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About Interior Designing firm

Interior A to Z is a multi-disciplinary design firm with a diverse staff that specializes in project management, corporate, commercial, and residential interiors, as well as new architectural engineering services.

Interior A to Z is oriented towards ergonomics and user psychology-based experiential design through the fusion of many pertinent design streams. They include branding and strategy, as well as product design, architecture, and related engineering services. We always work to make sure that the design, production, and management processes flawlessly mesh and combine to create the ideal user area or structure.

We always strive to provide wonderful, completely livable home environments, extremely efficient workplace spaces, and breathtaking yet useful commercial spaces.

Our approachability towards clients and propensity for need-based thinking enable us to create highly functional, secure, aesthetically pleasing places with distinct visual identities. Our ethos is based on this.

Our team of professionals can offer complete solutions for the full spectrum of services required for designing and constructing the ideal home or commercial space.

We like to encourage our clients and our outputs to positively integrate modern design techniques with sustainable design aspects and practices, together with cutting-edge technology and IT-enabled services.

Our focus is on creating unique, visually appealing, and technically sound designs that are underpinned by flawless production standards.

Team Interior A to Z has decades of experience, a wide range of specializations and knowledge, a solid human resource base, and productive industrial partnerships.

We have worked on projects of all shapes and sizes in India, as well as in the National Capital. Adding items to a space to make it more visually appealing is only one aspect of interior design, as opposed to interior decoration in Shamli. Whether it’s your house or your place of business, there are many things to take into account when creating a space because each one has its own specific demands and features that are determined by both the space itself and by individuals who will use it.

For your home in Shamli, we may need to take into account the overall size, the size of the rooms and openings, the location, the number of occupants and their individuality in terms of user needs, their habits, and their preferences, as well as configure all of these factors while designing to set a tone and the general feel and look of the home once it is finished.

Aside from the aforementioned, other factors that may need to be taken into account for a workplace or commercial establishment include the identity that the space should portray, staff size, functional areas, spatial relationships, hierarchy, and any unique requirements to increase productivity and ensure compliance.

To achieve a balance, it is necessary to coordinate and synchronies the materials to be used, the colors, textures, and lighting for functionality, mood, and feel, as well as the quantity, utility, and character of the furniture and fixtures. This is done while pushing the boundaries of sophisticated glamour and adding brief punch bursts for effect.

During the planning, design, and implementation phases, ergonomic considerations are a recurring theme. They aim to maximize the utility of the furniture and other features, as well as that of the space itself.

A keen eye and plenty of forethought are required to monitor timelines and financial constraints. The inhabitants’ health is above average when all other aspects are taken into account, as are the safety and sanitary precautions.

Stage-wise planning, schematic representation, detail engineering and design, and a production roadmap must be implemented in order to bring all of this to fruition. They must also be translated into a recognizable form for approvals from you, the client, with a mechanism in place so that you are always informed of any developments.

All of this is unified by our enthusiasm for what we do and is fueled to a climax by our love of design and the enormous joy and performance that well-executed design can provide.

We offer, in stages, the following solutions for your interior design and execution requirements in any kind of space:

Making a design plan that works for your location, purpose, timeframe, and budget

For spaces owned by people and organizations, conceptualizing, space planning, detail designing, estimating, and BOQ generation

Pre-built floor plans of freshly acquired premises can be modified and improved according to individual needs and preferences.

Improvements and renovations made to occupied spaces

Modifying and adapting centralized corporate designs to various local areas and circumstances

Materials, finishes, furnishings, fixtures, and other equipment selection

Convenience of purchasing of materials

Recruitment of labor

Administration of projects, oversight, resources, and personnel

Turnkey implementation based on a generated or supplied BOQ and design

Execution of interior design, finishing, and production of custom furniture on-site

Prefabricated furniture construction off-site and installation on-site

Interior A to Z design firm

Designing Excellent Houses, Offices, and Commercial Spaces

At Interior A to Z, we create inviting, unique, and intriguing residential and commercial settings. Excellent home design is amazing art, reflecting your personality in unexpected ways. Our distinct viewpoint, which has its roots in both art and architecture, exhibits an artist’s eye for color and materials as well as a keen sense of shape and space. We are designers and artists who are here to improve your area beyond your wildest dreams.


We at Interior A to Z think that any place has the capacity to be distinctive, harmonious, and lovely. We take great pride in what we do and are willing to put in extra effort to make sure you’re happy with the way your area looks. You are welcome to browse our collection to see the work we have completed, which ranges from large-scale projects to little restorations. Some of our favorite specialized zones are listed below.

