Ideas and inspiration for your own fitness room

Ideas and inspiration for your own fitness room Gurgaon Noida Delhi

Ideas and inspiration for your own fitness room

Gyms are very popular. Many people with busy and irregular lives find it important to stay in good shape and spend a lot of their free time in the gym. Are you tired of going to the gym all the time and do you still have an empty bedroom, attic, basement or garage? Then seriously consider turning it into a real gym! With the help of Interior A to Z and your own online Interior A to Z idea book, you can get started collecting all your ideas for the perfect gym in your own home.

You can find many examples of beautiful fitness rooms on Interior A to Z, but it is important for you to keep a close eye on the size of your fitness room and your budget. And it is very important to consider what your goal is with a fitness room, not least in the field of fitness equipment. Interior A to Z is happy to help you!


What’s the perfect design for your own gym?

There is really only one answer to this: a fitness room must meet all your needs. It is true that you can assume that there are a number of basic requirements that every fitness room must meet. There must be some harmony in a personal gym. You want to use the space as efficiently as possible, but you have to keep in mind that you have enough space everywhere to be able to use the fitness equipment optimally.

A cluttered space is uninspiring to exercise, so think carefully about this. An efficiently furnished and good-feeling space inspires you to go to the gym and you should definitely achieve that effect!


Where can I find ideas for my own gym?

Inspiration can be found in many places. It is important that you add some personal elements to your own fitness room; after all it is in your own home and can therefore certainly be an extension of both your home and your taste. The gym overview on Interior A to Z is an almost endless resource to draw from. To do this, take all the time to look at everything and save what you like in your online idea book. You can also make notes here so that after viewing all the examples you have a clear report of everything you like.


How do I build my own fitness room?

There are basically two ways to create your own fitness room: you can do it yourself or hire a professional. Doing it yourself ensures that you can do everything at your own pace and that you also keep your budget a bit lower. If this is not a problem for you, it is certainly recommended that you start building your own fitness room yourself. If you don’t like it, there are plenty of professionals you can hire to set up your gym quickly and efficiently. You can also find these professionals via Interior A to Z. Keep in mind that your budget should be a lot higher if you hire someone!


What color is best for the walls of my own gym?

Just like any other room in your home, your gym should have the colors that appeal to you. It is important that they also support the purpose of the room; the colors on the walls in your fitness room should above all have a stimulating effect. Fortunately, that does not necessarily mean that you have to set up your fitness room very sterile.

If you need energy to get started with exercise, a color like soft orange can be very stimulating. Do you get hot quickly when you exercise? Then a more cool blue color is for you! If the room has no windows, you can also opt for soft yellow to give your fitness room a more natural color. Don’t forget to think about the color of the ceiling!


What kind of floor should I install in my fitness room?

The floor is an important part of your fitness room. Whether your fitness room is located upstairs or downstairs, it is important that you have a solid floor on which you do not slip. Stability is also important for the construction of your house itself: much fitness equipment has a considerable weight and must therefore be stable and secure in order to be used properly.

In many professional gyms you see that rubber floors are used. Although it sounds a bit crazy, you can use the best rubber that is also used in horse trailers. This is a highly efficient and inexpensive solution for the ideal floor of a personal gym. Do you only have some lighter fitness equipment? Then a solid laminate floor can also support it.


What fitness equipment do I need?

The fitness equipment that you purchase must of course be geared to the goal that you have in mind with fitness. If you mainly want to get started with strength training, you should of course purchase the necessary weights and a bench to get started with bench press. If you are more interested in training your fitness, you can benefit a lot from a treadmill or an exercise bike. Would you like to create a tight stomach?

Then you will need abs machines. You can of course also opt for a multifunctional fitness device. As you can see, there are many different types of equipment that you can store in your own fitness room. It is entirely up to you to see how much money you have available for this.


How do I turn an extra room into a fitness room?

Converting an extra room into a fitness room is something you have to tackle with both hands, but which will certainly give you a nice result. First of all, it is important that you completely empty a room and if the floor is not suitable for a fitness room, that you also remove it.

Also consider carefully where the space in the house is and whether you expect noise nuisance from your fitness. If this is the case, you can insulate the walls with special foil. Then you can paint the walls and ceiling and then, if necessary, lay the new floor. Finally, you can place your fitness equipment. Keep in mind that it all has to fit!


Which style should I use in my gym?

The design of a space and the atmosphere that is created there says a lot about someone. In addition to the fact that your own fitness room must be practical, you can of course also apply a lot of your own style in it. It is important that you know what kind of style appeals to you and you can also combine different styles in your gym if it suits you best.


Gym in a modern style


A modern style is somewhere in between a classic and a minimalist design. Contemporary elements do very well here. These contemporary elements can change quickly under the influence of trends, but if you want to, you can stay completely ‘up to date’ by constantly adjusting small details.

It is best not to make the colors too pronounced, but especially think of softer blues or yellows when it comes to a room without windows. The most important thing is that you let yourself be inspired by the modern style, but that you interpret it in your own way.


Rustic style gym


With a rustic or rural atmosphere, you can think of an interior for your fitness room that is based on the Scandinavian way of furnishing. Natural-feeling products such as wood and stone are essential in this. Warm and somewhat dark colors work very well here. A dark wooden or laminate floor can fit very well in this. Just be careful not to clutter up the room, as this can distract from the ultimate purpose of the room.


Minimalist style gym


Minimalism is all about simplicity. Simple colors, not too much fuss and space are important to create a minimalist atmosphere. A concrete floor can come in very handy in a minimalistic space, for example you can apply a simple concrete paint on it. You can make the walls white or you can use another soft color for this. You don’t have to pay much attention to accessories with a minimalist style.


Need more inspiration or styles?


A few styles have been highlighted above. Of course, many other styles or combinations of styles are also possible. In terms of fitness, you can also consider combining it with a swimming pool, a sauna or a spa. You can find anything and everything at Interior A to Z to get an impression of those other uses of your space. Are you not quite sure about your fitness room yet? Then take a look around. Are you all set? Good luck with setting up and wishing you even more success with fitness!

Ideas and inspiration for your own fitness room Gurgaon Noida Delhi


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