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How to design a bedroom in the classic way

The design of classic bedrooms carries a lot of aristocratic and royal qualities in dealing with every piece in the room, starting with accessories and ending with inscriptions and furniture, everything in the classic style bears an artistic touch of some kind. Luxurious and we are well aware of your passion for everything special, so we dedicated this topic to you to learn more about the secrets of designing a classic elegant bedroom in your home.


The lampshades are an essential element in the design of the classic bedroom, in their usual form on both sides of the bed from the right and the left, and you can think of a classic way characterized by some renewal when you use the same idea but in a different way so that you make the lamps, for example, hanging from the ceiling or fixed to the walls, but with the same design and usual shape, The change is only in place and in height.

Seat and bed embroidery

Embroidery of the bed, upholstery and seats are signs of classic designs for bedrooms. Do not neglect this important detail when designing your own room. Note the embroidered details on both sides of the leather bed and seats in this picture and you will realize this idea well.

Existence of attractive Najaf

The large chandelier is one of the icons of the classic style, whether in the bedroom or in other rooms in the house. Its multi-lamp shape and large size are an essential way to always decorate the classic decor. It is mostly designed from metal, and the direction of the lamps varies according to the design. With crystal mainly present which makes it very bright and attractive.

Bed headrest

The headboard of the bed is one of the most important features of the classic style in the bedroom. The high armrest indicates elegance and luxury, and you rarely find a truly classic design that abandons the presence of a uniquely embroidered armrest for his bed. Note the shape of the armrest here, how it was visible and impressive despite its white design.

Drapes curtains

One of the most important points in the design of the classic bedroom is the curtains with shiny and embroidered veils and folded from the edges as if they are connected gold chains. Note how this art, which has begun to be reduced a little these day, is how creative and captivating it is, and you will realize how wonderful the details of the classics are as a stand-alone pattern despite the passage of time.

Himalaya Pride Interiors Designs Greater Noida West, Greater Noida

Himalaya Pride Interiors Designs Greater Noida West, Greater Noida

Himalaya Pride Interiors Designs Greater Noida West, Greater Noida|

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