Tips to make home a place to restore your energy Gurgaon

Tips to make home a place to restore your energy Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Sometimes we feel that home is no longer a comfortable place for you and your nerves, especially with the lack of time and your inability to reconcile taking care of it and doing your work outside the home at the same time. In this article, we give you some tips to get your comfortable home back!

1- Create zones to spend a relaxing time

Do not underestimate the presence of places to rest in the house where you can spend some time relaxing or a quick nap that may not exceed 15 minutes between noon and afternoon, during which you can regain your energy to complete the day. Comfortable sofa in the living room or even in a corner or in the hallway and dim lights or blackout curtains if you’re going to nap during the day, and you’ve got the perfect resting place!

2- calm colors

Create a calming and relaxing atmosphere by choosing soothing colors such as creams, beiges, and warm highlights. Thick, soft rugs and light throws are details that help you feel comfortable.

3- Block devices and screens

You might be surprised that this tip hurts adults too, and not just kids! But studies have proven that the use of devices with screens, such as television, smartphones and laptops, is a cause of anxiety because it causes excessive brain stimulation and contributes to the difficulty of entering the sleep phase due to the lack of high melanin hormone responsible for this process.

4- Make a place to play

Who said kids only need places to have fun? You also want it to recharge, especially during the weekend! Dedicate a place at home for singing, dancing and group games such as board games to take some fun and go back to childhood! You will be amazed at its impact on your energy.

5- Exposure to the sun and the outdoors

Spending time outside makes your body get vitamin D through exposure to the sun, which affects your mood as well as your libido!

6- Find yourself a hobby

You may be surprised by the fact that you can restore your energy by working yourself more and not sleeping or just relaxing! But doing an activity you love can do it like magic. Plant some plants and take care of them and watch them grow into owls day by day, draw and color or even learn to sew and knit.

7- Encourage your children to participate

One of the things that can make being at home stressful for you is doing all the house chores without the help of anyone, especially your children! Involve them in writing a clear schedule of tasks for each individual that divides the effort into all of you and shares in teaching them responsibility and their sense of accomplishment at the same time.

Tips to Save Energy Home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Tips to Save Energy Use at Home

Climate change and the depletion of energy sources are not only a problem for society at large, but also affect us as individuals. Everyone can actively contribute to protecting the planet we inhabit. You can too! Indonesia is one of the countries that releases a lot of CO2 every year. How can I contribute to reducing emissions? There are some simple tricks that can be applied to each of the four walls (houses). In this article, we’ve put together some tips that you can apply in your daily life to do something for a greener planet. Ways to save energy that will reduce your carbon footprint, both in the form of small and large activities, and can save your expenses.

1. Wash and rinse properly

Washing machines and dishwashers ( diswasher ) is one of the electronic devices that consume electricity in large capacity in your home. It’s a good idea to use these two machines only when absolutely necessary, i.e. when both are full of dirty clothes and dirty dishes. Experts also recommend setting the machine to wash and rinse at the same time. The latest production detergents are powerful enough, so soaking the laundry and washing with hot water is not necessary. The use of clothes dryers should be limited, if you want to save on electrical energy and expenses. You can, for example, machine wash clothes and then dry them in the sun. For dishwashers, the assumption that washing dishes by hand saves more water is wrong. If calculated, then a dishwasher full of dirty dishes consumes less water than washing dishes manually.

2. Make sure electronic and electrical devices are turned off

One of the easiest but most important ways to save energy is to press the ‘off’ switch on all electronic devices, from PC monitors to televisions and from light switches to washing machines. The standby mode that we often use turns out to be consuming a lot of electricity, as well as costs. Actually, just turning off electronic devices is not enough. Disconnect the electrical and electronic devices by pressing the ‘off’ button on the mains strip outlet. We can save electricity consumption with one easy step and reduce CO2 emissions by up to 220 kg per year. Mobile phone chargers, shavers and rechargeable batteries should be disconnected from the wall outlet as often as possible.

3. Dim the lights

We also save a lot of energy related to lighting. The first is to use sunlight as much as possible and limit the use of artificial light sources. Another important rule that we must remember is to turn off all lights that are not in use and not turn on the lights if no one is in the room. Automatic motion sensor lights are recommended for corridors and stairs. This light will turn on when there is movement / someone in the area, and turn off automatically when there is no movement. Talking about the most appropriate lights, it feels like nothing beats LED lights. Although they are more expensive than ordinary lamps and energy-saving lamps, LED lamps consume less energy. By saving 85 percent of energy, the income that can be saved is even greater. Energy-saving lamps are indeed an energy-friendly solution, but they contain mercury and therefore must be disposed of in a special disposal site for hazardous waste. If possible, you should use a lamp with a dimmer function and use a lampshade to amplify the effect of the light.

