Royal Nest Interiors Designs Noida Extension, Noida

Royal Nest Interiors Designs Noida Extension, Noida

Excellent ideas to beat the cramped kitchen

The narrowness of the  kitchen is  a troublesome problem that, by the way, may be anxious for someone who owns a large or small space. The problem may be due mainly to the inability to coordinate properly, or to use wrong components and mixes in the interior details in the kitchen that lead us to this feeling of tightness, but let’s agree that this problem, whatever its causes, can Cause you great embarrassment and boredom from using the kitchen daily, we will bring you solutions that will avoid  you from such a problem.

Don’t do what you don’t need

You suffer from a small space, so why are you trying to narrow it more?, You have to give up the excess things and components that exceed the capacity of the kitchen.


Stay away from dark colors

Dark colors are considered the enemy of small spaces, so it is always advised to stay away from them completely if you design a small kitchen area and want it to be visible without any feeling of crowding or narrowness, try to choose strong lights whenever the colors are dark, and take advantage of the presence of windows not to cover them during the day with curtains as much as possible To ensure that light and fresh air reach all areas of the kitchen, which reflects on your psychological comfort and thus your most comfortable feeling of space.

Stay away from influences completely

Visual effects such as trimmings and zigzag lines of different colors can cause you to emotionally narrow the space in front of you, in addition to being difficult to deal with in terms of coordination, arrangement and color matching.

Locker type

Various cabinets ensure that you do not feel tight in your kitchen, as narrowness is synonymous with lack of coordination and neglect of arrangement in the kitchen. You can use more floor shelves and cabinets than the upper level, which is preferably as empty as possible to exclude any narrowness that could leak into you when using kitchen cabinets and components.

Open view

Viewing the outside with large windows or transparent glass walls helps the kitchen and any room that suffers from narrowness to get rid of this suffering completely. The kitchen will now have new limits on the moral and theoretical level. It is enough to see through the glass the comfort and breadth that is reflected in your feeling of the total kitchen space, In addition to the large amount of light and a sense of calm that will reach you through it.


Royal Nest Interiors Designs Noida Extension, Noida

Royal Nest Interiors Designs Noida Extension