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The wine cellar is the ultimate luxury space for anyone who collects wine for personal hobby or investment purposes. The good news for them is that you no longer have to live in a large country house to own a wine cellar. Hundreds of wine bottles can be collected and stored for a long period of time in an ordinary house or city apartment thanks to modern facilities such as a wine room or silo-type cellar, and a cellar system that maintains and manages the optimum temperature and humidity depending on the climate. it was done Interior A to Z offers a wide range of wine cellar ideas, from classic styles to modern storage systems.

What do you need for the perfect wine cellar?

Of course, the most important thing in a wine cellar is to maintain and store good quality wine in optimal condition. This means avoiding direct sunlight and maintaining optimum temperature and humidity for the wine. However, it is also important to maintain a quiet and comfortable environment so that the wine stored can appreciate the collection in good mood and condition and savor its aroma and taste.

In addition, a wine cellar should display all its wine collections beautifully and maximize the visual effect so that the user can enjoy the process of looking around.

Where can I get wine cellar ideas?

With extensive project photos and access to many experts from around the world with a free membership, Interior A to Z provides great ideas and inspiration for anyone who wants to design and build a wine cellar. Members can scrape their favorite wine cellar elements to create an idea book, and through this, they will be able to materialize their desired wine cellar ideas. Simply click on the screen to collect the various information you need.

How can I build and craft a wine cellar?

There are many ways to build or craft a wine cellar. The method of making a wine cellar is largely divided into a method of renovating an existing underground cellar or creating a separate cellar in a silo style. Generally, a downward-facing drop door is installed and a spiral staircase is used to make the entrance face up. If you want to build a wine cellar on a low cost, you can transform part of your home into a wine room. For example, in the case of an L-shaped kitchen, you can design a small wine room at the end of it. Living room walls are also a good alternative. A wine cellar installed alongside the home bar in the living room is not only practical, but also a good decorative item.

Whichever method you choose, in order to maintain and preserve the value of the wine, it is recommended that you consult with a designer who specializes in the design and production of wine cellars before taking any concrete action.

Which wall to choose for a wine cellar?

The use of strong, rough-textured stone walls in a typical underground wine cellar creates a dramatic contrast to the wine racks standing in rows. If you match the vaulted ceiling and doors here, the image of a high-quality French wine vineyard is added to create a more luxurious and classic look. Alternatives seen in the same vein include bare bricks and lightly padded plaster walls. In the case of a wine cellar built on the ground, using a glass wall has the advantage of not breaking the flow of the whole house, at the same time properly dividing the space and controlling the temperature and humidity in the cellar.

What kind of floor should be laid in the wine cellar?

For a rustic wine cellar, flooring can be anything that presents a rough texture, whether it’s pebble, oak board, matting, or even basic concrete. Marble or hardwood goes well with underground wine cellars as well as above ground wine cellars, creating a more luxurious and chic feeling. If you want to savor the unique aroma of wine, do not place other accessories on the floor of the wine cellar.

For example, carpets woven from hemp will change the flavor of wine with a unique smell that does not disappear for a long time. Whatever material you use for your wine cellar floor, remember that it should always be dry, moisture-wicking, and waterproof. If the floor is moldy or damp, the wine stored in it can go bad.

Where do you get the warehouse wine cellar ideas?

Interior A to Z provides information from a wide range of experts and sellers needed for wine cellars. Whether it’s a creatively designed wall-mounted wine rack for your living room, a stylish wine cooler for your kitchen, or an attractive wood wine cabinet for the first step in collecting wine, you’ll find information that reflects your personal tastes and installation conditions.

Any special tips for organizing your wine cellar?

When planning a wine cellar, it is a good idea to first consider the size and arrangement of the wine racks you will need. This is not only the storage space in the wine cellar, but also the task of composing the overall interior background. It is also a good idea to plan a high place for a bar and stool, or a small table and chairs, where you can taste wine in advance.

Creating a traditional atmosphere by choosing wooden wine racks of various designs and colors while composing the wine cellar, or creating a modern feel with acrylic shelves or various high-tech options is a matter of personal taste and there is no difference in value.

