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Ideas for Decorating Your Bedroom with Plants

The atmosphere is beautiful, fresh and alive; plants can bring a calming natural atmosphere. This makes plants very suitable to be a major role in the bedroom, and it’s time to harness the power of plants in your interior decor. To inspire you, here are 13 bedrooms with stunning decor!

  1. Matching side table

The master bedroom is soft and serene, with a matching side table and touches of greenery. With a minimalist pot, you can try placing plants next to your bed. Choose plants with large leaves, so that your side table decoration looks beautiful.

  1. Children’s bedroom

No less pleasant bedroom for two boys. This room features a wooden bunk bed, which includes 2 single beds for the boys. So that there is a green atmosphere, the owner does not forget to put a plant on the table, which looks harmonious with the view outside the room.

  1. Combining western classics and Indonesian classics

The interior of this room is unique, because it mixes and matches elements of classic western and classic Indonesian. In each processing space, these two elements are displayed. And what unite the two are the element of wood color and the selection of warm colors. Moreover, on the television table a pot with flowers is placed in it, so that the design of the space looks harmonious and unified.

  1. Decorate the empty corner

An empty corner becomes the perfect spot for you to add the Wow! To a room. You can put some plant pots, to get a more beautiful look in the room. Well, try to combine several plants, from flowers to leaves. And it becomes a great way to make your bedroom come alive.

  1. Decorate the desk in the room with dry plants

For those of you who have a work desk in your bedroom, try decorating your work area with the presence of plants. It could be greenery, or choose something unique like this one! Yup, the designer decorated this table with a frame containing painting, as well as some dried plants. Unique isn’t it?

  1. Inspired by traditional Japanese rooms

The design idea for this luxury room is inspired by traditional Japanese rooms. Where the room has a clean and simple impression, dominated by wood finishing. Combined with a modern minimalist touch, the furniture, such as a table decorated with plants and bedsides, is made simple and without table legs. This combination of traditional and modern minimalism gives a unique and luxurious impression for the users of this bedroom.

  1. Small bedroom in an apartment unit

A simple, fresh and warm design was chosen by the designer. The furniture made for this apartment unit is also simple with a clean look. This is intended to make the design look simple. For floor and furniture finishing, use the dominant color of yellow wood, so that a fresh and warm impression is achieved. While the combination of gray, on the walls and some furniture and accessories, so that the design feels chic. And for this tiny bedroom, the designer didn’t forget to add tiny plants to this versatile table.

  1. Cozy bedroom

Looking for the perfect companion at your bedside? You can choose a small wooden table with a classic design like this, and then decorate it with beautiful flowers!

  1. Parisian style bedroom

Simple, bright, clean, minimalist, this Parisian-style bedroom is no less soothing for us to rest. And the easiest way to add a touch of botanical decor to your room is to place ornamental plants, which you can place on your make-up table or bedside table.

  1. Decorate the reading corner with plants

For those of you who have a reading corner in your room, we can bring this one idea into our bedroom. Come on; decorate the reading area, which consists of bookshelves and sofas with various plants, ranging from small to large. Not only does it make this spot look more beautiful, but it is also very comfortable and relaxing when reading while accompanied by various plants.

  1. Choose hanging plants

You can also choose hanging plants. Like this bedroom that is not too wide, where so that the atmosphere is not monotonous and more beautiful, the owner hangs ornamental plants on the ceiling. Interested in trying?

  1. Put the plants on the shelf

To make the bedroom more optimal and things can be neatly arranged, we often place shelves on the walls of the room. So, to make it look attractive and stylish, don’t forget to decorate your shelves with some plants, OK!

  1. Classical American interior comfort

With the comfort of classic American interiors, this bedroom is dominated by dark colors. The walls and ceiling are painted in beige gray, to avoid strong contrasts and make the atmosphere more comfortable and relaxed.

Well, in this bedroom, a fairly large plant is placed, which not only makes the room shadier, but plants can function as an air purifier.


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