Living quarters

We gave this area a polished, stylish makeover that is ready to dazzle. The building’s owners wanted to keep the architecture but tone down the formality. The challenge is met with chic furnishings and creative use of form and color. Would you like us to design your upcoming space? Call us right away.

Lighting Ideas

Pick from a variety of lights, including ornate chandeliers, stunning floor lamps, mood lighting, ambient lighting, task lighting, WiFi/Bluetooth-controlled lights, Smart Lighting from the Internet of Things (AIoT), and ambient lighting.

The workplace

We have the opportunity to add many beautiful touches to this lovely property because it has so many open spaces. The color scheme was inspired by a nearby structure, and the grid-like arrangements of the furniture, the fabrics, and the wall coverings mimic the street view and window wall. We are able to create a unique style specifically for you. To learn how, get in touch with us immediately.

Portable kitchens

Expect an elegantly functional modular kitchen interior design from Sleek. We are able to create a unique style specifically for you. To learn how, get in touch with us immediately.

Marketable Space

Nothing is more fascinating than combining a remarkable variety of genres and eras with strong, brilliant colors to create colorful lifestyles. Obtain entirely customized space to go with your business area’s design.

Cafeteria Concepts

The Design is not made up of the Details; they are the Details. The ideal setting, textiles in a variety of hues, and a variety of café interiors. As a result, the area becomes harmonious with its surroundings and a place of balance and beauty.

4BHK Regal & Elegant

Don’t stray from your personal preferences because they never go out of style. Let’s collaborate to create your brand-new home so that you can experience the essence of your future desire.

Present-day 3BHK

Browse gorgeous 3BHK apartment and villa interior designs. See amazing design trends in our portfolio, and then transform your area immediately.

Fashionable Signature 2BHK

Get elegant 2 BHK interiors that reflect your actual sense of taste. For your own signature look, get in touch with us right away. We have a variety of intriguing hues, wallpapers, paintings, designer mirrors, glass mosaics, POP finishes, gypsum plaster finishes, marble powder finishes, slat wall finishes, and more.

The interior and architectural firm of Interior A to Z

With the help of Interior A to Z, realize your vision. Our skilled and imaginative staff has been developing the spaces that are most significant to you since January 2009. We’ll lead the way with professional supervision, from our initial strategic shopping appointment to placing the rugs on your new flooring.

The objective is always the same, regardless of the scope of the project: to showcase your own sense of style. We give you fresh motivation and suggestions while incorporating your favorite aspects throughout each concept we offer. Make an appointment with us right away to experience the Interior A to Z difference.

The Top Shamli Home Interior Items Dealer & Designer

Our company offers a full range of products and services for home interiors. We provide a wide selection of top-notch hardware fittings from all the top manufacturers, including Haffele, Hattich, Godrej, and many more.

Interior A to Z also deals with a variety of Modular Kitchen solutions, offering end-to-end services to plan and implement them. We can complete projects on schedule and take on tasks like interior design for the entire home and office. Interior A to Z has established itself as Shamli’s go-to destination for everything because to its experience in innovation and expertise in the modular kitchen sector.

We Provide

Interior A to Z has established a facility of the highest caliber and prides itself on being the Best Modular Kitchen & Interior Designer in Shamli. The company is dedicated to constant progress.

Interior A to Z is providing you with consultation services for interior design that include a thorough style and design plan, paint selection, furniture selection, textile selection, soft cape and hard cape alternatives, and more.


Interior A to Z offers a variety of design options depending on the size of the kitchen, including a straight, L-shaped, or U-shaped layout that assures good work flow and a fully finished appearance inside.

Our Best Interior Designer in Shamli will assist you in estimating the budget, project length, and overall look based on the shape of your kitchen or interior design and will offer professional guidance to balance the entire design.

Interior A to Z’ installation team consists of skilled designers and technicians. With this totally committed and knowledgeable workforce, we are also engaged in offering Installation services based on customer needs and preferences.

Since the kitchen is used the most in our home, it needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently. Interior A to Z is ready to take care of all your needs, from routine cleaning to disassembly and reassembling the mechanism.

Our goal is to keep bugs and bacteria out of your kitchen while also protecting it. We want to give you the best services we can. Our specialized team can fix your window, chimney, exhaust fan, and electronic devices.

In Shamli, we are one of the top producers, wholesalers, and traders of kitchen design, kitchen accessories, modular kitchens, SS kitchen accessories, kitchen chimneys, wardrobes, furniture, flush doors, and a variety of other interior products.

What image do you have in mind when you think about your ideal house? A modular kitchen, a doghouse, a garden, a swimming pool, a place to relax and read while sipping coffee? There are countless things I want. The ultimate status symbol, the mark of success in life, and the inheritance you give your family is a home.