Lighting, as well as furniture and options, should be carefully considered. Old-fashioned lamps dissipate a lot of heat, so they are not suitable for use in wine cellars, and modern LED lighting not only does not dissipate heat, but also provides a bright, dark, gloomy feeling even in a space with no natural light. Track lighting can be used to illuminate wine bottles evenly from above and from behind to further emphasize the display effect, as well as helping to read labels on wine bottles.

How can I decorate my wine cellar?

The answer to the question of how you should decorate your wine cellar depends on whether your wine cellar is traditional rustic, slick, luxury, or more glamorous and modern. Rustic-style wine cellars can be created with items such as recycled metal, construction retrieval and heavy wooden doors with thick handles, while slick-style can be expressed with leather upholstery and simple, elegant finishes. If you want to have a more modern aesthetic, you can match brighter and stronger lighting with options that make up a modern bar.

Whichever style you choose, the basic tools for wine tasting, such as wine glasses and corkscrews, should be placed as standard. If you have space, how about setting up a dining table and chairs to decorate a traditional dining room where you can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner there with your family or friends?

The environment in the wine cellar, which maintains a constant temperature and humidity, preserves various things in good condition for a long time, so it is a good space to display books and other collections related to wine in addition to wine. If you add some special items, it can be a good point to have a conversation while looking around when you receive a guest.

Variety of wine cellar styles

Create a classic style wine cellar

The classic style wine cellar combines traditional style with modern elements to create a luxurious, clean and modern atmosphere, mainly with white walls, bare bricks, wood or stone floors, and wood wine racks. It is suitable for large or small wine cellars, and is more harmonious with a home decorated with modern furnishings and decor.

Create an eclectic style wine cellar

The wine cellar in eclectic style shows youthful and sensual charm. A typical example is a jazz-style wine cabinet in the living room, a wine rack in the kitchen, or a modern bar-style wine cellar decorated with LEDs. An eclectic style wine cellar breaks down the boundaries between home and wine cellar and is not bound by stereotypes. By applying a variety of personal tastes and combining decorations and colors, they naturally blend into houses and apartments.

Create a Scandinavian-style wine cellar

Recommended for those who enjoy casual wine in the house, the Scandinavian-style wine cellar goes particularly well with wooden frames or chalet styles. The walls are usually in comfortable, subtle shades of blue, gray or green, with small rustic patterned or plaid padded armchairs, small round wine tasting tables and lime wood wine cabinets, or wood-framed wine with glass walls. It can be produced as a rack, etc.

Create an industrial style wine cellar

The industrial-style wine cellar is primarily functional and wild, with doors made of raw brick or metal, tasting tables and stools, walls decorated with old wine vineyard icons, and non-stationary wine racks and ornaments made from large vintage barrels. Create an atmosphere the industrial style is particularly well suited to cellars for fine wines of historical significance and value.

Wine cellar ideas and inspiration | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Wine cellar | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

What you need to know to have the right wine cellar

Today, in order to create luxury, modern but a little nostalgic for the house, experts in construction design often add a wine cellar to the house. However, owning a wine cellar in the house is not really popular in Vietnam, making many families still confused about which type of cellar to choose for their house. We will help you answer this question.

Things to clearly define before designing a wine cellar.

* Purpose of building wine cellar: This factor greatly affects the design of the cellar. If the purpose of building your wine cellar is to enjoy wine and entertainment, then you need a space of at least 15m2 and you should think about building a storage room and a tasting room as shared or separate. If only to store wine, it is necessary to ensure that the width of the cellar is at least 45 cm, taking into account the space for storing the refrigerator and the aisle.

* The bottles you have and you will buy: To know how to build a cellar according to the partition or shelf, you need to know what types of wine you will have to put it. You want to buy a whole barrel of wine, buy a bottle or a few bottles. For example, if you want to buy a whole barrel of wine, you must build a wine cellar with many different compartments, like a diamond-shaped compartment that can hold 12 different bottles. Many people prefer the traditional model, each compartment holds only one bottle of wine, suitable for those who have the habit of buying single bottles of wine.

* Besides wine, what else is in your cellar? The question may seem silly, but if you want to have room for accessories, wine glasses, cigars or other drinks in the cellar, there is nothing unreasonable as long as you have the right design ideas. fit.

