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Doors of home


We don’t always think about it, but doors can really make the difference in your home. Each floor contains at least a few and if you opt for a stylish design, they determine the atmosphere in the house to a significant extent. Think of beautiful solid wood panel doors with or without stained glass windows, trendy French doors or a beautiful striking front door in a special color. This way you are assured of a number of important eye-catchers in your home. And nowadays we also see all kinds of new variants such as filigree doors, glass doors and even indoor sliding doors. They provide greater transparency, a sense of openness and allow natural light to flow freely.




Wood is still the most favored choice and is therefore most often seen as a material for indoor doors. This material provides a natural feeling of warmth and comfort and there is a very wide choice of different types and models. It is trendy to leave these rough and unprocessed in the house so that the wood structure comes out nicely and provides an extra accent. If you opt for a not too exotic variety, they are also fairly affordable. Glass is only used for interior doors and ensures optimal light flow and a sense of openness.

Steel is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use because it is water resistant. You create a beautiful industrial look in your home and here too the choice in terms of models and colors is very wide. However, the price of a steel door is somewhat higher. Fiberglass is a material that is more suitable for your exterior doors and is a fairly economical choice of material. The disadvantage is that these doors often last much less than steel doors. Nowadays, plastic doors can hardly be distinguished from wooden doors in terms of look and are also an economical choice.

They are already painted and therefore require little maintenance, are very durable and have a high insulation value. We only see aluminum as a material for doors indoors and it has a very long lifespan. There is a wide choice of designs and the costs are relatively low. Finally, there is also hollow metal. This material is very durable and suitable for both interior and exterior doors. It offers good protection in all weather conditions,






When we talk about doors and especially about external doors such as front doors, safety is of course a very important topic. How do you lock your door in such a way that it is burglar-proof? In addition, not all locks can be placed. There are specific locks that may or may not be suitable for each door type, material and direction of rotation. The main division in terms of locks is into cylinder locks, mortise locks and rim locks.

Mortise locks are mounted in the side of the door and rim locks on the inside on the door itself. Cylinder locks are the most common, but are somewhat less strong. Do you want a stronger lock? Then you can choose a three-point lock or search for special burglar-proof locks. A good option for an extra safe lock is a so-called core pull lock. These are placed around the existing lock and offer extra security against drilling out your lock. You can also opt for so-called security doors. In some cases, your home insurance also obliges you to install a certain type of lock. So check this in your insurance conditions. Do you want to know more about the right choice in terms of door and lock? Let then here your details for advice.



Types and models


Doors can be roughly divided into a number of different types and types. The most common are the traditional doors, with panels or a glass insert, with or without stained glass. We can further subdivide these doors into flush and rebated doors and in the direction of rotation: inwards or outwards. The rebated door partly falls into the frame and rebated doors are actually only seen with steel interior frames. Sometimes you have an old house that you want a specific door for or whose existing size doesn’t exist. In this case, you can choose to have your doors custom made by a professional.

These are usually made of fiberglass or wood and always contain one or more windows. Modern doors are characterized by a wide palette of beautiful color shades and also glass in different shades. The design of these doors is quite sleek with straight lines. Thick doors, made of heavy materials such as wood and stone, are called rustic doors. And finally, there are arched doors that are distinguished by a beautiful semicircular arch at the top and that we often see in old monumental buildings.


How long does it take to install a door?


How long it takes to install a door depends on the size and type of material. If you are a handy do-it-yourself, you can generally do this yourself quite easily. For normal interior doors you should count on a time commitment of around 2.5 to 4 hours. For a double door with a window above it, you quickly arrive at 4 to 8 o’clock. In most cases you also need two people and in some cases even three people. This is only a rough estimate, because you can encounter all kinds of things that you did not count on beforehand. Therefore it is not really possible to give an exact time. A professional has extensive experience and installed the door very quickly.

Doors of home | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

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