You get freedom, tranquilly, and respect in society when you own a home. Finding an interior designer would be the next item on your list if you were considering purchasing your ideal home. Your house should showcase your individual sense of style and panache. Making the most of your available space is important if you want your family to feel comfortable and content.

This blog will assist you in making a decision if you’ve been debating whether to buy a house or work with interior designers or home decorators. It will also provide answers to other queries you may have, such how much an interior designer costs, how to hire an interior decorator, and how to pick one.

A look into interior design’s importance

Interior decorating encompasses more than just a home’s appearance and aesthetic appeal. Making a house as hospitable and useful for its occupants as feasible is a skill. Even a studio flat may be transformed into a large and cozy home with skillful interior design.

Do you also aspire to own a home? But, if you are unsure of the design, amenities, or house accents you want for your charming little home, visiting an interior designer is a necessary. An interior designer might be your closest friend if you are moving to a new location and want to fully change your lifestyle.

Do not forget that purchasing a home is a lifestyle choice that can enhance your quality of life for a lifetime. Hence, before choosing to hire an interior designer, you must carefully consider your options and conduct adequate research.

How does decoration differ from interior design?

The art and science of studying a person’s personality, behavior, temperament, etc. to create a healthy and aesthetically acceptable environment is at the heart of interior design. A house’s early or late architectural design phases can benefit from the design advice of an interior designer. They use original ideas to design more appealing and useful rooms that complement individual tastes and improve quality of life.

The main goal of interior decoration is to fill the room with stylish and decorative products. It is possible to assert that decorators do not design, but interior designers may. Knowing the main distinctions between them will enable you to decide whether to include a designer during construction or a decorator thereafter in your project.

Before choosing an interior designer, ask yourself the following questions:

You make a significant financial investment when you bring on board an interior designer. To get the most of the interaction, you must be quite clear about what you want from it. Asking yourself these questions will help you determine your level of preparedness for the job before you seek out a design firm and sign a contract. Even the top Indian interior designer would be unable to help you if you are unclear about your needs.

Which services are you in need of?

So, purchasing new furniture, altering the wallpaper, or modifying the lighting are just a few examples of what interior design entails. You should be certain of your particular needs. Do you have any specific demands, such as specialized furnishings, modular kitchens, or preferred lighting? They demand more effort and require whole different skill sets.

Would you like to handle the buying and obtaining of the decor yourself? Or would you want the designers to handle it? It’s crucial to make a list of your precise needs before speaking with a designer. Long-term, it will save both of your efforts.

What style do you personally prefer?

You may have a distinctive sense of style. You can choose the historic style of your home, or perhaps a contemporary or futuristic appearance. Your designer will enhance your home’s interior based on your sense of style. An interior designer is used for that purpose. Your style will be distilled by the designer, who will then apply it in the best way possible for the room. There must be open lines of communication throughout the project because providing ideas and receiving comments are continual processes.

Does your planned budget match your vision?

Establish a sensible budget and a reasonable aim. Put the needs for renovation or decor in order. What specifics are you looking for? How much are you prepared to give up or spend lavishly on the design? What about insurance? Preferably, your designer will inform you up front if your goals and available funds are compatible. Moreover, you can ask many designers for quotes to choose a price range that you feel comfortable with.

How long will the project take to finish?

Before beginning, a timeframe and goals must be specified. When you’re ready for the engagement to end, let the designer know in advance. Moreover, enquire with them about any upcoming projects they may have. Whether they can guarantee they’ll finish your project on schedule. How will they manage to finish the project by the deadline if there are any unanticipated snags?

This process will involve you greatly; therefore you must be willing to put in the effort. Throughout the project, you should be able to speak with each other at least once a week to determine if you’re on the correct route.

Ask your interior designer these questions

Before hiring a designer, you should discuss the nature of this cooperation with them by asking them the following questions.

Is this undertaking the best fit for your company?

There is always “N” projects that interior designers are working on, so why are they interested in yours? You may determine if a designer’s priorities align with yours by learning how they evaluate your project.

Designers have preferences depending on the space, the length of the project, etc., but primarily it comes down to how well you and the designer get along. Working together and cooperating with one another is considerably easier when both parties have similar thought processes.

Do you prefer a hands-off approach or involvement from the client?

You must be aware of what to expect because some designers want constant client input while others prefer complete creative freedom. If you allow them make the creative decision for you, after all, they are professionals, the process will go much more smoothly if you let them know your objectives and needs in advance. Decision-making difficulties or a lack of commitment can only result in unnecessarily expensive delays.

