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How to choose furniture that will stay with you for a long time

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily change the furniture according to your taste and mood every time, like a virtual game of decorating a house? Realistically, it is not easy to buy new furniture or rearrange the original furniture. Furniture that has to be chosen more carefully as there are so many options. Let’s review a few basic but important principles that will help you choose wisely the furniture you’ll be spending time together in your home.

Think of the space you want first.

The first thing to think about before choosing and filling furniture one by one is ‘what kind of space do you want?’ Regardless of the atmosphere, use, or density of the desired space, we recommend that you draw the big picture first with what you think is most important. When the direction is decided, it starts to search for furniture that suits it, and you can reduce the difficulty of actually choosing by looking at brands that have many options for the style you want or by researching individual purchase locations and making a list in advance.

Choosing the right furniture for the shape and structure of your home

Furniture is a living member of the house. No matter how nice the furniture is, if it doesn’t fit the space, it’s useless. It is important to put aside regrets about the gap between the desired large picture and the actual given space, and to figure out what size and use of furniture are most suitable for the space where the actual furniture will be placed.

Who will spend how, consideration of lifestyle

The direction of furniture selection is completely different depending on who and how it will be used. The most typical example is  a nursery. The photo shows a unique complex furniture with a desk, storage cabinet and bunk bed connected. The soft wood material is given a point with the blue color that gives emotional stability, and considering that it is a desk used by children, the desk is finished with a more durable material to enhance practicality. Although there is enough storage space to organize small items such as books and toys, it does not take up much space in the room due to its structure.

Think again about furniture that is too sensitive to fashion

I want to be attracted to furniture that leads a new trend every time, but impulsive purchase causes a problem of replacement cost in the future. In recent years, as Nordic furniture has emerged as a domestic trend, numerous Nordic-style furniture has been pouring in. Aside from the charm of the unique Nordic furniture, it is necessary to look back on whether the furniture you are looking for is the furniture you have seen a lot recently and many people like. In fact, as more and more people are sensitive to trends and design interiors, sometimes they see a landscape like an exhibition hall of ornaments that do not match each other. Let’s not forget that furniture is basically one component that stays in the living space where I live.

Find a good partner

If you choose furniture that is used together wisely, it will be useful over and over again. For example, if the desk and chair are purchased separately rather than as a set. It is necessary to carefully examine whether the colors and materials of the two go well together without any difference, and whether the size and height are appropriate for the purpose. In addition, when considering the space, if you can choose furniture that fits well by extending the range to the entire house, it can be converted to other uses and can be used for a longer period of time.

Longer, more beautiful, the importance of management

No matter how new, if not cared for and cared for, it will quickly deteriorate. You may wonder if it is necessary to pay special attention to furniture maintenance unless it is very expensive furniture, but furniture that has been properly worn and well-maintained shines more than new furniture.

In the case of wooden furniture, it is usually good to shake off the dust lightly, apply vegetable oil or wax for wooden furniture once every 2 to 4 years, and then wipe it with a dry woolen cloth. If there are gaps, you can fill in the gaps by spraying water on the gaps with a sprayer, placing a wet towel or thin cloth on top and applying heat with an iron. At this time, make sure that the cloth is sufficiently moistened with water and that the iron does not come in direct contact with the furniture.

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