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Having a green space in your home is definitely a space for joy and a sense of relaxation, and the garden  area does not have to be large so that you can feel comfortable in the presence of green spaces inside your home, but with a simple space and touches of elegant and distinguished decor, you can get a wonderful garden in your home, and today we will present 8 very distinct ideas for a different and simple garden design inside your home.

Zen Garden

Zen gardens are a type of Japanese garden increasingly appreciated in the Western world. As depicting original spaces for contemplation, its design invites relaxation and comfort in an almost magical environment. The fusion of the elements, distributed under the constants of Feng Shui (the philosophy according to correct direction and order in favor of achieving harmony of space) is the hallmark of this design, a vivid example of inspiration from the works of Garden.

Climbing bushes on the walls

One of the simple tricks that distinguish your garden is to choose an architectural design in line with the design of the front of the house. Here, wooden frames were built in the form of doors covered with plants, and the walls of the house were covered with plants to get an elegant and unique entrance and house front.

Unique gardens for your home | Gurgaon

Full privacy

But if you like your home to enjoy complete privacy, your choice of traditional hollow fence forms is an idea out of consideration. And this fence comes to be the appropriate solution. The fence is made of natural brown wood boxes; between them are black metal dividers, to obtain guaranteed privacy away from the noise of the outside.

Sunny weather and plenty of space

Exploiting the spacious garden by  dividing it between single sessions and multiple sessions will allow you a lot of diversification in your sessions and will make your garden a place that brings together all your wonderful moments, whether isolated or combined with family and friends.

The usual umbrellas

Using the usual umbrellas and umbrellas will make it easier for you to feel the difference and diversify in the sessions with changing their places with ease. You can switch between private and group sessions once the umbrellas are included in one session.

Friends Forum

By distributing flowers and trees on the edges of the space, you can take advantage of the larger space to prepare the garden to receive friends and relatives in the summer, as in the distinctive Moroccan design, as the diversity of colors adds joy and vitality to the place.

The garden and the modern system

The garden design on the modern system is a system that combines two elements of nature with engineering design, such a design, for example, combines nature and engineering design clearly, adding to the garden a different aesthetic touch, completed with the addition of a delightful touch of furniture in those elegant colors that added to the garden sophistication and joy.

English garden

The English system in garden design depends on the presence of wide areas with scattered trees, in addition to the presence of very limited types of flowers in a simple way that mimics nature, such as this design of the garden of the house, which was designed in the English way in a simple and very distinctive style.


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