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If you look at your kitchen now, the first question that will come to your mind is why all these clutters and worn out items? .. If you are a person thinking of renovation and cleaning, you must get rid of everything that is excess, unused or damaged in the kitchen, those empty bottles, cans, worn towels and some old cups The unnecessary you have to get rid of them completely to get a clean and new kitchen and those books that carry different cooking recipes you don’t need them anymore.

All of these things cause a big mess in the  kitchen , and today we collect those things for you in one article to point out how to get rid of them and change the look of your kitchen for the better.. and you will see how you will be satisfied with the result and you will have more empty spaces in the place.

1. Cookbooks

To be clear, no one is reading these old cookbooks now, especially since all the recipes are easily available on the Internet, and in many videos that are always circulating.. It is threatening the appearance of your kitchen with crowding, so you have to get rid of all the old books and start improving the general appearance of the kitchen and leave space greater than the void.

2. Market bags

When you go shopping, you buy many household items that you need, and in the end you collect many market bags that do not look good when you accumulate them in the kitchen at all, now you have to get rid of these bags completely and keep only the useful things.

3. Colorful Kitchen Cups

Every year the shapes, patterns and fees of these cups and cups change, but when we shop, we start buying large quantities because their price is cheap, and we get into the problem of their old and the presence of new, better shapes, however if there are ballet cups and you don’t use them in the kitchen, you must get rid of them and do not cause them to accumulate And crowded place.

4. Ready-made cans

Do you have leftover cans of leftover food, ice cream and sweets in your kitchen? .. In order to ensure an organized, clean and clutter-free kitchen, you must arrange these cans again and get rid of those empty ones completely, as there is no need for the empty cans to remain completely.

5. Old kitchen towels

Now is the time to abandon the old towels that are completely worn out, those that have accumulated food residues and dirt for a long time, even if you wash them several times, they will look worn, punctured and destroyed, you have to get rid of them and buy new ones according to use, do not use many and have to hang them on the  kitchen walls, which distorts its shape.

6. Unnecessary utensils

You need to rearrange your kitchen to get rid of old utensils that have become unused, especially those that are outdated, deformed and burnt out and are still kept. Are they useful to you now?! If the answer is no, now you have to get rid of those old extras.

7. Do you use all the tools?

If you look in your kitchen you will find an endless number of knives and gadgets that you don’t use, let’s be honest with ourselves and get rid of all the extra utensils, we can count on just one or two of each kind of countries messing various things around us.

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