Common kitchen design mistakes

Common kitchen design mistakes | Gurgaon and Gurugram | Design Firm

Kitchens are one among the foremost used rooms in any home, and this is often not because they’re intended just for cooking, but because some also tend to dine in it rather than the dining room, especially if the kitchen space allows for this, and this alone proves the good importance of kitchens, and therefore the got to pay good attention. To the littlest details of its design and furnishing as you plow ahead with designing your new kitchen.

With that in mind, if you strive to be perfect, thoughtful, and flawless, you ought to avoid the subsequent common mistakes in kitchen designs!

1- Neglecting the ventilation component

At the highest of the list of common mistakes that a lot of make when designing their kitchens, is neglecting the ventilation element, that is, lack of interest in having a window or balcony that renews air within the kitchen, which has the worst effect on the kitchen space as an entire, where fat accumulates, especially on storage units and electrical appliances. Especially cooking tools, additionally to the convenience with which an unpleasant smell are often found within the kitchen, and this is often a catastrophic thing, especially if it’s designed with an American design, because during this case it’ll be easy for your guests to ascertain it during this situation whenever they visit your home.

2- Insufficient surfaces for cooking

Sometimes some people care more about the aesthetics of the kitchen than its practicality, like that specialize in the color of storage units, their exterior shape, the form of ceramics and their color – these are things that are really not underestimated – and neglecting another vital thing that they’re unsurprising by until it’s too late, which is that the cooking space, And whether it’s enough for them when preparing food or not!

The presented model is sweet proof of this, because the storage units appear very elegantly and harmoniously with ceramics on the ground and walls, but it’s easy for anyone to note that the worktops aren’t sufficient for cooking preparation for kitchen users.

3- An area that impedes movement

This error is additionally associated with something from the previous mistake, which isn’t listening to the presence of enough space for the movement of kitchen users when designing it, and resorting to cabinets which will not be suitable in size for the kitchen space, or the acquisition of an island table with a group of seats during a limited space, which might impede the movement of Use the kitchen and not allow quite one person to be in it at an equivalent time.

4- Lack of interest in lighting

As for the fourth mistake, it differs from the previous common mistakes in kitchen designs, and this is often associated with the lighting element, and lack of interest in providing the kitchen with sufficient lighting elements that help its users to ascertain everything inside it clearly, like that specialize in just one hanging within the center of the ceiling, or separate ceiling spots, Or choosing dim lighting from the inspiration, or underestimating natural light sources.

5- Not having enough space for storing

A common and final mistake in today’s article is neglecting to possess enough space for storage, and this suggests that the kitchen will always and forever be during a state of chaos, regardless of how keen its users are to wash and tidy it. The acquisition of sufficient storage units that suit the kitchen space helps in placing everything in its correct position, and therefore the work surfaces are freed from any elements or tools that hinder the users while cooking, so it’s necessary to require care of providing your kitchens with sufficient cabinets that contain the most important possible number of cooking tools and other kitchen purposes.

Common kitchen design mistakes | Gurgaon and Gurugram | Design Firm

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