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Designing the bedroom in the best way is no longer a pipe dream; you will get to know more than one idea to design a wonderful bedroom decor in accordance with your dreams and aspirations. With ease, you can rely on many models that we will explain to you in the next few lines to come up with a unified idea that achieves everything you dream of.

Decoration is not the application of previously preserved rules on the ground, but it is an art in which creativity is an essential factor in designing the best possible, and this is done only according to necessary controls by dealing with the available spaces of the rooms and in line with the general decoration in the house, and this is a general rule whether It was in the bedrooms or in any other room, so rules always come second and never at the expense of creativity which you will notice is the first place in future designs..

Roof with windows

Opening the ceiling by tilted windows enhances the chances of natural light entering the room, an idea that is strongly needed to obtain a bright design and a feeling of unparalleled comfort. In this case, you can rely on colors that interact with light strongly such as gray and white and some hot colors such as blue and red, but the colors remain Neutrality is the best option in bedrooms in general.

Office shelves in the walls

Exploiting the walls in making sunken shelves that are used as cabinets or as accessories is a very good idea for small rooms, and you can decorate and decorate them with lights and houses of light that improve the room’s decor in general and elevate the shelves and walls designed in them in particular.

  • Practical and beautiful bedrooms | Gurgaon

The bed upstairs and downstairs the whole room

The bed in this design combines the whole room in the corner designed in it, we notice the presence of the cupboard below it and the multiple cabinets and shelves and at the top comes the bed and this is a genius method in exploiting the horizontal space that was always untapped in the designs of the past, which created for us an unparalleled space in the rest of the room that can be Easily integrate more than one other piece of furniture into it.

Bedside Cabinets

Wardrobes are practically indispensable in the design of bedrooms. In this design, they are integrated into the wall, specifically in the entire headboard, to be the main background for the bed, with shelves and cabinets installed horizontally in a pure white color, in line with the walls completely, greatly saving space and a sense of comfort in the room successfully.

Bedroom for meditation

The white color is one of the best elements that you can add to your bedroom to give the design calm nerves and relaxation, and in this design, light wooden surfaces were relied on to harmonize with white smoothly, and in practice, the spaces that are usually wasted were relied upon to be the wonderful way To take advantage of the room in its entirety, the two sides were allocated to the incommode and the end of the bed was allocated and integrated into the office in the same colors so that we would have an integrated room in the simplest way.


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