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Each of us dreams of owning in his home a small corner in which he is alone in reciting the verses of God and relieves a little of the stress and fatigue of life, but we think that this is difficult to achieve in light of the high prices and the narrow spaces of apartments, we will present to you 10 wonderful ideas for designing a spiritual corner in your home and on the occasion The advent of the month of Ramadan, enjoy performing rituals and worship in a comfortable and dreamy atmosphere that helps to reverence and clear the mind..

Welcome Ramadan

Welcome Ramadan and the days of mercy, forgiveness and freedom from the fire, we need to add special touches in every corner of our homes, but what is more beautiful than a simple spiritual corner that is comfortable for nerves and calming for the heart in which you connect with your Lord and leave your prayers in prostration.

1. Windows and openings with a special design..

Choose for this corner special openings that are different from the whole house, with Islamic patterns and decorations that reflect the sun’s rays in a distinctive and calm way that helps us feel the Ramadan atmosphere..

2. Using distinctive inscriptions and decorations.

Choose beautiful and soft fabrics with special Ramadan patterns and a majestic Islamic atmosphere, and touches of copper and gold to give value to this corner from the rest of the spaces in the house..

3. Warm atmosphere and calm lighting..

You do not need more than a suitable seat, a small corner and a soft carpet and enjoy a spiritual corner in your home, but make sure that there is warm and appropriate lighting to help you read the Qur’an and worship in an appropriate atmosphere..

4. Simplicity and beauty..

You can be satisfied with a small pillow and a soft rug in a fixed corner of your home, you will not need more than that, as simplicity is a title of beauty.

5. Floors in an oriental spirit..

If you are going to design the corner or room for worship from the beginning, it is better to choose a floor in an oriental spirit and distinctive decorations, to add an Arab and Islamic atmosphere to the space as a whole..

Another model..

Another floor model that you can use to design a room or corner of worship..

6. An office room and a private corner..

You will not need to allocate an entire room for worship, but a corner in your quiet office room or bedroom, which is your private world and your last escape from the exhaustion of a hard and tiring working day , is enough  .

7. Comfortable seat..

Choose a comfortable seat to help you relax while reading the Qur’an and rest between the Tarawih and Tahajjud rak’ahs, next to a table for a warm drink and to leave the Qur’an aside during prayer..

8. A seat and a bed..

Sometimes you will need a sofa or a small bed if the space allows, so you may have designed an integrated retreat in your home and in your preferred style, to spend full times in worship and relaxation..

9. Calm first..

Stay away from strong colors and crowded patterns so as not to get distracted and fall into the trap of lack of focus. The purpose of this spiritual corner is to clear the mind and feel calm and comfortable..

10. Your balcony receives Ramadan with a spiritual touch.

What do you think about making your balcony during Ramadan your spiritual corner, so that you can enjoy in a hot summer the cool and refreshing breezes of the air on a long night of retreat that prays to your Lord and invites Him to what you wish for, may Allah accept from us and you all other deeds and Ramadan Kareem..

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