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A single-story house is literally a building with one floor above the ground. In our country, where the land to build a house is scarce compared to the population, it is easy to see single-story houses mainly in the suburbs or rural areas. The popularity of single-story houses with many advantages that apartments do not have is increasing. Let’s find out which one-story house is best for those who dream of a detached house with a yard.

What are the characteristics of a single-story house?

Since the single-story house has only one story, you can feel closer to the land. Since there is no separate staircase, it is the best choice for people with reduced mobility or for families with elderly among family members. In addition, single-story houses are generally built with simple and practical structures and are relatively economical. However, because modern architectural styles are so diverse, they are sometimes built with different designs, such as installing large glass as a front window or raising the floor height, in addition to simple shapes.

How is a one-story house built?

Most single-story houses usually have a courtyard or backyard. One of the biggest problems with single-story houses is that the interior is usually narrow and dark. The courtyard is the key to ameliorating such problems. It will be easy to understand if you think of the single-story, the most common type of residence in Korea in the past. Those who miss the old-fashioned atmosphere sometimes build with modern elements. An increasing number of people prefer a modern that eliminates the inconvenience and takes only the advantages.

Single-story houses are usually built with completely flat roofs or mountain-shaped roofs. In the case of the most common mountain-shaped roof, skylights are installed on the roof for light, and a small attic is sometimes created.

A single-story house or a two-story house, which one is more suitable?

The advantage of a single-story house is that it does not have high stairs, so it is very suitable for the elderly at home or families with uncomfortable family members. However, since a single-story house consists of only one floor, the residential area must be relatively smaller than that of a two-story house. Therefore, if the number of family members is large, it is necessary to build a single-story house with a large area or build two or more. Naturally, the cost of purchasing land will inevitably be higher. In addition, if the building is built on a site with many nearby buildings, there is not enough light to enter the room, so there is no choice but to cause problems with lighting.

In the case of a house with two or more floors, even if there are a large number of family members, each member can be accommodated sufficiently. Naturally, the land area required for building a house is also small, which reduces the cost of purchasing the land. In addition, each floor can be divided to create a common space and an independent living space. This makes it easy for the family to spend leisure time together while respecting each individual’s privacy.

How much does it cost to build a one-story house?

Whether you buy a single-story house or build it yourself, the cost will vary depending on the value of the site, the size of the house, and the level of building materials used. Since the construction period for a single-story house with only one story is relatively short, the cost is relatively low compared to other single-story houses. For an average single-story house with an area, the construction cost would be between 160 million and 250 million. Of course, this can vary greatly depending on the design and building materials, so keep this cost for reference only.

A single-story house is an attractive detached house with various advantages. If you want to build a one-story house, get expert advice through Interior A to Z’s free consultation. Fill in your specific budget and requirements through our free online consultation request and you’ll find the most suitable expert for you.


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