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Effortlessly fresh. Relaxed. Undeniably chic. These are all aspects of an industrial-style living room. Exposed brick, cane, concrete, or natural wood floors are the design elements that make the industrial style what it is, but even if your home isn’t industrial, don’t despair! With the right decor and furniture, you can still bring that coveted fresh look into your home!An industrial-style living room design can feel bold and look more masculine in shape and colour.

Industrial interior design colour palettes tend to be a bit darker. You can see soft colours like green and red, and especially darker neutral colours. This is simply because the industrial interior design comes from the look of old factories and city buildings where industrial materials were actually the main elements. That inspires this style!So you are wondering what an industrial-style living room design can consist of? Don’t let the inherent roughness of this style convince you that it can’t be comfortable. It absolutely can, and it is! Wide and low sofas are often found in an industrial living room.

A deep leather sofa in a more modern shape can also be a good choice for this particular style.A good choice can be a raw wood coffee table brought into a modern shape. You canalso see reinforced concrete coffee tables and side tables. Industrial design is often not perceived in its pure form as it is a style that combines so well with other styles. Because of its rugged nature, you often see a mix of rustic and industrial styles. If you’re looking for industrial living room ideas, you might see spaces that feel even more minimalist and modern than the pureindustrial style.

However, an industrial living room is not complete without a few key elements, such as industrial lighting and expressive furniture. The most common type of lighting you will see are fixtures made from raw metal, wood, combinations of both, or with external components such as wires and bare bulbs. Expressive furniture is simply furniture that makes a strong impression—conversation starters, if you will.

Designing an industrial style living room wouldn’t require many decorative elements, so inFurniture and lighting are decorative elements, which is what makes this style so fun! If you are looking for industrial living room ideas, we have them in many sizes and colour palette preferences. We hope you enjoy our library of industrial living room design inspiration!

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