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Tips to customize your rental home

Going to live in a rented house . This is usually a temporary situation. But until we want to make this  house our own  .

How? Okay fine. You will have to read our book of ideas to learn more. We’ve put together a lot of simple and smart tips to customize your rental home. Even if it is only for one year then you have to live well and do not count the remaining days to get out of this hell.

Let’s get started.

If you are looking for the best solution to divide the space

If you live in a studio. Where you share the same space, all its environments are built into the living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen. There are clothes for the arm of the bed. But the truth is that they are the cheapest tenants.

The good news is that you can rent this house. A very comfortable place. Consider the following example. This is a small very functional apartment. They knew how to divide places very well. For example they used curtains to separate the room from the rest of the area. Inspire !!

Make your home

You must leave a mark on the apartment you rent. Even if it is full, you should keep small personal items to make the house. You can use a blanket, for example, a carpet You can also think about putting or changing chairs. It also fits your budget.

Rental / rented house / house should have your own textile. Not just for decoration but for hygiene. Keep a new sheet, blanket, cushion, curtains etc. There are so many types it’s hard to say. So there is no excuse. If you want you can always find items in our online store.

Your utensils and other equipment

If you can carry plates, glasses, cutlery with you, then these little things will help you at home. Don’t look at it as an expense, because in this context they will be present in the future.

Pictures of places

Place pictures or other inspirational pictures / phrases around the house. These little details help you create a personal atmosphere and consequently feel at home.

Hint: If you can’t drill holes in the walls. So buy self-adhesive hooks on them. Select good hooks to save the frame.

Bet on cheap and beautiful furniture

Whether the house is rented or not, some furniture is always present in it. In that case we bet on very low cost furniture. Because the shuttle damages the furniture and if it is cheap it does not lose weight.

Plants are the perfect ally to decorate a home and when you are customizing a home. Don’t hesitate to buy lots of plants: large, medium or small, such as rock or mini cacti.

It becomes very beautiful and you will see that you do not have to do anything at home. Thanks to the plants that move life.

Give some paint strokes if you can

This is not always possible. But if it is a wall paint of a room, then it is an easy and inexpensive way to customize a house.

It already knows the condition of the painting or the holes in the walls. The contract can be made with the owner and the contract should be signed. If you do not want to end your surprise.

Combine Interior Design Styles | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

The synergy that appears when different styles that do not seem to go well together is truly amazing. Combinations of different styles that are not readily associated with each other further emphasize the strengths of each, and create new charms that are not expected at all individually. Interior designers who are sensitive to trends and sensibility are superior to the general public in their ability to create unique and beautiful interiors through a sense of bringing out exquisite harmony. What does a modern style that captures modern sophistication look like a vintage style that reinterprets the old and rough passages of time with visual beauty, or a combination of this style that contrasts strongly on the surface, such as classic and modern? Today’s article introduces 7 tips to create a more sensuous space through the mix and match of styles.

The clean form and simple color of the modern style are timeless and sophisticated, and are loved by many modern people. As the master of architecture Mies van der Rohe said that simple is best, modern design focuses on more concise and clearer designs. On the other hand, nostalgic retro styles are gaining popularity again. In the space in the photo, the advantages of both styles were used to create a friendly feeling by giving a point with a low-saturation floral stool in a stylish modern-style living room.

If you want to make your home look like a vacation spot or a dreamy resting space because of the hard and demanding daily life, we recommend a tropical interior that uses rich colors and animal and plant patterns. This tropical style can be easily created with a chair and exotic flowerpots that feel like a resort. If you want a more aggressive look, you can add a vivid color to the wall.

Even if a clear style is not revealed, the difference in texture and material sometimes emphasizes the contrast of spatial elements. For example, in the photo, the wild textured brick wall, friendly wood furniture, and modern black and white colors boast different charms and harmonize. The sense of heterogeneity, as if rough, refined, free and neatly arranged lines are slightly scattered with your fingertips, rather sensually approaching.

The contrast between the wall and the furniture is also a trick for the most natural combination of different style elements. This is because the finish of walls and floors forms the overall sense of space, and furniture such as tables and sofas in it reveals the concept and atmosphere of the space. Therefore, you can complete a unique interior by combining a cozy brick wall like the living room in the photo, an industrial rail door, and a sofa in a lovely color.

