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Things to know to have a true entertainment room

Media room, also known as entertainment room, is a phrase that is no longer strange to experts in the field of architectural design. However, for today’s households, the entertainment room is still quite new. Usually, people still think that only modern, large villa-style houses have an entertainment room, but in fact, if homeowners put in a little effort and time, there will be a suitable small entertainment room.

– What is the recreation room?

– Things to keep in mind before designing the entertainment room.

– What furniture should be arranged in the entertainment room?

– Area and cost of building an entertainment room.

What is an entertainment room?

In the past, the entertainment room was defined as a miniature home theater with a large screen television. Many people confuse the entertainment room with the office. But with the development of society, today’s entertainment room includes a lot of things depending on the needs of each family. In general, no matter what furniture there is, the entertainment room has a purpose as its name implies, a place to entertain, relieve stress and fatigue for family members, also can be a place to gather friends with favorite games.

What should be noted before embarking on the design of the entertainment room?

– Know what you like: The recreation room is a place where you can play or enjoy your favorite foods to help relieve stress, so you need to know what you like to play, what you are interested in and what can meet the entertainment needs of you and your family. For example, if you are a gamer, the entertainment room cannot lack a computer system with enough games, or if you like to play billiards, buy a pool table and arrange it in this room.

– Choose a suitable location for the entertainment room: The entertainment room can cause noise that affects other family members. Therefore, the entertainment room is usually located in the top room (top floor of the house) or in the basement.

– What is your budget: Anyone wants to have an entertainment room full of everything such as a widescreen TV, billiards table, darts or a super computer system; However, the possibilities are high. Everyone’s finances are different. So you need to know how much money you have to plan the design and layout of the entertainment room.

Things to have in the foyer

– Widescreen TV: Even if other rooms in your house also have televisions, placing a widescreen TV in the entertainment room is never boring because you can do a lot of things with this TV. In addition to watching movies with a larger screen than usual, you can even sing karaoke.

– A game that homeowners love: These games must of course be games that take up little space and space such as table tennis, billiards, darts.

– Use soundproofing materials: Because the entertainment room is a place to relieve stress, it is a place where you can comfortably scream with your favorite games, so it is easy to make noise and affect other members. Even your neighbors, so use soundproofing materials for this room. For example, building walls with rough, rough surfaces.

– Lighting: Lighting system is very important for an entertainment room. The system of lights with different strong and weak light contributes significantly to the effectiveness of entertainment.

Area and cost of building entertainment room.

– For a family with 4-5 members, an entertainment room of 30-50m2 is suitable. However, this area can vary depending on the type of game in that room. For example: To be able to install a billiard table, the room must be at least 40m2 wide, but if you just need it to be a reading space to relax or watch a movie, then 25m2 is enough.

– Cost: It is difficult to say how much an entertainment room will cost because it depends on the games you want, the TV brand you use and many other factors. But please refer carefully to the cost, quality and satisfaction that it brings before deciding to spend money to buy that item.

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