What is the project of which you are most proud?

Ask them what types of tasks they genuinely enjoy performing. What is their finest output? Make sure to request the project’s before and after pictures. Go over their portfolios to see what appears in each project. Recognize which aspect of the work—the architectural or the stylistic—the designer had completed. Attempt to comprehend the designer’s thought process?

What sources do you use for inspiration?

What distinguishes your style? What are your preferred color schemes for projects? Which room in a house is your favorite? What is your preferred trip location? Have you ever included components from several cultures in your designs? Your response will assist you in comprehending a designer’s aesthetic preferences. How they incorporate their design method into their process of creativity.

What would you do if you already went over budget before the project was finished?

How will the budget be monitored? Which method do they employ—software, Excel, or pen & paper? Beforehand, talk with them about what you can accomplish within your budget. What will they do if the budget goes beyond budget? Have they ever encountered a situation like this before?

Why did they learn that? Are they open to discussing changes to other details that would help the budget get back on track? Choose a designer whose reaction makes you feel more at ease about trusting them with your finances.

What is the Best Interior Designer Selection Process?

A severe decor disaster can result from picking the incorrect interior designers and decorators who cannot comprehend your style and preferences. Whether it’s a home or workplace, the designing process adheres to a planned and systematic technique that incorporates research, analysis, and the incorporation of your personal style into the creative process.

We’ve listed all the requirements you should research before picking an interior designer in this blog post. You can use this list to narrow down your search for the best Indian interior designer for your project.

Inquire about

Ask for suggestions from friends and relatives who have used interior designers before. Discover the challenges they faced and the experiences they had. Check out the outcome. Examining decor blogs, periodicals, and review sites to learn about the most recent market developments is another technique to find out about bespoke interior decor or designers.

Determine the details

Have a precise timeline for what has to be done when and how before you even start the process. Establish the style and feel of your home, evaluate the site or building, the architecture, the budget, and create a plan with defined deadlines. You wouldn’t want to engage in conversation with designers who offer you an arbitrary or unworkable deadline. It’s best to decide on every detail before speaking with an interior designer.

Choose your style

Choose your style before beginning to peruse all the top designers in the area. You could believe that by employing someone, all of the job will be done for you. Nonetheless, they could not share your sense of taste. So that there is no misunderstanding afterwards, you must offer them a clear understanding of your preferences.

You must conduct study on the color schemes, room layouts, furniture styles, floor tile designs, and lighting you want. Show your designer all the images, movies, and fashions you prefer. Pinterest is a fantastic resource for finding design ideas.

See the designer portfolios

Once you’ve determined your personal style, look for designers who share it. Check out their work with other homes, look into their backgrounds, go over their portfolios, and attempt to picture yourself residing there. Don’t limit your search to just their work on home décor.

Check out any further works they have created, such as cafes, workplaces, or commercial spaces, for additional inspiration. See their social media profiles to see examples of their designs. You can also look through the portfolios of your builder or function Object and request recommendations for interior designers.

Complete a realistic budget

Architects and interior designers frequently collaborate closely. They typically produce a 3-D rendering of your home to give you a sense of the finished product before buying the furnishings, fabrics, and lighting to go along with the design. All of these things can get expensive, so it’s critical that you create a budget that includes money for both the service fees and the materials. Several prices and payment structures are available for designers.

You can always talk about it and determine what is best for your project based on your level of comfort. Your interior designer will be better able to choose the type of vendors and the quality of materials by starting with a clear understanding of your budget.

Speak with various interior designers

It’s time to meet with designers one-on-one once you’ve looked through various portfolios and selected a few. Make a list of all of your inquiries, demands, and goals before meeting with a designer to ensure that you don’t forget anything.

Don’t be afraid to discuss costing and other finer points with them. After all, by doing so, you’ll be able to determine whether or not you and your partner are in agreement. Discuss the project’s expected completion date and any other worries you may have. Inquire about their client references as well.

Discover the designer’s philosophy, vision, and priorities to see if they coincide with your own. Although though the majority of designers don’t charge for initial consultations, it would be courteous to inquire and make sure.

Review the services provided

After meeting a few designers, take some time to contrast them before choosing. Compile and evaluate their services, together with the advantages and disadvantages of choosing them. Pick the provider who offers you better options and services for economical and sustainable interiors. Nonetheless, a designer’s honesty and integrity are always crucial.

Provide relevant examples

If you live in a studio, don’t mention references to a three-story bungalow. Obviously, you are hiring a designer, but don’t give your designer an impossible task. The greatest interior designers in India will always take these variables into account before continuing, including the carpet area, the natural lighting already there, and the necessary artificial lighting. Every step of the procedure, the space’s constraints must be taken into account.

