Garage in harmony with the design of the house

To have a car garage in harmony with the design of the house

Increasingly developing life makes people’s living needs more and more high, so it is not strange for a family to own several motorbikes or cars. However, how to design a garage to ensure the architectural harmony of the house. The experts will help you do just that. Notes before building a car garage:


Choosing a location to build a garage: Building a garage in the basement or on the ground floor of the house are both mandatory questions when you have an idea to build a garage. The best location to build a garage is at the main entrance to the house for a house with a small frontage area or an equally wide side door for a house with a larger frontage area. However, for the garage for 2 cars, there should be 2 doors to facilitate getting the car without affecting the other car. Many homes today often design underground garages to save space, but one thing to note is that absolutely do not build a garage under  the bedroom because it causes bad effects on sleep and health due to emissions and noise. Noise from vehicles coming in and out.


Door windows garage: Because in the garage will have a lot of smell gasoline should be designed doors and vents help for more open space. In addition, the installation of roof windows or openings to take advantage of natural light helps to save energy.


Garage ceiling: For garage ceilings, it is recommended to use plaster or aluminum ceilings to both save costs and save construction time.


Garage walls: For garage walls, it is recommended to use paints that are easy to clean and anti-mold to. In addition, homeowners should also consider noise-canceling materials such as tiles with rough surfaces.


Garage floor: To limit slippage, you should choose anti-wear, anti-slip and easy-to-clean tiles such as sanded chisel, sandblasted granite, natural sawn stone, terrazzo tile.


Garage doors: There are many types of garage doors depending on the overall design and the needs of the homeowner. Wooden doors bring rustic, natural and classic beauty to the house, but the cost is high, occupying space and not convenient to use. Horizontal sliding doors require a wide horizontal surface of the garage. The most popular and popular door type for modern and luxurious home designs is the rolling door because of the advantages it brings: saving space, automatic doors are convenient to use and safe.


Water supply and drainage system: Although homeowners do not have the habit of washing their cars at home, installing a water supply and drainage system in the garage does not cost much, but sometimes it is also very convenient.


Garage building materials

Building the garage is also using the same materials as the house. You can refer to some of the materials below


– Wood: Wood material is only suitable for making sliding doors and nowadays, although bringing natural and classic beauty, wood is no longer popular because to get beautiful doors, made of good wood, the cost is quite high. Moreover, wood is a material that is susceptible to termites and warping by weather factors, so it requires regular maintenance.


– Iron: This material is popular and can be used to make sliding doors, rolling doors and even doors. Currently on the market there are many options with different designs and models at reasonable prices. In addition, iron doors also have a very long life. The biggest disadvantage of iron doors is that they are easy to rust under the elements of the environment.


– Aluminum: This is a relatively cheap material with light weight. The disadvantage of this type of door is that it is not luxurious and has poor durability, easily deformed under light impacts of force.

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