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  • Library design tips | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

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  • Library design tips | Gurgaon

Library design tips | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR |

Library design

Reading is one of the Indian’s favorite hobbies . No wonder: Who doesn’t like to withdraw from everyday life to immerse themselves in a wide variety of adventures and stories on a comfortable armchair? Some books are so captivating that you don’t want to put them down – even when the library closes.

Everyone who loves books therefore dreams of their own library with a reading room so that they can pursue this hobby as often and as undisturbed as possible, regardless of opening times and other factors. It is all the nicer to have an entire room available in your house or apartment that can be designed according to your own taste and needs for relaxed reading hours. Here you will find instructions on how to set up a library step by step.

Find your own style of choice

When you think of a library, you usually think first of dark solid wood furniture and leather armchairs. After all, the colonial style used to be widely used in libraries and to this day they are staged accordingly in most Hollywood films and series. So if you want to set up a room with antique charm at home that almost looks like you have escaped from a “Harry Potter” book, the colonial style is certainly well advised.

Due to the dark furniture and carpets, it exudes a certain cosines and helps you to feel like you are in another world. However, it can almost overwhelm small rooms, which is why it is more suitable for the classic and correspondingly large library.

Other furnishing styles may therefore be more suitable for the small reading room in your own home. In any case, the library must of course suit your own taste so that you feel completely comfortable in it. For example, many people prefer lighter furniture and wall colors or they would like to completely immerse the room in their favorite color. The main thing is that the room is comfortable and encourages people to feel good.

It makes sense to think in advance about the style in which the library and reading room should be designed in order to create a uniform look. Because a colorful mix of styles brings restlessness into the room and distracts from what is really important – the books.

Here are some interior style ideas to consider for a library with a reading room instead of the colonial style:

⦁ boho style,

⦁ Wilhelminian style,

⦁ industrial chic,

⦁ country style,

⦁ Modern style,

⦁ Shabby chic and

⦁ Scandinavian style.

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether the classic Chesterfield sofa moves into the library at home or a cozy hanging chair. The only thing that matters is that there is a coherent look that invites you to come in and linger in the library and reading room.

Ideally, your new hobby room immediately evokes a feeling of relaxation when you enter it. The style does not necessarily have to match the rest of the apartment or house. Instead, a completely different, unexpected world can wait for you behind closed doors. It is worth browsing the internet and magazines a little before designing to get inspiration and put your own ideas together to create your own individual style.

Choose suitable furniture

Only when the desired style has been determined does it make sense to look for suitable furniture. Sometimes you can even use what you already have, maybe a leftover bookshelf or the old armchair from your grandparents.

Anything that does not perfectly match the desired furnishing style can be redesigned if necessary. For example , wooden furniture can be restored or seating can be reupholstered . So it makes perfect sense to first use those things that are already there and only then buy what is missing. That saves waste and unnecessary costs. In addition, the library is given even more character when its facility tells a story.

When it comes to furnishing, the focus in the library is of course on the bookshelves and in the reading room on the seating furniture. These should therefore be selected first so that additional furniture such as a small coffee table or the decoration can then be bought.

There are basically two options for the shelves:

⦁ Open bookshelves or

⦁ closed bookshelves.

The shelves in a library are traditionally open so that the spine of the book remains visible. This makes it easier to search for specific books and also looks chic. However, this option has a major disadvantage: the books are not protected and thus get dusty. There is also a risk of damage such as fading from the sun or mold from moisture. To prevent this from happening, closed bookshelves can be a better alternative. The books are protected there, which makes it much easier to keep the library and reading room clean. After all, it should not become an additional obligation in the household, but a small oasis of well-being to escape from it.

Closed shelving systems are definitely worth considering. They also bring more tranquility to the room and hide many a shelf that may not be full of books. Especially at the beginning, the book collection in your own library is usually not that big. But more on that later. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a compromise, you simply choose bookshelves with glass doors to take advantage of both options.

The question of the seating area still remains open. It is the center of the reading room and is all about cosines. The seating must therefore allow a comfortable position when reading. At best, they are even designed so that you can take different positions and change them again and again. This is also healthier for the back during longer reading units than staying in the same posture for hours.

In addition, there must be good light for reading in all of these positions. It doesn’t really matter whether you choose an armchair, sofa, beanbag or the aforementioned hanging chair. The latter also has the advantage that it can be flexibly changed due to its specific properties . Depending on where the best light is. Because the armchair is freely suspended on a frame that can be re positioned less bulky than a solid armchair or a whole sofa. In addition, the basket of most hanging chair models is transparent so that sufficient light can shine through from all sides.

Of course, alternatives or a combination of several seating furniture are also possible. For this reason, this question should also be answered in advance and very individually.

An in-house library with reading room requires more than just enough bookshelves. This also includes comfortable seating. Depending on the available space and personal preferences, this can be a beanbag, a sofa or one or more armchairs. The selection of armchair models is also large and ranges from classic armchairs to wing chairs to hanging chairs. The customer link provides information about the latter and thus serves as a further source.

Arrange the furniture sensibly

After you have selected the furniture you want, the question of the arrangement arises. After all, this not only has an impact on the light when reading, but also on the spatial effect. Whether the sofa is in the middle of the room, on the wall or by the window, for example, can completely change the look of the room.

The same goes for positioning the shelves. For example, they can be pulled up the walls or placed in the middle of the room like room dividers. However, the following tips should always be taken into account:

  • If possible, the shelves are positioned in the room so that no direct sunlight falls on the books. Otherwise the color threatens to fade and the paper ages faster. Alternatively , sun protection can be attached,for example a curtain on the window or a closed shelving system with doors.
  • The reading area is ideally located directly under a window, whereby it is advisable to align the seating with your back to the light. This prevents the reader from being dazzled and at the same time the book is optimally illuminated.
  • Additional seating furniture can be aligned to the side of the window so that, depending on the time of day and weather, you can always find a position in which the sun does not blind you while reading. At the same time, the view can be enjoyed during short reading breaks, for example of the garden or the roofs of the city.

Rotatable or adjustable seating furniture is therefore also ideally suited for the in-house reading room. After the most important furniture has been correctly positioned, you can arrange the other furnishings as you wish. Carpets for more comfort, a coffee table as a shelf for warm tea, a painting as wall decoration – the ideas are almost endless. What you like is allowed.

Library design tips | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR | Best Interior Designer

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