Ideas and tips for the kitchen Best Interior Designer near me

Ideas and tips for the kitchen Best Interior Designer near me

Ideas and tips for the kitchen

Getting ideas for kitchen design can be difficult when you don’t have a clear idea of ​​what it should look like. Interior A to Z offers a lot of inspiration for this. Even if there is already a clear view of the kitchen, these materials and ideas can be a welcome addition to the design.


The kitchen design

After a decision has been made in which style the kitchen will be designed comes perhaps the most difficult decision; How to furnish the kitchen. Here too Interior A to Z can help, in addition to a wealth of information and examples of kitchens, there is also a forum to ask questions, as well as the possibility to contact professionals associated with Interior A to Z.


Tips for decorating the kitchen

In addition to functionality, aesthetics is becoming an increasingly important aspect of the kitchen. It is important that these two aspects do not interfere with each other. It is better not to save on equipment that is used intensively and essential parts such as the worktop. However, a functional kitchen does not have to be at the expense of aesthetics, because of the increasing choice of materials, a matching aesthetic solution can be found for every functional choice that is in line with personal preference.


What should I do with the walls of the kitchen?

It is necessary to use a wall that is water-resistant, durable and easy to clean. No concessions need to be made with regard to aesthetics; nowadays there are more and more materials to choose from. In addition to the classic tiled kitchen wall, one can also choose wallpaper that is just as durable and resistant to intensive use with a special finishing.


White or black kitchens

A kitchen with mainly light and white tones is easy to brighten up afterwards with accessories and decorations. A somewhat smaller kitchen also looks much more spacious when light tones are used. A light kitchen is also a safe choice when the house is sold again in the long term; many home buyers prefer this type of kitchen. A kitchen consisting of dark and even black tones can become a real eye-catcher in the house.


What kind of floor for my kitchen?

Choosing the right floor is one of the most important choices when designing a new kitchen. Aesthetics and functionality must be carefully weighed against each other; a wooden floor will come into its own in a country kitchen, but with intensive use it will be less resistant to wear than, for example, a cast floor or tiles. The type of home should also be taken into account when choosing the floor.


What materials can I use in my kitchen?

The choice of materials is an essential part of kitchen design, as it serves both a functional and a stylistic purpose. A black granite worktop will give a kitchen a completely different look than a worktop made of clear lacquered wood. The choice of materials presents few restrictions, rather the reverse. Where in the past mainly stone and wood were used, materials such as concrete and steel are increasingly encountered. These materials do not compromise on functionality; on the contrary, an all-steel interior has been used in industrial kitchens for a long time


What should I consider when buying a kitchen?

A thought that quickly arises when buying a kitchen is the question of how much costs are involved, as well as how it fits into the overall appearance of the house. These are certainly important arguments since it is a major investment and determines the final atmosphere in the house. However, it is also important to realize what the future may look like, is there a family expansion on the horizon, will people continue to live in the house for a long time or will the house possibly be sold in the near future?


How do I design an open kitchen?

The kitchen is no longer just a place where food is prepared, but has developed over the years into a social meeting place in the house. Instead of a closed, invisible space, an open kitchen is increasingly opted for, which flows seamlessly into the living room. In this way a spatial whole is created, where, for example, a cooking island can form the connection between the kitchen and living room. Also a bar can add a useful function and act as a meeting point while preparing a meal.


How do I find the right kitchen expert?

A platform like Interior A to Z is the way to find a kitchen expert. A kitchen can be designed down to the smallest detail, where a very detailed prediction of the final result can be made with computer technology. In addition to the required expertise, it is especially important that the kitchen expert acts according to the user’s vision, so that the kitchen meets all personal wishes in addition to functionality, as well as aesthetically.


Decorating small kitchens

Setting up a small kitchen can be a challenge, but with careful planning, the smaller spaces can also be used well. It is important that the functionality of the kitchen is not affected; concessions such as reducing the worktop or storage space are better avoided. Options such as an extendable table and a kitchen cabinet that reach to the ceiling can be helpful in freeing up as much floor space as possible.


Which style for my kitchen?

