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Blue for a kitchen that radiates elegance and beauty

To design the perfect kitchen  , a myriad of ingredients must fit together – which is often overlooked or considered an afterthought, a big mistake While many homeowners choose a neutral or earthy kitchen for their cooking spaces which is perfectly fine, the reason Behind many of them is that they are simply too afraid to gamble with color. The prospect of committing to anything bolder than cream or beige is so intimidating for them that we’ll introduce you to a cool and calm blue alternative color palette for your kitchen.

Blue psychology

Color psychology teaches us that each color has the ability to evoke certain moods and feelings, supporting the idea that colors can have psychological effects. And whether or not you put that thought into this one, it’s worth reading about colors that affect us in any way. So, what do they say about bringing blue into our homes? Well, it is well known that blue is found in nature – the sky, the ocean and even some types of flowers and animals. Because of this, blue is often associated with calm and serenity. However, in certain spaces and in certain hues, blue can also be considered icy, cold and distant. For interior design, keep in mind that blue is the color of choice for men. Since it is often seen as a non-threatening tone, it can sound quite conservative and traditional. And just as research indicates that people are more productive in blue rooms, they are preferred for work areas like home offices and kitchens!

Blue and feng shui

You should focus especially on sand ancient Chinese feng shui, and then a blue kitchen might be worth considering. Blue and black are known with the water element in feng shui and can be used in the cooking space. However, they are basic in using either black or blue in your kitchen by Balance:

  • While green and brown are woody colors that nourish the element of fire, blue and black nourish the water elements Once the colors of the wood and water elements are balanced, the kitchen has a new design.
  • White is the color of a metallic element that attracts the element of water and makes it a great color for a blue kitchen.

The blue cabins are the prettiest

So what is the most popular way to add blue to the kitchen? Across cabinets, seeing as they take up more space than walls and, therefore, are easy to see.

Additionally, one can get away with putting a bolder, darker color on the cabinets instead of painting the four walls in midnight or dark blue, as it can make the kitchen appear cramped.

Keep in mind that blue is a beautiful choice for a kitchen with wood floors or sofas, because these cool colors can act as a contrast to earthy, earthy wood hues.

A touch of blue tiles

Too q to go all out with bright or bold blues in your kitchen? Then consider a space in your kitchen that is very small, but also very prominent in the kitchen tiles

We basically have two options here:

  • Choose a blue that works well with the color palette in your kitchen and then pull a blue button off the backline to use it elsewhere in the kitchen; or
  • Keep the rest of your kitchen smooth and neutral, allowing your baby blue backsplash to come alive as shown in the example below.

The roof too

While cabinets and tiles are obvious options for adding blue to a kitchen, a less popular option is the ceiling. But that doesn’t mean you can’t think of it.

Many people choose a white ceiling, which is perfectly fine. However, imagine that the kitchen design below went down the same path – missing the white cabinets and appliances in the neutral color palette.

Our suggestion is that you really can’t go wrong with a calming blue, like sky, arctic or baby blue. Also keep in mind that cool colors tend to recede visually, which means a blue ceiling will appear taller than it actually is—a nice bonus if your kitchen is height-deprived.


How about blue tiles?

In most cases, professional interior designers tell their clients to stick to the neutral tones of the items they cost to change, which includes the flooring. However, we do come across a kitchen like this one, and we are so glad the rules were ignored.

Not only is this a striking blue, but the tile’s patterned design ensures that the floor becomes the main style factor for this kitchen.

Want more color options for your cooking space?

Spring Meadows Interiors Designs Noida Extension, Greater Noida

Spring Meadows Interiors Designs Noida Extension, Greater Noida

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Spring Meadows Interiors Designs Noida Extension, Greater Noida

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Spring Meadows Interiors Designs Noida Extension, Greater Noida

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