Gathering and arranging all of your favorite furniture and accessories is the best idea to reveal yourself and express your individuality. In the space in the photo, vintage and modern, which do not seem to go together at all, such as old antique furniture, classic herringbone-patterned floors, walls with subtle patterns, hanging stools with modern designs, and metal lighting, are beautifully combined. Although it is not a unified feeling as a whole, it shows the strength of the mix-and-match interior well with the bouncing personality that hits you whenever you look away.

The space we will look at this time shows a semi-classical style with a little sense of departure from the traditional classic. Detailed moldings and fireplaces, elegant herringbone-patterned floors, and antique wooden furniture boast an elegant and old-fashioned charm in a classic classic style, while the simple design of the yellow sofa draws attention by contrasting with the blue-tone paint on the wall. It will be a captivating point. The skillfulness of interior designers can be seen in the fact that these color point ideas are often used in modern interiors.

Finally, we introduce an example of an interior that melts various styles into one space. In the photo, you can meet sophisticated ideas that are reinterpreted by combining all the trendy styles such as industrial, northern Europe, and retro. The dining room, with retro striped walls and iron lighting, is decorated with faded orange color and retro-designed furniture from the 70’s and 80’s. On the other hand, the space on the right was created by adding rattan material to the modern style living room made of a simple combination of white and gray. The idea of ​​expressing both retro and modern sensibility in one space is a good example for understanding the interior.

How to benefit from the roof of your home? | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Do you want to have a special roof for your home as a place to relax, receive guests and perhaps hold some parties? If you are fortunate enough to have your own rooftop or the rest of the building does not stack their things or place satellite dishes, this article will help you a lot and provide you with many ideas to make a complete change to that wasted space! Here are the ideas
Plant the roof, which will provide your home with natural heat insulation, air purification and a beautiful look too!

You can create a small pool for relaxation and meditation from above this height, so the roof of the house will be your sanctuary and your secret place

Put only some seats without any complications or many additions, so you use them for some moments of stillness and contemplation, especially at the time of Fajr and Maghrib.

Another idea is to close the surface with a large railing and use it as an extra living room and perhaps a place to host and party.

Create an integrated place closed with glass to let in the sun’s rays to enjoy it also during cold or even rainy weather.

A simple way to protect yourself and furniture from the sun is to add a cover like this and plant some plants to add some warmth and intimacy.

A simple seating area with a wooden pergola that you can plant with some climbing plants to add a natural canopy.

If you like to have more privacy or maybe a member of your family is afraid of heights, you can close it like this.

The look of the closed roof at night with the addition of a touch of lighting in the floor changes its entire appearance.

Grow your own garden with your favorite plants and some flowers that make you feel fresh.

An idea for a group of seats perhaps to accommodate the entire building or to create a private restaurant on the roof to enjoy the wonderful view.

Another form of surface cultivation is in planting beds that are decoratively distributed along the surface.

New ideas for a teen’s bedroom

Children who were simply interested in everything when they were young grow up, their likes and dislikes become clear, and their own tendencies become stronger. Because the desired  props are different and the color they like is clear, it should be completed with an interior that respects the child’s tendency. If you want to develop your child’s creativity, you have to be careful when choosing one small accessory for your child’s room. In particular, the sensuous design and colorful items stimulate children’s imagination and make the interior special. Also, props using color can have a positive effect on a child’s development. Different types of colors have different effects on people, and especially children are sensitive to visual stimuli, so this effect works great. A color that can maximize a child’s strengths and correct their shortcomings. Let’s decorate the bedroom of the child’s room with a color tailored to each inclination. In addition, children’s rooms, which were simply play areas, are gradually transformed into rooms for concentration in study when they enter high school. Since the bedroom and study room are not generally separated, it is also important to create a new space that will enhance learning ability although it is a bedroom. You need to get rid of small items that hinder learning, such as various play equipment and toys, and purchase desks and bookshelves to accommodate the growing number of study papers and books, and match them to appropriate locations. So, it is better to separate it from the bedroom so that the child can focus on learning.