4. Reduce water consumption

The use of household water can be reduced not only by proper washing and rinsing, but also in other ways. According to research, about 100 liters of water that we consume every day can be saved up to 50% with a few simple ways. For example, by using a toilet or shower head with a watering system that not only saves water, but also saves money. Turning off the water tap while brushing your teeth or washing your hands is a popular way to conserve water. In addition, all the water taps in the apartment can be replaced with automatic water taps which add air to the water and ensure less wasted water. Water and energy can also be saved by  taking a shower. Shower consumes 60-80 liters of water, while bathing takes up 150-200 liters of water. An effort to save costs that is also beneficial in the long run is the application of a gray water system. This system can clean household wastewater to be used as toilet flushing water, water for washing, and watering plants.

5. Improve ventilation

In a four-season country like Germany, a lot of energy is wasted on turning on the heating when the air is very cold. On the other hand, in Indonesia, we use large amounts of electrical energy to power our air conditioners (AC). Especially in the hot dry season like today. Apart from washing machines, air conditioners are quite voracious energy eaters. This can be overcome by turning on the air conditioner when the day is really hot. It should also be considered to bring natural cool air into the house by improving air circulation. The ventilation holes near the roof ridge are enough to help overcome the heat in the house. Windows and doors should be opened in the morning and evening. Avoid opening doors and windows in the heat of the day,

6. Use electric cookware wisely

Even in the kitchen, we can save energy by not using the electric stove excessively. Some electric cookware, such as a water-boiling utensil, an egg-boiling utensil, or a coffee machine use 40 percent less electricity than an electric stove. This is why we should not use these devices too often. But try not to fill the water boiler too full, as this will make the water boiler work too hard and consume more energy. In accordance with the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), it is recommended to avoid using coffee and espresso machines that use aluminum bearings and tubes. These devices consume a lot of energy in the manufacturing process and cause pollution. Indeed, there are times when the use of stoves is unavoidable. We can still save energy consumption when using the stove by closing the pot or pan so that the food boils faster and shortens the time it takes to cook, this can save energy by approximately 30%, especially if the size of the pot or pan is adjusted to the needs.

7. Use energy efficient electronic devices

Take a look at all the electronic devices in our homes. From refrigerators to washing machines, and from electric stoves to televisions. Electronic devices were created to make our lives easier. In general, anyone who uses energy-efficient and water-saving devices can reduce expenses by up to 50%. There is no harm in buying expensive but durable electronic devices, because we can save money on buying the same device in the future. It is highly recommended that you always pay attention to energy efficiency specifications when purchasing electronic devices. Choose electronic devices with A+ to A+++ specifications.

Tips to organize things like a pro

If you’re undecided a way to organize your cupboards or haven’t any plan how to organize, we’re here to help. these days’ straightforward organizing tips can assist you maximize the area within your device whereas creating your overall storage expertise additional efficient. Today I’m sharing some tips you must attempt to organize your storage unit sort of a professional.

Sort the list

When storing many gadgets, it’s miles hard to don’t forget all of them. Large portions of furniture, which includes a mattress or sofa, are smooth to don’t forget, however small gadgets (which includes works of art, paintings, electronics, and clothes) are regularly forgotten after months (or years) of storage. To maintain the whole thing straight, you want to create and keep a listing of the whole thing saved internal your device. It is a superb concept to file every object with inside the spreadsheet at the start of the packaging process. Taking images of archived gadgets is likewise an amazing manner to test the contents of your archives. All pictures and stock descriptions ought to be saved in a single place. It’s additionally an amazing concept to create a few form of map that indicates wherein your property are placed in the device.

heavy objects behind

When beginning to % matters within the garage unit, begin with large, heavy items consisting of furnishings and heavy boxes. Place it going through the lower back of the garage unit at the lowest. Remember: Heavy gadgets must usually be saved on the lowest of the garage unit until you need to interrupt the smaller and lighter boxes. This creates a strong base for lighter gadgets.

Closer to frequently used

There can be a few gadgets which you plan to apply extra frequently than others. For example, a further mattress that not has area to apply will now no longer see the mild for a while. Other gadgets that you could want extra frequently encompass seasonal garb including thick coats, boots, hats, slippers, and swimwear. You do not want those gadgets each day, however as a minimum as soon as a yr you’ll be taken to the warehouse to retrieve them. These varieties of property must be located in a well-categorized container or trash can, in the front of the garage unit. Placing it in an easy-to-attain location close to the door will prevent the problem of digging thru a mountain of crates whenever you visit garage.

Use of vertical space

When packing and organizing garage gadgets in indoor areas consisting of a study , residing room or warehouse, your assets ought to stand upright. Boxes ought to be stacked excessive and furnishings ought to be saved upright. Take benefit of greater garage area while storing gadgets with bookshelves or cabinets. Consider including cord or putting cabinets on your garage unit to make room for small packing containers and assets. If the garage unit is specifically tall, it is a great concept to save a folding ladder or scaffolding within the unit in conjunction with your assets.

To label

It can not be overstated how crucial it’s far to label each field on your closet . You may suppose you will bear in mind wherein you positioned your own circle of relatives picture graph album, however accept as true with us. It’s now no longer like that. This is specially real if it’s been saved in garage for a protracted length of time. Clearly label all containers with everlasting markers or revealed labels. Make positive the classified facet of the field faces the the front of the garage unit so you can see it while entering.