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Living rooms in bold colors that impress your guests

The living room is one   of the cornerstones of the house, and people spend most of their time in it to relax, read a book or family gatherings and watching TV. Therefore, gives you many inspirational ideas for living room designs to suit everyone’s taste.

It is the most important room in the house, where family members spend many hours of their day, watching TV, spending some time and relaxing. It is also a good place to receive your guests, or sit with friends, and the family gathers every day at night for discussion and consultation before bed. We offer you Today, 10 unique living rooms to get an inspirational design that you can implement in your home.

Yellow Furniture & Decoration

The dark yellow color here looks very elegant when mixed with green to make the attractive details in this room. Therefore, the designer used green cushions and a green chair with beautiful plant accents, in addition to the beautiful rug on the floor with geometric shapes.

A small triangular table in the middle is topped by an impressive lighting unit made of beautiful Korean crystals, and with the use of wonderful paintings in the same colors as the furniture, there is a wonderful harmony in the area.

The magic of wood is everywhere

Beautiful woods were used in the parquet floor, with its attractive natural color, with its repetition in the shelves on the walls and interspersed with it as you can see the LED lighting units in an elegant way, and the use of golden beige to design the furniture and a chair in a beautiful mauve color, with colored cushions between yellow, green and beige, in addition to the use of a square wooden table Elegantly centered.

Carved furniture

Everything in this room calls for a difference, with a patterned sofa, colorful and floral curtains, and even the cushions used for the sofa come in different plaid colors, with a plaid center table as well.

All these different patterns are broken by the white ceramic floor and the plain beige walls, the magic in this room lies in the risk of using everything embossed in the details and some may think that this may create visual chaos, but it looks very beautiful.

Black and fiery red

The combination of black and elegant fiery red in this room, made it distinctive and strong for the owners of bold personalities, with the use of beige ceramic floor and white walls that clearly clash with a red wall in the facade to create a wonderful harmony with the different details of the decor.

And the use of a transparent glass table looks very elegant to realize a simple pattern in its design that breaks the influence of bold colors in the rest of the design.

A bold painting with strong colors

A strong painting top a wonderful scene in a distinguished living room, its furniture came in purple and wood also came as a main partner in the design.

In addition to the use of beige marble to cover the whole floor in an elegant way, and the wonderful blending of colors in the details made it distinctive, in addition to allowing the balcony to shed the outside sunlight in the room to ventilate and light it up wonderfully.

3D wallpaper

Wallpaper is an essential partner in the modern style, and even a major and favorite addition to experts in this style, and the more different the design, the more beautiful.

In addition to the special charm that the parquet imparts with its beautiful geometric shape on the floor, and the mixing of colors with each other in an elegant form makes the room completely charming.

Blue sea color

Because blue is the color of the sea and gives a wonderful comfort and calmness, when it is mixed with white in the plain paints with the beautiful soft furniture that comes in the same colors on the sides in the room to fill it beautifully, and some patterned pillows, in addition to the patterned rug in the same colors in the middle of the room, and a coffee table topped it Small with a smooth acrylic top and metal legs.

Light colors with accents of yellow in a small space

Off-white is the master of the room in this design, giving it a wonderful shape and fascinates us in the details, where the living room comes with two double sofas, with a different design chair, all of which are made of solid beige fabric, and the use of a small black table in the middle.

The room is separated from the kitchen by a black glass panel that creates a deep visual space in addition to separating the area without walls. The room’s front directly overlooks the modern through the front window, which looks like a simple separator for a comfortable and bright session.

The carpet is the source of the difference

The patterned rug may be the source of joy and difference in the room, so you have to choose it very carefully, and in such a simple design that relied on soft pastel colors, and the solid fabrics in the sofa, chair and curtains, we needed a different rug and patterned on the floor to add more movement and vitality to the room.

Glossy leather in the latest designs

This bold design is the use of brown leather to design the furniture in a wonderful shape, with different colored pillows on it, in addition, the embossed rug was used to give a wonderful and soft feel under the feet, with a double table made of wood and thick glass, so the design looks completely elegant and blended with each other But it needs strong lighting to reduce its darkness.

Gulshan Bellina Interior Designs Noida Extension, Noida

Gulshan Bellina Interior Designs Noida Extension, Noida

Best Gulshan Bellina Interior Designs Noida Extension, Noida

Gulshan Bellina Interior Designs Noida Extension, Noida

New Gulshan Bellina Interior Designs Noida Extension, Noida

Gulshan Bellina Interior Designs Noida Extension

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