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The kitchen: it’s where we gather to interrupt our bread, catch abreast of the day, discuss important family matters and cook wholesome meals. Because the quintessential ‘heart’ of each household, is it any surprise that there are numerous kitchen-only designs to settle on from? From a comfortable, rustic cabin back-kitchen to a contemporary, loft-style open kitchen, homeowners have endless options to fashion into their ideal kitchen.

Now, quite ever, kitchens function as multi-purpose spaces that one uses to eat in, to host friends and family in, or maybe as a study. The newest kitchen design trends reflect this multi-functionality – going from one cook to multiple cooks and from a meal-preparation zone to a semi-office zone. Kitchens, design-wise, are often as basic or complex as any of the opposite rooms during a residence. While building your house, try experimenting with the kitchen’s design instead of sticking to the traditional layout.

A GAME of colors like one’s bedroom, the kitchen deserves a fanatical color scheme also. Traditionally, homeowners chose simple wooden cabinets, regular white tiles and a standard-grade ceramic sink for his or her kitchens.

Feeling bold? You’ll pick a fire-engine red for the backsplash tile or a deep orange for the industrial-style cabinetry. Is mellow where you’re at these days?

SPACE MATTERS conventionally referred to as a ‘work triangle’ in design parlance, the form between the cooking range, the refrigerator, and therefore the sink is not any longer the core of recent kitchen layouts. This space has now evolved into a multi-purpose ‘work zone’ which may readily accommodate several individuals.

The one-wall or Pullman kitchen may be a space-saving layout that’s usually found within the studio or loft-style apartments. Most, if not all, of the main appliances plus the sink, are ready up against the wall. This hallway-style space is amid a large-size island that doubles as a meal-preparation station also as a diner-style counter top. Remove the island and you’re left with the ‘walk-through’ or galley kitchen.

These also function a corridor between different parts of the house, just like the entrance and therefore the front room. The horseshoe kitchen depends on three walls of appliances and cabinets to finish the layout.

STAY UP-TO-DATE With the layout and color scheme sorted, you’re now left with choosing the larger kitchen appliances and other gadgetry. Smart appliances are often as practical as a Wi-Fi-enabled slow cooker that readies your meal while you’re at the office. There’s also a sensible trash-can that opens upon command or a wave of the hand – perfect for a busy, pre-dinner cooking session.

There’s even a Wi-Fi-ready coffee machine that brews up a cup; just press the proper button on your Smartphone. Smart refrigerators usually feature an out sized touch screen for grocery-list making and doodles also as a panoramic camera inside the appliance. Much like the remainder of one’s house, the kitchen should represent what the residents most appreciate in life. Hire yourself designer in Gurgaon so you’ve got a kitchen to make culinary masterpieces in!

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