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How can I design a small terrace? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

A terrace is the perfect place in the home for rest and also contributes to the superior image of the house, so your decoration and terrace design should not be limited to decoration elements, but a good design can add that air of dynamism in the rest of the house.

How can I design a small terrace?

For terrace design, having little space is a common problem, especially in large metropolises. However, it is possible to maximize the use of this space to make the most of them and make it a perfect place for relaxation. A tiled terrace gives the terraces a classic yet elegant appearance. Also, the light tones on the floor provide luminosity and life.

Using little furniture or keeping it to a minimum will also make the furniture look spacious and the open space will make it looks larger thanks to the design. If you don’t need a table regularly, you can easily skip it or opt for a folding table.

The light that passes through the doors and windows keeps the place cool and ventilated. All this coupled with a rather simple style and decoration allows the terrace to remain spacious. Keep the walls clean and simple and decorate it with paintings or even simple frames.

Ideas for decorating and designing terraces

DIY ideas are the order of the day. Hanging wicker baskets are the most popular elements for decorating terraces and balconies. Like vases and pots to place all kinds of outdoor plants

Another sensational idea is a small garden on your terrace. That green element will give this space a bit of nature in your home

If you want a more original and exclusive space, the following elements are ideal for you:

Quenches. Enjoy an excellent barbecue in the company of your family friends.

Pergolas. It is an excellent ally in the rainy season, where despite the weather you can enjoy the incredible atmosphere of your terrace.


Lounge. A Lounge-type living room on the terrace will provide an elegant, modern and sophisticated look

Terrace bar . The perfect social area with a unique style, to enjoy drinks and a view that only your terrace can offer.


Other furniture. Chairs, hammocks, islands and tables of all kinds will help create the desired style, depending on the material and design.

Lighting: Creating atmospheres

A well-lit terrace can become a fantasy space. Lights can be used in the windows to highlight the elements, decoration and furniture. As with other types of outdoor lighting, so that the environment of our house is safer, and we drive away thieves around.

Rustic style terraces

Influenced by nature, a rustic style terrace includes basic and organic materials. The use of softly nuanced wood in warm tones gives a very enigmatic look to our terrace. The use of shades of mud and subtle grays in the interiors of the walls and other decorative objects brings out the rustic look of the space.

This type of space not only denotes warmth but is also very cozy and pleasant to spend any time of the day. A small hanging planter adds a touch of elegance to the overall home.

Modern terraces

This style stands out especially for its useful and beautiful designs. The use of light is very important in the decoration of modern terraces. Therefore, the decoration with rather illuminating lamps and lights add a special touch to the design.

Earth tones of the floor and walls with a minimal amount of objects complete the look. Light wood floors, preferably with white walls, make this look elegant. The use of gray and blue colors provides a very refined design. A terrace gives a special effect within the Scandinavian style, which was originally due to the love of the Swedes for nature and the outdoors.

Minimalist terraces

The design of the minimalist terraces is more refined and current for a balcony is that of this style. Less is more; it is the golden rule in decorating this type of style. Open space is kept to a minimum with basic designs and colors. The designs are mainly in basic tones and shades and use natural materials such as wood and steel. Keeping it simple makes it stands out and also complements a very well accomplished and elegant look.


The minimalist design has a very modern effect throughout the decor, which brings its own quirkiness to the home. Simple walls and floors with modern accessories keep the environment natural and energetic. The cool and soothing tones and patterns make it a very comfortable place for a cup of coffee in the afternoon.

How can I design a small terrace? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR


It is not easy to choose one for your home. In this book we share some tips on the best proposals, materials, styles, costs and installation time.


Different types of roofs

Roofs serve to protect your home from rain, snow, sun, wind and extreme temperatures. They have been built in a wide variety of ways: flat, sloped, vaulted, or combined. According to the records, the first roofs built by man were probably straw that were made of leaves, branches or reeds; they were usually placed on a slope so that the rain could drain them. Conical thatched roofs are a good example of this type and are still widely used in rural areas of Africa and elsewhere.


With the invention of brick and carved stone for construction, the basic forms of the vaulted ceiling appeared as well as those of the flat and sloping type. The flat, for example, has been used historically in the Middle East, the southwestern United States. States and anywhere else where the climate is arid and roof water drainage is therefore of secondary importance. Plans were widely used in Europe and America in the 19th century, when new waterproof roofing materials and the use of structural steel and concrete made them more practical.


Flat roofs, vaults and domes

Plans soon became the most widely used type for covering warehouses, office buildings, and residential and commercial buildings. On the other hand, pitched roofs come in many different varieties. The simplest is the shed that has a single slope. One with two slopes that form an “A” or a triangle is called a gable or sloped roof. This type was used in the temples of ancient Greece, Northern Europe and America for many centuries and up to the present day.


The gambrel is a type of gable roof with two slopes on each side; the upper part is less steep than the lower one. The attic is folding gable, so it has two slopes on each side. It was widely used in French Renaissance and Baroque architecture.


Both types of can provide additional space in the attic or other room without the need to build an entire additional floor. They can also have a strong aesthetic appeal. Another ceiling is the vaulted type , which is formed with a parallel series of arches. Its shape can be of a cylindrical or barrel vault and they reached their peak with Gothic architecture. A variant of this type of roof is the Catalan vault, which consists of small vaults that rest on wooden or steel joists and that together form a flat roof.


The dome is a hemispherical structure that can serve as a roof. The domes crown some of the grandest buildings of ancient Roman, Islamic, and post-medieval Western architecture. Vaults and domes do not require a supporting frame, but flat and gabled roofs often require internal supports such as beams or other bracing. At present, and thanks to technological advances, almost any type of roof can be made with light materials that cover large openings. And they require little maintenance.


Another current trend is to use it as a garden in the so-called green roofs, which, in addition to serving as orchards or planters, are ideal for thermal control inside the house.


Coatings and new technologies

The external coating serves to prevent rain or snow from penetrating a building. There are two options for covering your roof. One group consists of a waterproof membrane or film that prevents the passage of water. The other group consists of parts designed with a water resistant material. This group includes roof tiles made of various materials and corrugated sheets of steel, aluminum, lead, copper or zinc. Flats are typically covered with roofing felt and tar, while pitched roofs are generally covered with metal shingles or sheet metal.


If we talk about new technologies in many roofs, solar panels or heaters can be attached. These alternatives improve the energy efficiency of homes. Perfect for saving energy and being more environmentally friendly, they are a smart solution for your home and you can reduce the cost of your electricity bill.

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