Create a legally binding contract

Once you’ve decided on a qualified interior designer, get down with them to work out the specifics and littler elements. Create a legally binding agreement that is acceptable to both of you. The contract agreement document must include the scope of work, a detailed specification, clauses for design fees, purchasing and procurement information, any cancellations, refunds, reimbursement costs, the payment terms, insurance, and last but not least, a clause prohibiting taking photos of the designer’s finished work because, after all, it is your private space.

Active dialogue is essential

If you want your home to turn out the way you envisioned it to, active and honest communication is essential. Getting to know the interior designer may be simple, but effectively conveying your preferences and style to them may be an entirely different matter. Set up time each week for regular meetings and follow-ups, and let them know what you expect.

Never hesitate to ask questions. Do not be afraid to express your disapproval or disagreement with what they are recommending. Since they are experts, there is a good possibility that they can rationally defend their actions. For you and your designer, this step will only make the process easier.

Adaptability to change

When you hire a professional interior designer with clear visions and style preferences for your home in mind, you are one step ahead of the game. But, keep in mind that they are professionals, and their advice is now needed. By listening to them, express yourself while also learning what they have to say.

Be prepared to modify your style or preferences while having faith that they’ll try their best to brighten up your place. Be open-minded and resist the urge to discount everything they advise. Give their suggestion a try. It is nothing more than a straightforward application of the “do duni chaar” formula. Their inventiveness and practicality, along with your ideas, can only enhance how beautiful your home is.

To obtain

Changes are unavoidable, even with a strategy that is 100 percent foolproof and a project blueprint. Meet with the interior designer and site engineer so that you can receive updates frequently. When a designer is working alone with no one to answer to, they frequently feel depressed and discouraged and work more slowly. Maintaining communication at every stage is really beneficial.

Belief in your designer

It’s great to give the designer the room they need to unleash their creativity now that you’ve participated in the research diligently and actively and discussed all of your preferences with them. The majority of qualified interior designers have exclusive contracts with stores, ateliers, and other suppliers, so they can find the best prices for you.

When it comes to acquiring the materials and determining whether they are appropriate for the room, you must trust their judgment. You must build a solid foundation of trust before being open and honest about your needs and desires.

What to enquire of an interior designer?

At Interior A to Z, we provide 3D Design services, which essentially resolve a lot of issues that homeowners encounter when planning home renovations.

Yet, if you’ve made the decision to work with or meet with independent interior designers, there are a few things you should thoroughly explore before choosing.

Service provided

There are interior designers who just offer planning and design services. There are designers who complete “turkey work,” designing and carrying out the entire project. There are designers who visit sites for inspection and design at regular intervals. Hence, find out what services your interior designer provides. Ask him how he can assist you during the execution phase if he is not involved in the process.

Design idiom

Although it is a fairly abstract question, it is quite significant. You want to acquire a sense of the designer’s design aesthetic. Would he like to offer a trendy style or a classic one? He uses lights and color to decorate a lot. Does he enjoy cunning plans? You need to have a basic understanding of design philosophy.

At Interior A to Z, we provide modern design and priorities utility, budget, and look equally. There are instances where something appears magnificent but takes up extra room or where something is highly alluring but gradually loses its appeal. Typically, we think that good design should be pleasing to the eye for a long time. The house must be utilized to the fullest extent possible. Budget needs to be considered.

Fee schedule

Typically, there are two ways that interior designer’s bill. They either demand fixed fees for planning and designing. A percentage (8–12%) of the overall project budget may also be requested. Find out if site visits and shopping trips are free or if there are additional costs.


Do you oversee locations? Do you accept responsibility for carrying out the plan you have created?

Employer / Execution

Will you be able to mentor a contractor I hire on my own? Will my contractor be able to execute the plan that you have created? How much will you participate in such a situation?


With design, you require an estimate—indeed, a thorough estimate.

Design alterations or revisions

What if I dislike the prepared design?

Will I be able to alter the design based on my input?

How will you handle all of our demands? How can I communicate if I wish to change the design?

Material choice

How can a designer aid in the choice of materials? Does he have a favorite store he likes to go to?


How long will it take a designer to create something? And in accordance, how long will it take to complete the project.

Considering remodeling?

It’s time to get started now that you know exactly how to find and employ the best interior designer. By providing you with a professional interior design consultation, we’ll provide you an overview of the complete procedure. You can get answers to all of your questions regarding the procedure as well as a cost estimate for your project’s interior design, interior work, interior designer fees, and more. Contact us by clicking the link below to get remodeling started!

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