get-together with friends and family, we often use the living room as the main gathering point. Ah, but the living room is also the number one place we go when we’re not feeling entertained and socialized, when we want to be alone and reach those levels of relaxation; To relax in our most comfortable clothes; to walk around with a good book; To enjoy some quality time with a cup of tea; And to rest in front of the TV, to catch up on our favorite series.

All these and other procedures require a certain look, an attractive and comfortable look, but also practical. How do we achieve form and style? By turning to a diverse group of professional interior designers and decorators, who know the key components of designing anything from living rooms and kitchens to terraces and gardens.

1- color tones

First of all, what do your walls look like? Rich, deep paint colors are one effective way to ensure a warm and inviting look (especially when the winter months roll by). We’re particularly fond of bold colors, like charcoal and navy, especially when combined with contrasting, warmer shades of furnishings and decor, like raspberry red and mustard yellow.

Remember that wooden furniture is greatly enhanced with darker panels, giving the cozy living room an elegant look.

2- Arrange the furniture

Is there any shell standing in the middle of your living room? Pair it with a sofa table so it doesn’t look like a floating island. Installing floating furniture makes an area look more organized and important, compared to a room that looks as if something is missing (or placing the sofa was a last-minute decision).

Next, place a lamp or two on this sofa table to make it functional and boost the ergonomic factor, which can make for a good reading spot (especially when side tables don’t fit).

Remember that, if possible, the table should be a little lower (a few centimetres) from the back of the sofa. Tables that are much higher than the adjacent sofa can lead to a disjointed look.

3- Flooring

We humans associate warmth and a sense of security with soft surfaces (which is why our comfortable beds and sofas are so popular). And while we’re in love with hardwood floors, it doesn’t do much for a cozy living room.

Lay out a pretty rug to make your living room look more comfortable and inviting – it’s also the perfect way to bring in more colors, patterns and textures to compliment the rest of the room’s design.


Don’t think that a table lamp is the end of lighting levels in your living room. Layered lighting is the key term, which means a few wall sconces, a ceiling light or a floor lamp should also be added, ensuring many light points.

Always include soft back lighting, as ceiling fixtures with dimmed switches are ideal.

After all, any room with around one in order to see properly wouldn’t count as inviting or comfortable, right?

tip: Enhance the lighting effect with carefully placed mirrors and other reflective surfaces.

5- Observe the distances

Avoid placing sofas, tables and other pieces of furniture against the wall – make sure there is a few centimetres of breathing space between the walls and the furniture, especially if your living room is really large.

A living room with large openings between the furnishings and decor elements does not look very comfortable, which is why it is recommended to fill in very wide gaps with functional pieces such as ottomans or mittens (additional fabrics will enhance the comfort factor).

6-Choose the fabrics

Speaking of fabrics, there’s no reason to advocate as a room with soft, warm materials to sink in and cuddle in, especially if the weather outside works out the worst. So, along with this new rug, opt for a mix of throws, bolsters, and pillows made of knitted fabrics, faux fur, and felted fabrics to increase the relaxed feel of a cozy living room.

Feel free to bring some wool and silk to add a luxurious feel

7- Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a special touch in your living room

These rich shades on your walls don’t just have to come from paint – textured wallpaper can guarantee a striking effect. But while a damask print, for example, can add a touch of glamour, we recommend horizontally striped wallpaper to make this living room feel more intimate.

While vertical stripes help elongate a room and draw the eye upward, horizontal stripes can create a compact (and thus, homely) feel. It’s a great way to ensure the cozy look of a room that was previously considered bare, very open and cool.

8- Add a touch of the seasons

Of course, it is not only during the winter that we want to relax in our living rooms. Give this space some variety in the warmer months by replacing heavy curtains with lightweight summer curtains, or changing your decor color scheme from warm reds and oranges to cool greens and cooler neutrals, for example.

And swap out that comfy long-pile rug for a thinner, low-pile machine.

tip: invest in a coffee table with drawers to maximize your storage space the perfect place to keep blankets and throws all year round

9 – rooms with open spaces

Large, open-plan rooms may be trendy, but they can be deceiving making them look cozy. Use your furniture to define the space and make your living area feel more intimate. Corner sofas make the perfect natural room dividers, as well as freestanding double-sided shelving units, which can ensure just the right amount of openness for a room that still wants some sort of connection with the rest of the space.

10- Add a touch that expresses yourself

It’s the little things that count, even in a cozy living room. So, for a unique touch and personal stamp, take a look at your decorative items.

Display some trinkets from your travels on those shelves and tables. Take out (and hang) plenty of photos (in pretty frames) of friends, family, and pets, making your living room feel more welcoming. Printed wall art can also lighten the mood in a room while introducing additional colors and patterns (just make sure to blend in with the rest of your living room color palette).

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