Country kitchen


Wherever a house is located, choosing a country kitchen brings the feeling of being outside into the house. Peace, warmth and relaxation characterize the style in this kitchen. In contrast to modern kitchens, the choice is mainly made to use wood instead of steel, stone and polished surfaces. Accessories can be richly added, such as flowers and plants and antique objects. The equipment can also be easily adapted to this style; an old-fashioned gas stove will come into its own in the country kitchen.


Modern kitchen


The modern kitchen is not only characterized by a sleek appearance, but also by the frequent use of stainless steel and polished surfaces. To give the kitchen an industrial look, even concrete can be used as a building material.


Scandinavian cuisine


The Scandinavian style is characterized by sleek and straight shapes. Yet this style differs considerably from modernism, light tones predominate, often realized by untreated and natural wood. In addition to being minimalist, a Scandinavian kitchen is also very functional and modern. Additional decorations should be added carefully, plants can give a minimalist kitchen a colorful look.


Ideas and tips for the kitchen Best Interior Designer near me


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Kitchen units


Have you been thinking about doing something with your kitchen for a while and would you also like to roll up your sleeves yourself? You certainly don’t have to be a professional kitchen planner for this, although a pair of right hands will of course come in handy when you start carpentry yourself! At Interior A to Z, we are happy to lend you a hand remotely by familiarizing you with everything you can do with kitchen units. So if those cabinets urgently need to be replaced, you will soon know exactly what to do!


How do I install kitchen cabinets?


Installing kitchen units or kitchen cabinets is a precision job. After all, you do not want to be able to look at cracks after the work has been carried out or to clearly see from a distance that a cupboard is crooked. And especially if you are also going to place a countertop, then everything has to be level. That is why we have set up a step-by-step plan for you that you can use to install kitchen units carefully and neatly.


  • Measure everything up and out! It is very important that you measure up and down the cabinets you are going to hang. So make sure you have a good folding rule and don’t forget a spirit level. And in this case you really have to work to the millimeter; otherwise your kitchen will be skewed. Draw exactly where everything should go with a pen or pencil. Keep in mind that during the installation itself, some adjustments may still need to be made. And it is very important that you know exactly where the pipes run in the wall. As you understand, you should definitely not run into that with your drill!


  • Drilling holes To hang a cabinet, you need holes in the wall. Before you start drilling, check to make sure that you really can’t hit anything. Then you start with the drill holes for the first box. It is highly advisable to hang the box after drilling before you start working with the holes in the second box. It is so close to kitchen units that you may have drilled slightly differently than intended. So if that first box is hanging, measures whether your holes for the next one are still correct and draw it again if necessary. In any case, it is important that the cabinets are as tight as possible against each other; you do not want to see any cracks! Also check immediately whether the doors work properly and are not trapped.


  • The counter you hang the cabinets in an order determined by you. If you are also going to install cabinets under the counter, then the counter itself must first be properly in place. The same points for attention as above apply, but you also have to take into account that you have made recesses in advance for the pipes and drains. And if you’re a little unsure about this, be sure to hire a professional. It would be a real shame if you make mistakes here!


  • Additional points of attention always work safely and provide good tools! You wouldn’t be the first person to end up in hospital as a result of such work. And if possible, work in pairs. This way you can help each other well and in case of doubt you can always easily consult the other person.


Materials and prices


Kitchen units obviously cost money. Depending on your budget and taste, you can choose the right materials. Below we give you a nice selection of those materials and the prices that are common. Please note: prices are indicated in both square meters and cubic meters.


Common types of wood


European oak: traditional oak as you see it in many kitchens and interiors. It is used less often these days because it is less available and therefore more expensive.


  • American red oak: a beautiful oak with a pink glow.
  • American white oak: light in color and slightly stronger than red oak. Similar price as red oak.


  • Oregon pine: pine wood that is less sustainable, but a lot cheaper: approximately € 1,800 per m3.


Tropical woods


  • Walnut wood: chic and strong material:


Other materials


You could also opt for plastic or metal when it comes to kitchen units. Feel free to take a look around our site for inspiration in that area as well.


Small kitchen units


Small kitchen units are perhaps the easiest to get started with. Here you generally only need a few cabinets. Also think about a creative and efficient layout of the kitchen. In such a case, you could also opt for a complete small fitted kitchen. And furthermore, after these instructions, your kitchen unit, large or small, should be all right!

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