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What style suits your kitchen? Certainly defining the decoration is a terrible question for those who intend to renovate or for those who are in the process of completing the work. As you know, here, we have many options, in fact, they are endless. The idea is that the kitchen is a pleasant place to prepare meals and also to interact with the family, in addition to receiving friends and celebrating unique moments.

Therefore, today we select 12 models with very modern decoration, in addition to the mix of other styles. We invite you to follow us and be inspired by the projects of our platform professionals.

  1. Tropical style

The tropical style brings a lot of charm, but this time on the side of living nature. A variety of plants adapted to the indoor environment. The idea is to fill the kitchen with green, but especially use fresh herbs for cooking.

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  1. Modern and elegant

The kitchen can be a work area and an elegant space. Here we see a proposal with a modern decorative style that combines with the elegance of marble on the wall of the sink and the island.

Marble is one of the most suitable materials to cover cooking, as it is easy to clean, in addition to being extremely beautiful aesthetically. In combination with wood it created a cozy feeling.

Nor can we deny that the metal of the luminaries and stainless steel give a personalized highlight to the decoration.

  1. in the minimalist style

The minimalist style is not much chosen for the kitchen; however, it is much desired, as it has a clean and organized atmosphere.

The minimalism is premised from the functional to the aesthetic, i.e. just enough in the environment and although the kitchen if this concept is extended, but has to leave it alone to ensure neat and tidy without elements unnecessary decoration.

  1. Industrial style

Nothing more beautiful than industrial style adapted to hot spaces, like a kitchen. In this case, we see the industrial details as in the central lamp with an old look and the counter with the utensils in sight.

The industrial style is to make everything apparent, that is, no doors in the cabinets. Therefore, in this proposal the shelves are open, undoubtedly one of the easiest styles to recreate!

  1. A Mediterranean dream

The floor, walls and furniture in white give a touch of charm to this kitchen with the presence of wood on the ceiling and door. Its decoration transports us to the shores of the Mediterranean. A classic and very beautiful choice.

  1. A mixture of the rustic and the modern

The kitchen is a space that seeks to create a cozy feeling or that nostalgic feeling found in the rustic style. In this proposal we noticed a very interesting mix of the rustic and the modern. Furniture with a clean and minimalist aesthetic provides an abundance of storage space that appears to be hidden, while the presence of wood brings warmth to the environment.

  1. A small kitchen

The style of American cuisine is incredible, as it has a unique charm that inspires not only cooking, but also to spend a good time in it. To achieve this style one of the best proposals comes from the table, without a doubt, it makes the place cozy.

  1. with field air

To enjoy the rural style, you don’t need a house in the countryside; in this case we see a classic building, where the detail is striking in the wooden beams. The use of wood creates a more refined combination. While natural light is abundant thanks to the large window, in addition to artificial lighting that highlights the warm tones strategically placed to achieve a pleasant, cozy and comfortable space.

  1. Eclectic cuisine

Here we see a proposal in an eclectic style, but perfectly admirable – if you are in doubt about which decoration to choose maybe this is the best solution, because you can play with the creation of a mixed kitchen according to your taste, in addition to mixing an extraordinary way the new and old elements.

  1. with vibrant color

There is no doubt that color is an element that cannot be lacking in modern decor, although few dare to it, a vibrant tone can give a new aesthetic to your kitchen.

  1. Rustic and natural

The rustic goes very well with the kitchen; in this case, wood is the protagonist.

The best thing about this style is that, although it is simple, it has a beautiful aesthetic, using utensils in sight, so you don’t need much to compose a beautiful decoration.

  1. Classical and modern

The kitchen has a beautiful mix of styles: the classic that is found, mainly in the structure of the large window, on the floor and in the elegant furniture in black and white – a classic combination. Materials such as steel, metal and glass add a modern touch to the project.

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