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Gaur Saundaryam Interiors Designs Greater Noida West, Greater Noida

How does the color white affect spaces?

The white color is the first recipe and the most famous advice in the world of decoration and design when it comes to dealing with small spaces. The use of white helps to morally overcome the feeling of tightness in the rooms, and it also interacts stronger with light, which helps to show the space without any darkness or crowding, which is one of the most important reasons that help to use white in these spaces, and this is in addition to other reasons that you can find through this topic.

Achieve integration

White helps the space of your room or accommodate more than one room in different and contrasting colors, it acts as if it were a background that can accommodate details even if they are different calmly, notice in this picture how the white walls, white ceiling and floors were a great way to accommodate the copious details of accessories, furniture and shelves It comes in a variety of colors and patterns with ease thanks to the white highlighting also accompanying it around these components.

White degrees

White shades do not stop at the bright color that we can notice at first sight. There are the most modern shades, such as snowy, creamy ivory, or what is called, and they are all attractive colors that can be designed with all the details of the rooms. Melt the details into the space without any deviation from the text.

White sanitary ware

White sanitary ware is more formal and helps you in receiving guests and dealing with the narrow space, and it is easy to divide it into the bathroom, and it is suitable for smaller sizes, for example, a small bathtub or toilet is more receptive in small spaces and vice versa.

White in lighting

White lighting helps beautify and strengthen the decor in any room, and it is sufficient to take advantage of modern technology to provide completely white lighting in rooms in different forms, such as light houses, floor lamps, circular spotlights and LED lamps, which all give attractive forms and a strong addition to the decor in general.

White helps you use more powerful colors

White as we mentioned as a background helps to accommodate more than one element around it, as well as helps you to use another color with it more bold and hot, such as orange, purple, or yellow, and even in this picture, turquoise was used with the utmost beauty in a pure white environment.

Gaur Saundaryam Interiors Designs Greater Noida West, Greater Noida