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The door of a house is both a place for people to go in and out, and also a way for air to flow from the outside to the inside of the house. Therefore, the design of the door needs to be very careful.

-Note the correlation of the doors in the house

-How to solve when the doors are on impulse, in line

-Prices of main doors for reference. How to contact an expert.

-6 steps to fix sagging doors, sagging quickly and easily

1.Note the correlation of the doors in the house

When building or repairing a house and asking for advice on placing doors according to feng shui, you must have heard that the doors should not be designed in line with each other. According to experts, a house with good means a harmonious and balanced flow of energy. If the doors align with each other, it will create a harsh energy flow that is as harmful as killing intent. Qi or energy is like water flowing into the house. Lined doors will cause the water to flow rapidly, dangerously, instead of flowing slowly and patting the surrounding space.

In particular, straight doors from the front door to the back door are taboo. At that time, all the useful energy flowing into the house through the main door will easily flow out through the back door without having time to rotate in the house. If your home is in this situation, you should find a way to fix it.

2. How to solve when the doors are on impulse, in line

– Place a round table in the center of the area where the doors align. The goal is to redirect the energy flow and slow the flow rate. You can put a vase of fresh flowers on the table to increase the effect.

– Use color to improve the correlation between the doors. Depending on which direction each door is located in the house, you can choose the right color for that door. This will slow down the flow of energy.

-Use the colors of the Fire element (red, orange, purple, pink, dark yellow) for the South direction.

-Use colors of the Earth element (light yellow, beige and colors with earth and sand shades) for the Northeast and Southwest directions.

-The colors of the element (gray, white) are suitable for the West and Northwest areas.

-The colors of the Water element (blue, black) are suitable for the North of the house.

The colors of the Wood element (green) are very good for the East and Southeast regions.

*Put a rather large bonsai in the middle of the straight line of the doors.

* Furniture arrangement: If the aisle area between the doors is wide enough, you should place a group of decorative objects. If it is wider, put a set of tables and chairs for people to sit and chat and drink tea. You can also use a colorful rug.

3. Choose the size for each type of door

The secret to building a house in accordance:

– Main door on the ground floor or upstairs:

*Height: 2.30 – 2.52 – 2.72 – 2.92 (meters)

*Width: 1.46 – 1.62 – 1.90 – 2.32 – 2.46 – 2.92 – 3.12 – 3.32 – 3.72 – 4.12 – 4.56 – 4.80 (meters)

Single-leaf door, 2-leaf door, back door or side door:

*Height: 2.10 – 2.30 – 2.52 – 2.72 (meters)

*Width: 0.81 – 1.07 – 1.25 – 1.46 – 1.90 – 2.12 (meters)

The door to the room: this door usually has no wings, can be covered with curtains, hang curtains

*Height: 1.90 – 2.10 – 2.12 (meters)

*Width: 0.80 – 1.06 – 1.22 (meters)

The owner’s bedroom door

*Height: 1.90 – 2.10 – 2.30 (meters)

*Width: 0.82 – 1.04 – 1.24 (meters)

The door to the bedroom of a child of school age

*Height: 1.90 – 2.10 – 2.30 (meters)

*Width: 0.82 – 1.06 – 1.26 (meters)

Bathroom and toilet doors

*Height: 1.90 – 2.10 – 2.30 (meters)

*Width: 0.68 – 0.82 – 1.02 (meters)

My room has a job and a temporary living room

*Height: 1.90 – 2.10 – 2.30 (meters)

*Width: 0.85 – 1.05 – 1.2 (meters)

Garage door and warehouse door: The size should correspond to the size of the ground floor itself, but less than one step on the Lu Ban ruler.

5. 6 steps to fix sagging doors quickly and easily

-Check all hinge screws: Make sure that the hinge pins are still tight. If it’s loose, tighten it just right, being careful not to tighten it too much and make it difficult or impossible to open the door.

-Find stripping holes: place an insert under the door to hold the door temporarily, remove the hinge. Dip a match or toothpick in the wood glue and insert the end of the stick into the hole. When the glue dries, replace the hinges and screws with new doors.

-Replace screws and hinges: If the screws and hinges are loose and won’t tighten again, you should replace them to prevent your door from sagging. Check the door after replacing each screw. Stop when the door is no longer sagging.

Wedge between the hinges and the door frame: Using thin wood or copper, the thinnest materials possible, wedge each piece between the hinge and the door frame until the door no longer sags or sags. .

-Cut or plan the bottom corner of the door: As your last resort, sand or plan a small part of the bottom corner of the wooden door. If the door is still stuck, you will have to repeat this process a few times.

-Replace the entire door or call an in-house mechanic: If you follow the steps above and the door is still sagging, sag, replace the entire door.

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