It was a time when kitchen walls were synonymous with few choices. With the technological development of new materials, not only have the options increased, but also easy-to-clean solutions that can guarantee excellent combinations with the most diverse decorative styles.

But, even with so many ideas to further enhance your kitchen, it is good to pay attention to some questions before choosing your covering, such as, for example, defining the desired color for the kitchen, what is the current budget availability, what is type of resistance that this coating must have, if there will be a need for a good specialist to guarantee the installation, and, mainly, what style of kitchen would you like to have in your home.

For lovers of warmth and simplicity, treated wood, for example, is an option to cover the walls. Now, if you are looking for innovations and a touch of updated urban ism, stainless steel may surprise you.

And it is to help you discover these and other choices that we have brought you a more than special list with different types of materials that can be used with incredible results on your kitchen walls.

  • Interior Design ideas and tips for Kitchen

    | Gurgaon

  1. with ceramic

Ceramic tiles, such as tiles, are among the most popular options for covering kitchens. Easy to clean, the ceramic guarantees brightness and can bring incredible results to reinforce the decorative style of your kitchen. They can be found with different prints and colors, which guarantee great ideas to compose the look of your home.

Interior Design ideas and tips for Kitchen

  1. with ink

Whoever wants to bring a more colorful touch to their kitchen, can use colored paints to paint specific spaces, such as the backslash or a particular wall. Some paints, such as acrylic, bring a glossy finish and guarantee excellent resistance to contact with moisture, in addition to being easy to clean – which makes it a perfect option for your kitchen. In addition, many types of paints can be found with modern colors and anti-mold finishes, which will be especially useful for maintaining beauty in space.

Interior Design ideas and tips for Kitchen | Gurgaon

  1. with wood

The presence of wood in the kitchen is perfect to contribute to the feeling of natural comfort. However, it is an option that demands a lot of attention regarding protection. The application of waterproofing products will be essential, as well as products that prevent the actions of possible flames. Highly durable, this type of wall requires only annual maintenance against the possible darkening of the wood, just sanding it to renew its visual aspect.

  1. with vinyl

Anyone looking for a simple and inexpensive option for the kitchen wall can find vinyl stickers as a great solution. Easy to install and with several creative options that fit in any space, these types of stickers allow complete customization, making your kitchen look exactly the way you want!

  1. with natural stone

Granite, slate, marble, sandstone, quartz … there are many options for stones to cover your wall in a spectacular way, contributing to a cozy, rustic and full of personality. Durable and elegant, the result they will bring will certainly be beautiful to compose your kitchen decor.

  1. Wallpaper

Wallpapers are great solutions to make your kitchen more interesting, since there are countless possibilities with colors, themes and styles that will be fantastic to enhance your home. In addition, some materials, such as vinyl, are easy to clean and guarantee excellent resistance against moisture.

  1. Stainless

Finally, we remember stainless steel, which, even though it is relatively rare to be used in the kitchen, guarantees an absolutely incredible look. Because it is heat resistant and very easy to clean, it is an excellent option to be installed in the stove area, in addition to being great to match any type of color, providing beautiful results to your home!

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