* Location of wine cellar: In the ground, in the kitchen ,  in the living room , or in the corner of the stairs…

* Ask friends for advice: If you are not ready on this issue, you can consult more friends for ideas for your cellar. And if it’s too hard, let’s

Types of materials used in the design of the wine cellar.

* Wood: a wooden cellar is the most suitable place – because with wood materials, this area always maintains the ideal temperature to preserve the best flavor of the wine. In addition to large wooden cabinets, wine cellars can also be made more attractive by a little paint decoration or a lovely chandelier. Usually, wine cabinets are made from red wood because it resists moisture very well.

However, you can absolutely choose from other woods: cherry, mother-of-pearl, oak or maple, etc. Many people design their storage cabinets with raw, untreated wood, in order to keep it intact. its inherent color. The only wood you shouldn’t use is cedar because it has a lot of wood mulch, which can sometimes get into the wine.

* Lights: You also have many different options: lamps that sink into the wall, lamps that are covered, but all must ensure enough light. Sometimes you just need a dim light, but sometimes you need a clear light to read the bottle label clearly. You can also design lights on the wine cabinet itself for decoration. However, keep in mind that if you do not keep the refrigerator in the cellar, the lights should not be too bright to avoid the cellar temperature being too high.

* Wine cellar floor: You also have a lot of different options: stone floor, tile floor but do not use wooden floor. The choice of floor also depends on the preferences of each person.

* Glass: Many people when building a wine cellar design doors and windows with glass, but there are a few points that you need to pay attention to here. First, it must be heat-resistant glass, designed with 2 parallel layers of glass, because the temperature difference inside and outside the cellar can greatly affect storage conditions. The same goes for glass windows.

Area of wine cellar design.

* Area: Depending on your intended use, the wine cellar has different sizes. The wine cellar has both space for wine tasting and entertainment, the minimum area must be 15m2. And if only to display wine, a minimum width of 45cm is enough.

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Wine cellar | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

You may be a fan of wine and are looking for a way to store it in your home, but wine is not only a drink, it is like any living organism, it has properties that change along its duration, so when you decide to design a wine cellar for your home, you should study the whole matter..

Although many of us think that we only need a simple store, there are special criteria that must be taken into account, besides beauty and decoration, which succeed in designing this corner in the optimal form, and it does not matter if it is a large or small space, the important thing is to study the needs and conditions Special and which will determine the important basic criteria in the design of the wine cellar.

Here are several simple rules that we must follow in order to design the wine cellar in a safe and hygienic way, and also to ensure the validity of the wine itself and the preservation of its taste .. For example:

We must maintain stable temperatures. And to keep the vacuum from high humidity.

The lighting is designed in a special way where it is quiet.

There are also tastes that prefer to take care of the wine cellar as any room inside the house, in terms of ceilings, walls and floors, depending on the shape of the design and the type of materials used, the situation changes as a whole, most choose stones, bricks and wood for such spaces because of their wonderful effect on the atmosphere of this room.

Where can we design a wine cellar?

You can also exploit the space of your house underground and build the cellar, but taking into account the rules of safety, safety and storage, there are equipments needed to design a wine cellar that maintains the necessary climate and the right atmosphere for such a void, and you can also hire experts to help you design your cellar, and the task will not be limited only to The design of the cellar rather by defining special means and equipment that maintains a sanitary and proper yard, in a simple and most importantly, economical way taking into account the climate preservation process of wine storage. And you can provide a special air conditioner for the wine cellar, so that it is easy to control the temperature.

You can choose the right space in your small country-style house, an empty unused room in a small apartment, and divide it in the form of storage units and shelves suitable for distributing wine in an organized and tidy manner, and you can control the budget that suits you to make the room, and in the absence of a separate room You can dedicate a corner of the living room, making a large storage cupboard and sitting for wine.

If you have small parties in your house and want to sip wine with the attendees, you can make a small round or rectangular table in front of the wine cupboard to create the perfect sitting and warm reception of guests.

In the cellar you can store all the products, and this construction, compared to a simple storage space, can contain salt, fresh fruits and vegetables.

There are several types of cellars, you can choose between them, but according to what suits you.. The simplest of them in the construction design is the ground cellar, and there is a stone cellar that contains a vegetable storage shed with the choice of the style you want to make the cellar, whether it is a modernist, rustic or minimalist style.

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