Interior Designer in Vasant Vihar Best Interior Design Firm

Interior Designer in Vasant Vihar | Best Interior Design Firm | 2023

Interior Designer in Vasant Vihar | Best Interior Design Firm

About Interior A to Z design firm

The foundation of the company was laid in Delhi, where the founders first met when they were just beginning their careers as architects. We monitor projects from conception to conclusion. A good design, in our opinion, results from thorough investigation, technical expertise, and creative judgment. We put our knowledge of architecture and its associated fields into effect in our work. It aims to make design its core competency and main focus. The multidisciplinary approach encourages fresh perspectives that could inspire creative fixes.

Our company’s core competencies lie in the execution of architectural and interior design projects. Your projects will be elevated to a new level of practical design thanks to our exceptional working methodology. We concentrate our design talent and intelligence to transform the mundane into the spectacular.

What we provide?

Development of Design

We work to enhance each project’s distinctive features. Design development takes into account both the visual concept of the design and the practical aspects of the brief. We expose the personality of each project, allowing clients to comprehend each suggested design aspect, through the creation of 3D conceptual designs, burning of idea photos, and actual materials.

Finishes and furniture

Every client’s expectations are met by the degree of finish we produce as a consequence of our passion for finding the best products and materials. We take great satisfaction in our capacity to see beyond the obvious and develop a distinctive conceptual approach for each and every project. Our design library has a wide variety of materials that help clients grasp the quality and feel of particular products.


Our goal to design a totally distinctive interior is highlighted by the meticulous aesthetics of each project. A variety of artwork, products, and accessories are placed on top of custom-designed furniture to complement the client’s current furnishings.


We are aware that each project necessitates a different strategy. Our staff enjoys collaborating directly with clients and colleagues in the industry, clearly defining the goal, and offering knowledgeable counsel in order to produce the best outcome.

Planning for space

Many interior design tasks depend on having a strong sense of and awareness of space. Interior A to Z is familiar with the practical needs of various places, whether they are cafes, offices, or distinctive residential buildings. They also understand how the design of an interior can affect how its occupants perceive their surroundings.

Designing products

The firm aims to create well-thought-out, visually pleasing products that are also very practical. We work with regional artists and craftspeople.

Consultations on Vastu

Nature has provided rewards for man’s pursuit of health and happiness in a number of ways. Although the process of evolution is unending, the momentum is always shifting depending on a variety of conditions. Vaastu is one of these types. We will make vaastu-compliant interior design recommendations to you.

Interior Architect & Designer in Vasant Vihar

Everyone in a developing nation like India aspires to live in a lavish or comfortable home. In the fast-paced, materialistic world of today, we need to unwind completely at home after a long day of work. A list of interior designers may be found anywhere, but in a smartly expanding city like Vasant Vihar, where we are considerably more advanced, we stand out.

It gives us great pleasure to share with you that our company, ogling inches, was chosen as one of India’s top designers. For the past ten years, we at have helped our valued customers justify their aspirations. Our selections for gorgeous apartments, villas, row homes, as well as commercial stores and showrooms, are astounding.

We firmly believe that any residential or business space’s atmosphere must be created with a great degree of design knowledge. We are the top interior designers in Vasant Vihar because we delicately and technologically artistically display our core strengths in each of our projects.

We take pride in utilizing cutting-edge technology in all of our 2 BHK projects, as well as bungalow, row houses, and commercial projects, such as 3D Walkthrough and sample graphics. This increases our client’s level of decision-making and confidence. You can check our Portfolio on the website, which exhibits a variety of accomplished projects, with such a 360 Degrees approach.

Mission Proclamation

By making root-level efforts, we constantly give straightforward designs to our clients. Why are we Vasant Vihar’s top interior designers?

As seen below, one can say that our USPs are incredible values for customers’ money spent:

Core Design Consultancy Experience in the Selected Dynamic Portfolio over the Years

Prompt customer service resolution and project-specific client focus

Detailed cost analysis for each project in 3Ms (Man, Materials, and Money)

Flexibility while considering customer design input during a project


We have been one of the top architectural businesses in Vasant Vihar for the past ten years. We are one of the top architects in Vasant Vihar because of our versatility in our portfolio and project management abilities. With all of their perspectives, experiences, and financial limitations, we keep our consumers at the centre of all we do. We stand out among Vasant Vihar’s architectural firms because of this.

The following are the highlights of each of our project masters:

Our expertise in structural design

Using technical tools for project management at each stage of the project

Onsite parking Concepts for projects

Our start-to-finish implementation plan at the level of engineering

Architectural influences for space utilization and gardening

Space engineering perspective

Being an architectural firm in Vasant Vihar, ogling inches offers its clients and organizations not only design and consulting services, but also a master touch of work quality and complete client satisfaction.

