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Common mistakes that make your home cluttered | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Do you suffer from chaos in your home and do not know the reason, and you try to rearrange your house regularly and periodically, but the chaos does not end, decoration experts have been interested in researching the causes of chaos in our homes, and is it a shortening in the arrangement and reorganization of our homes, or are there hidden reasons in the design The interior itself, and they found dozens of common reasons and mistakes that we unintentionally make that make chaos not disappear from our homes no matter how we follow the instructions of arrangement, organization and cleaning, a clean and tidy house is not necessarily a house without clutter, so today we will present to you 12  common mistakes that make your house messy . ..

1. Clean but untidy

Sometimes we may think that getting rid of everything that is on the work surface in  our kitchens is the best way to arrange and maintain it without clutter, but we are surprised by the return of chaos again quickly, because your arrangement of the kitchen in a proper way is your attempt to provide appropriate ways to access all your tools quickly and orderly without compromising By arranging the kitchen as a whole, so make sure to arrange and organize what you need according to your priorities and in an innovative way.

2. Untidy shelves..

If you have open shelves, you have to rearrange them from time to time and get rid of everything that is in excess of your needs, it is a time bomb that can cause endless chaos..

  • Common mistakes that make your home cluttered | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR
  • Common mistakes that make your home cluttered | Gurgaon | Noida |

3. Not enough storage space.

A common mistake we make without realizing it, which is the lack of sufficient storage space, especially in our kitchens, so we may find the accumulation of things to be stored without a place that can accommodate them in an organized and tidy manner..

4. A full refrigerator.

The refrigerator is a cold storage unit that needs organizing and arranging daily, and it may cause chaos in your home due to keeping unnecessary food and canned goods or has spoiled without our noticing, so get rid of these things first and keep your home without clutter..

5. Etiquette but..

At the beginning of our lives we dream of houses like the ones we see in decorating magazines, including dining tables that enjoy a wonderful and elegant atmosphere and are always drawn to the teachings of etiquette. ..

6. An impractical entrance.

Our interest in the entrance to the house is the key to our organized homes, as it is the entrance gate to your house from the outside world, carrying items, bags, sometimes coats and certainly shoes.

7. Clean or does it need cleaning?

Sometimes we cannot separate our clean clothes that need cleaning in order to keep them together without allocating a place for dirty clothes, so chaos spreads inside the closet and you find it difficult to search for what you need and find it in an ideal condition for use..

8. An unorganized children’s room..

Our children are certainly one of the causes of chaos in our homes, but if a love of cleanliness and order is planted in them from the beginning, this will help you to keep your home organized for the longest possible time, so you have to start from  their room and try to provide all the storage means that help them arrange and organize it..

9. Decorative pieces that we don’t need..

Having a lot of decorative pieces may cause a complete chaos in your home that will not end with re-cleaning and arranging them only, but you must get rid of the excess of them and keep what is suitable for your home decor..

10. Books..

Arranging all your books in the open closet is one of the most common mistakes, and we may think that we have succeeded in organizing them, but we have already put it in a place that allows them to spread easily at home, which may lead to the spread of chaos in the house..

11. Daily newspapers..

Every day a new newspaper and a daily magazine, you read them and then keep them, the numbers accumulate on each other and chaos spreads and you will not be able to stop that, so be sure to get rid of everything that is old and has been read, and you will find many ways to reuse and benefit from all these quantities of magazines and newspapers ..

12. Electrical wires..

Chaos spreads in our homes with several errors, but with the development of the world of technology, everyone in the family has a cell phone, laptop and other electronic devices that communicate with the world through them, but the crisis of wires and all their belongings remains, which causes a real crisis after a while and helps spread chaos..

Common mistakes that make your home cluttered | Best Interior Design Firm |

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