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Bedroom spaces are often during an alone among-st foremost relaxing areas in a home. They’re respites from the stresses of lifestyle. It’s possible to make a killer bedroom by incorporating a mess of luxurious elements starting from opulent textiles to calming colors. The result’s a bedroom that appears and seems like a vacation retreat a day of the year.


Use a cool color palette to make a bedroom space that’s luxurious. Paint formulations that have an eggshell finish give the walls a deep saturated look, which adds to the general rich appearance. Wallpaper the top wall where the focal-point bed is found to amplify the elegance. Papers with foil accents are particularly opulent.

Choose large tone-on-tone prints, like damask, and use wallpapers that coordinate with the hues of the opposite three walls for an up-to-date and seamless decor. Add a coat of white, gloss paint to the moldings and doors to offer them prominence and complete the space design.


Create a lavish bed with high-end fabrics and materials. Select a mattress with comfort in mind. Varieties with memory foam are often particularly desirable. Top the bed with high-thread-count sheets. Higher thread counts give the sheets a smooth, soft feel and are considered a requirement for any well-appointed bedroom. Add a down comforter to supply warmth without bulk.

If you’re allergic to feathers, there also are many sorts of comforters crammed with soft, man-made materials that provide plush comfort also. Select memory foam or feather pillows to finish the bed ensemble, and lay a faux-fur throw at rock bottom of the bed to feature a crowning touch to the whole killer bedroom space.


Add a spread of fixtures to illuminate the luxury bedroom design with functional and ornamental light. Hang an out sized, crystal chandelier on a high ceiling above the bed to draw attention to the world. Use a dimmer switch to vary the sunshine from high intensity to low mood. Place crystal-based lamps with silk shades on end tables on all sides of the bed to supply reading light.

Position up-lights on the ground to feature light to dark corners or to showcase plants. As a final touch, place mercury-glass candlesticks with white candles on a dresser during a grouping of three to make a shining accent to the decor and supply a soft glow to the luxurious bedroom.


Accent the killer bedroom with metallic features to feature upscale sparkle and shine. Reflective surfaces often have an inherently opulent look, which makes them good candidates for a richly appointed bedroom. Hang an out sized sunburst mirror with silver or gold-polished accents on the wall above the bed to stress the bed because the focus of the space.

Mirrors also make an area feel larger and help reflect the natural light. Place a grouping of silver-framed, black-and-white photographs on a dresser table to end the planning with rich, personal style.

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