Offerings of our Standard Services to All of Our Clients:

  1. An architecture that offers alternatives for various projects
  2. All designs should include structural consulting
  3. Full project completion
  4. Project graphics, such as 3D walkthroughs and graphic designs
  5. Project Estimate in accordance with Client Budget and Project BOQ Case Studies

We welcome everyone to view all of our project-related pages, client testimonials from previous projects, and our numerous contributions to the best practices in architecture and interior design in our private Blog sections.


For all residential projects for our clients, we think a sophisticated design with an opulent appearance and feel is essential.


For their precise need analysis, we have a team of industry experts from the hospitality sector.


We always focus on space optimization and the business’s ability to access space effectively and conveniently.



Ogling Inches is an integrated residential interior designer based in Vasant Vihar that offers everything you could possibly want for the design of your environment, whether it be a bungalow, villa, house, or shipping container.

We make sure to apply the most promising concepts in light of likely technology and knowledge advancements.

You could undoubtedly see some of the best domestic interior design if you worked with us.

Project is a dream that we turn into reality by consistently delivering more than anticipated.

We aim to create designs that have a good impact on people and places. With more than ten years of professional experience, we have designed roughly 18 restaurants as the finest interior designer in Vasant Vihar. We push the limits of what is viable, fair, and timely; we comprehend space and how people engage with it; we continue to investigate materials and innovative applications for them.

The key to successful restaurant design is striking a balance between optimal space utilisation and aesthetics. Every element of the corporate office, from the entrance to the reception to the work floor and conference rooms to the office furniture design and lighting, should reflect the company’s vision. The best restaurant interior designers in Vasant Vihar are part of our team for precisely this reason.

Our main goal in commercial interior design is to improve the working environment for your employees and company. We provide workplace interior design, studio interior design, and showroom interior design that is original and inspirational. The most reputable interior designers in Vasant Vihar, Ogling Inches, offer adaptable interior design solutions that revolutionize the workplace and foster employee engagement, fostering talent, better connectivity, and more productivity.

Ogling Inches is an integrated design architect that can provide you with any and all of the ambiance creation needs you may have, whether they are for residential, commercial, healthcare, or hospitality settings.

We make sure to apply the most promising concepts in light of likely technology and knowledge advancements. You could undoubtedly oversee some of the best architecture by working with us.

Interior Designer in Vasant Vihar | Best Interior Design Firm

Key Principles for a Timeless Interior Style

The corridors  of the house are like gates to different spaces, and this small space can carry many ideas to leave a strong impression of the spaciousness of the house. Strong in the rhythm of your day, but experts have made it clear that the entrance alone can affect your psychological state positively if you employ it efficiently and elegantly.

Because the first goal of is to live a life full of joy and comfort, we always strive to put forward solutions and expert ideas to facilitate problems and create an opportunity from every obstacle we encounter, and today we will present 5 principles that if you implement them at the entrance to your home, the result will be amazing.

If you want an entrance space that is spacious and elegant, you must first study the space and choose the furniture and decor that will not hinder movement, and the easiest way is to raise the dimensions of the void and leave the corridor space empty and only decorate the side spaces proportional to the space, and beware that you fall into the furnishing trap growing or bulky dimensions.

2- Innovative thinking in the way of storing things

There is no doubt that we acquire some items that we may need on a daily basis, and of course the best space to store them is the entrance to the house so that they are easily accessible to everyone, but we always have to keep the shape and style of storage in mind in the early stages of design, and this requires knowing your needs specifically and creating storage units A fit that does not contradict the order and elegance of the entrance, and may even add to its beauty a lot, and it is great to design a distinctive unit to impress everyone and express your personality.

3- Perfect distribution of practical storage space

As we mentioned earlier, the entrance most of the time should contain a storage unit for different purposes, but you also have to take into account the shape of the units in order to fit different forms of storage. The designer here has achieved an ideal balance between storage methods, so the result is an integrated unit that adds to the elegance and distinction of the entrance.

4- Not to neglect the accessories and the aesthetic aspect

At the initial design stages, in the hallway in particular, all the focus is always on the necessary furniture and units that provide the necessary storage space, and we completely ignore any choice that will beautify the space, but the advice of experts came to end this negative design style so that the result is not a dreary void It emits negative energy in the house, by setting a specific budget to choose elegant accessories to beautify the entrances without compromising the practical aspect of the design.

5- Create a comfortable balance and interconnection between the elements

The entrance is one of the most important spaces in which you must maintain balance, and in order to reach a refined and elegant result while preserving the various functions, the easiest way is to maintain a comfortable symmetry while choosing soft and warm materials and fabrics.

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