Wall color

In the case of a teenage child’s room, it is the age at which learning must start, so avoid stimulating primary colors as much as possible and decorate the child’s room with soft pastel tones so that the child can feel calm and focus on studying in a stable manner. So, a simple pattern or solid color is good for wallpaper. A solid color or simple pattern rather than a complex pattern enhances children’s emotional stability. If you feel that your child’s room is plain, you can match the colorful primary color tone to the interior with a point accessory or color. If you give a color tip here, the blue color lowers the heart rate and blood pressure and calms the mind, so concentration can be improved, and the yellow color helps children who are tired physically and mentally from stress get energy.


When choosing flooring for a child’s room, the first thing to consider is safety. It is better to choose a cork flooring material that minimizes the impact when falling and also solves the problem of noise between floors, which is a big problem these days. In addition, choosing a flooring material that generates less static electricity and dust can keep it clean in the children’s bedroom, which gets dirty quickly.

As a fabric interior accessory, rugs laid on the living room floor are suitable for use all year round, and serve to block the cold air coming from the floor. Therefore, it is also an essential item for interior decoration in winter, when more time is spent in the house as the days get colder. A thick rug that maintains a warm indoor temperature and has a high decorative effect can create a cozy atmosphere throughout the living room. In addition, the shape and color of the rug can change the atmosphere of the house in a different way, rather than just keeping warm, and with this rug, you can create a richer children’s bedroom.


Bedding should focus on sweat absorption and hygiene. Therefore, hypoallergenic cotton material that absorbs sweat well, is hygienic and easy to wash is suitable. This is because bedding or blankets are in close contact with the human body from head to toe. In the case of atopic children, dust mites can worsen atopy, so keep the house clean and pay attention to carpets and bedding not to get wet.

If the color of the bedding is matched with the color tone similar to that of the wallpaper, a more refreshing look is possible. In the case of bedding color selection, you can purchase it with respect to the child’s opinion.

In general, a bed, a bookshelf, and a desk are arranged in a children’s room at the same time. So, although it is a bedroom, it is a space for study, so you should consider this and choose a storage cabinet. Once the grades go up, there are more household items, so effective storage furniture that can keep things organized is essential. A lot of storage space makes it easier to organize, so you can focus on your studies by reducing distractions. However, considering that it is a bedroom, it is better to arrange the furniture so that it does not interfere with sleep. This is because having a messy cabinet in front of your eyes can interfere with your child’s sleep. In addition, you need a wardrobe for organizing clothes as well as a cabinet for books, and if the room is small, installing a hanger rod can use the space more efficiently. First, install the hanger rod low to fit the hand of the child, and then adjust the height to suit the child who is growing rapidly.

The interior in the photo is the interior of a children’s room with enhanced storage capacity centered on the wall. The more you have a higher education, the more books you read, and the storage space is insufficient. Bookcases and storage furniture were placed on the wall to accommodate a large number of books. In addition, books necessary for learning can be conveniently stored by attaching a shelf for book storage in front of the desk or on the remaining wall to match the child’s eye level.


Lighting, which affects a child’s sleep or learning, also helps to change the mood of the child’s room. In addition to the overall lighting in the children’s room, if you install a cute-shaped auxiliary lighting device or a stand, it improves the child’s energy and has a good effect on children who are afraid of the dark before going to sleep. At this time, lighting should be selected in a line that does not interfere with the child’s sleep to create a good sleep environment. If the lighting is too bright, it can cause glare, which can adversely affect the development of eyesight, so it is good to choose a light that brightens the child when he is awake and dims it when he is sleeping.

Lighting for a child’s room should avoid exposure to too bright light or study in the dark. It is always recommended to use a stand to protect your eyesight. The harmony of weak stand lighting and overall lighting is the most important. In addition, choosing a cute design that will stimulate the child’s eyes is also an important option. It is also good to give children visual fun as well as health to instill the concept of their own space.


There are uniquely shaped lighting lamps and dolls as interior accessories for the bedroom of the children’s room. In particular, in the case of a girl’s room, you can decorate it as a princess room by attaching a canopy. These days, it is not just a canopy, but a canopy mosquito net that blocks mosquitoes on a midsummer day, so if you install it in a child’s room, you can turn the bed into a cozy play space without spending a lot of money. The top decoration of the canopy adds life to the teenage bedroom and makes it a feminine one. Another accessory is to put a unique alarm clock opposite the bedroom that helps the child wake up on their own so that they can wake up on their own without the mother’s help.