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Supertech Eco Village Interior Designs Greater Noida West, Greater Noida

Learn to use furniture in small living rooms

If there is one question that interior designers always seem to ask, how to furnish and decorate a modest living room so that it appears larger and functions more effectively, it is an understandable point of concern, given that living rooms are one of the most used spaces in every home, especially Family families, it is natural for people to want to make themselves comfortable without getting into the realm of claustrophobia, but achieving the right proportions can be difficult.

We’ve found a great article with a bunch of great ideas for small living rooms here, but why not come with us now as we offer a more how-to way to approach humble proportions. There are a number of items and solutions to consider and we will look at all of them, in detail, to give you as much information as possible to help you in your quest to get enough information about the mediocre dimensions and difficulty of working with spaces.

Leave the couch

Let’s start with a very simple, yet effective technique for decorating small spaces. We’ve become accustomed to just seducing a sofa in the living room because it’s the natural state, but by thinking more creatively and choosing single chairs, you can actually inflate the remaining empty space and create a feeling of more room.

Let’s also not forget that single chairs are usually a more cost-effective way to furnish, rather than opting for a larger sofa. Interior designers often show adherence to an odd number of furniture items, as this looks more harmonious, as well as less static and formal. Depending on the number of members in your family, try to avoid an even number of identical chairs.


or a small sofa

If you prefer to have a sofa in your living room, you need to think small. Yes, there are some schools of thought that state that larger items can distract the eye from the diminutive dimensions of a room, but in a lounge, where you’ll be spending a large percentage of your time, something so big will soon feel lost and misperceived.

Interior designers say that making use of a free wall is a good technique to roughly camouflage a sofa, but if you leave at least 30 cm on either side of the arms, the furniture will appear more compact, while also presenting a natural opportunity for rug integration. This is one installation that shouldn’t be too small, as a floating floor extension makes the room appear even smaller, while a rug that mirrors the width of the sofa and rests under the legs will create the illusion of stretching.

Take inspiration from small apartments

Take a look at this amazing apartment, as it provides you with a wealth of practical solutions to consider. A TV is a relative choice, although with enough space for a much larger screen, it serves as a natural focal point in the room as well. Central track lighting helps keep the room bright and airy, and the bare walls create an aura of freshness. Everything is shocking when you realize how modest the living room is here.

Fitted furniture

If you have a small living room, which is also an awkward shape, you have many issues to deal with but there is a solution, at least in terms of how to provide it. Partition or modular furniture is a simple and effective way to place seating where you want and need it, while still maintaining some cohesion and not swallowing up all the last bits of floor space.

Heritage home, and especially terraces, are often at the mercy of uncomfortable alcoves, cramped nooks, and even poorly placed radiators, which is why modular furniture is a great investment, as it can adapt and evolve to meet the constraints of any space. If something seems bulky or weird, it can easily be broken down into something else; Something that works in space more organically.

Choice of tones and colors

A cramped living room can be a real burden, especially for homeowners who enjoy expressing their personality through eclectic interior design choices, but there is hope! By arranging large pieces of furniture at the outer edges, a simple path can be created and then the fun can really begin.

Having a neutral color on the walls of the narrow living room will create a feeling of a fresh and airy space, and after that, you can inject a more pronounced color into the space you see fit. The modular furniture in this photo shows that, in small doses, you’d include a vibrant color or two for a bolder but still generous room, and you can see what we mean by large rugs here too! Just look at the way this slender living room looks and stretches to much wider dimensions!


Keep good planning

Our last tip is a much more natural tip, which will encourage you to take everything you know now and apply it directly and specifically to your home. After all, you can get a wealth of professional advice on board, but if it doesn’t seem to resonate with your own dimensions, it will be hard to see a way forward, so always think about and design your own furniture. What we mean by this is locating the natural optimal place to sit, then honing in on the right size and style, before finishing off the coffee table, rug and TV.

Supertech Eco Village Interior Designs Greater Noida West, Greater Noida

Supertech Eco Village Interior Designs Greater Noida West