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General information on design, construction, repair and renovation of bathrooms and toilets

  1. How much does it cost to build a bathroom and toilet?
  2. Bathroom should pay attention to what?
  3. How to effectively deodorize the bathroom?

1. Location of Bathrooms

are generally a place that is not clean compared to other areas of the house. According to the feng shui concept of the ancients, the bathroom of the house should follow the principle of “sitting in the direction of the sand” (that is, placed in the bad direction of the house but towards the good direction). Experts say that the health and even fortune of the homeowner will greatly increase if the bathroom is arranged appropriately.

In particular, the bathroom is not designed in the direction of the main door, because then the good vitality and fortune of the owner will be prevented. However, if the house is in opposition to the owner, having the toilet facing the main door helps to improve luck. Remember to use yellow filament lights on the ceiling to shine down or perpendicular to the direction of the main door to neutralize. Because the bathroom is associated with water (Water), it will not be good if we arrange the living room near the kitchen because of the “Fire” nature of this area. In addition, the bathroom should not be located near the altar room.

2. Ensure Light And Air Circulation

The bathroom combined with the toilet is a place that is often damp and washes away unclean things. Therefore, the bathroom must have a ventilation window or door, sufficient light and air to prevent odors from flying away, and maintain clean air.

3. Be careful where to place the mirror

According to, the mirror should not be placed opposite the door because it will have an adverse effect on health. In addition, we should not put two mirrors opposite each other; it will cause hallucinations, insecurity and trouble sleeping for the homeowner.

4. Design Coordination of the Wood Element

As mentioned above, the bathroom is associated with the element of Water, so the design details will be harmonious if we apply Wood colors and materials. Green or wood material will be extremely good for bathroom design, giving homeowners a feeling of comfort all day.

5. Create Energy

According to, the bathroom should be replenished with more energy. To do this, we can arrange aquatic plants to add more life to the room.

6. Scent

In the bathroom, we can create pleasant scents such as the smell of oranges, lemons, roses, etc. This not only eliminates unpleasant odors, if any, but also relaxes the soul of the family. owner.

Ways to help deodorize the bathroom easily

1. Buy yourself a bottle of perfume or wind oil specialized for the toilet only

Very few people know the use of perfume and wind oil is to scent the toilet as well as deodorize. You just need to put a few drops of perfume or wind oil on a sponge and hang it with a rope in the toilet. This method is very effective and economical when it takes up to 2 weeks for you to have to add one more time.

2. Detergent: the traditional way

Put 10g of detergent into the drain pipe to transfer to the faecal tank, then use a long and stiff brush, brush around the tube and then scrub with clean water. This method requires 2 times a week. You can also use special cleaning water to do this.

3. Alcohol

Within 1 week, if you leave a glass of wine in the toilet, the unpleasant smell will be gone.

4. Very useful

tips of wind oil A box of wind oil can be used for 2-3 months. You just need to put it in the toilet and let the oil take care of the rest

5. Vinegar

One of the ingredients that is extremely easy to find is vinegar. Just put a jar of vinegar in the corner of the toilet/bathroom, the smell will not fly away.

6. Salt

If the cause of the bad smell in the toilet is the drain pipe. Mix a glass of salt water and place it at the mouth of the drain pipe. It’s extremely effective.

7. Finally is newspaper

This way is a bit strange, but you can still try burning a small piece of paper in the corner of the toilet with an extremely effective deodorizing effect.


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