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Bedroom decorating tips for those who can’t get a good night’s sleep

There is a difference between not being able to sleep and not being able to sleep. If you cannot fall asleep easily or wake up frequently and cannot fall asleep again despite your will to sleep when your body is tired, you should suspect a sleep disorder.

The most common cause of sleep disorders is psychological stress. If you are continuously exposed to stress, cortisol, a stress hormone, is released and the sympathetic nerve is activated to maintain arousal, so you cannot sleep. It is correct to proceed with treatment that is related to the inability to sleep due to other physical diseases, but if mental stress is the cause, it means that only relaxing the mind is the fundamental solution.

Today, for those of you who can’t get a good night’s sleep, here are some tips on how to decorate a bedroom that is comfortable for your body and mind. If you want to make a cozy bed, a space for complete relaxation, pay attention.

1. Wood-Filled Bedroom

Fill your bedroom with warm, soft-textured wood furniture. Warm tone wood enhances psychological stability with a gentle image and creates a relaxed atmosphere. If you want to complete a quiet resting place, it is recommended to minimize the decoration and color and select the furniture necessary for the bedroom with a simple design wood material. From beige tones to dark brown colors, if you add gradations with various wood colors, you will be able to create a three-dimensional space without feeling boring.

2. Cushion that fits your body

Relax your body with a cushion that is soft enough to throw your body. Depending on the body type, the ideal material, size, and hardness are all different. If the purpose is not to decorate but to sleep well, it is more important to find a cushion with the optimal feel and shape that fits your body rather than a color, a pretty shape, or a pattern. If you replace it with a cool material in summer and a warm material in winter, it will be of great help to create a comfortable sleeping environment.

3. Divide the bed

Surprisingly, many people suffer from insomnia because of the sleeping habits of their bed-share partners. It can be caused by bed recoil, excessive movement, snoring, and the difference in light required. If you cannot overcome it with time and effort, boldly sharing the bed and lighting is a good solution. No matter how married, there is no need to be reluctant to use a separate bed for a good night’s sleep. If your child is the cause, we recommend that you gradually separate the bed and train it to make it a habit to sleep in your own bed.

4. Create a dark bedroom

The darker the bedroom, the better. Using dim lighting and blackout curtains to create a calm and serene atmosphere will help you get a good night’s sleep. Try not to deviate from the monotone color of all elements, and use several small lights instead of the main light. For curtains, it is recommended to install a thin, translucent inner curtain and a blackout curtain to allow sunlight to enter during the day.

5. The most comfortable bedding in the world

If you want a good night’s sleep, comfortable bedding that’s perfect for you is essential. Carefully examine the touch and the weight and volume felt throughout the body, and choose the material and size that gives you the most comfort. Excessively flashy colors or patterns can interfere with sleep, so choose calm colors and patterns to create a sense of stability. Cool in summer and warm in winter, it is essential to check the thickness and breathability suitable for the season.

6. Which mattress is right for me?

Using a mattress that suits you is directly related to a healthy sleep. The optimal mattress size is different depending on the physique and body type, and the material and hardness of the mattress are also different. If it is too large, space efficiency and sense of stability may decrease, and if it is too small, it is inconvenient enough to interfere with sleep. Depending on the material of the mattress and the type of spring, the degree of softness varies, which affects the health of the spine. To get a good night’s sleep, let’s start with finding a mattress that’s right for you.

7. A good companion plant to have in your bedroom

Air purifying plants purify the air in the bedroom and optimize humidity to create a comfortable and pleasant sleeping environment. Unlike most plants that emit carbon dioxide at night, sansevieria absorbs carbon dioxide at night and blocks electromagnetic waves. Due to the nature of the bedroom, placing an air purifying plant that is weak to direct sunlight and grows well in semi-shaded areas will help you sleep well with the interior effect.

8. Using Side Stand Lights

If you need to use a light in bed, install a small stand light with a subtle brightness. If you turn on all the lights because you need a small light at night, you will be completely awake. If you use a large light while reading a book quietly just before bed, your brain will not be ready to fall asleep. Even when sharing a bed with someone, it is useful because only those who need the light can use it, so it doesn’t disturb the other person.

10. Use a bedside table

If you have to take off your glasses, leave your cell phone, or get out of bed to store the books you’ve been reading before going to bed, your mind will awaken in an instant. Even so, there is a problem of having to bear both the discomfort of touching the body and the burden of damaging the objects when sleeping with them on the bed. Use a bedside table if you have items that you need to organize right out of bed or have your hands on.

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Interiors you should never do, the small bedroom side

A bedroom, where a lot of time is spent sitting or lying still, is less uncomfortable compared to other spaces. Since the circulation is limited and the type of furniture required is rather monotonous, if you pay attention to a few things, you can completely compensate for the shortcomings and lead to a fairly pleasant and stylish space. Considering that it is a space for sleeping, a small size can be a point that can effectively create a sense of coziness and stability.

Today, let’s take a look at 8 interior points that you must avoid in a small bedroom. There are all kinds of ideas to make a small bedroom more valuable by being small, so take a look and avoid mistakes.

1. Big lights that don’t fit

Excessively large lighting in a small bedroom adds pressure to the space and strains the eyes. It can be a beautiful object in a space with a very high ceiling, but it is an interior that should be avoided if the ceiling is small and has a normal height. For a small bedroom, small size, low brightness, and simple lighting design will help create a comfortable sleeping space.

2. Arrangement of furniture covering the windows

In a small bedroom, the presence of a window that widens the view and brings in natural light is of greater value than anything else. Beware of the mistake of covering such windows with any furniture, including beds. Not only will the space look smaller due to the blockage of view, but the closed pressure will interfere with your pleasant relaxation time.

3. Gorgeous and voluminous art wall

A colorful and voluminous wall is also a negative factor in a small bedroom. It is a beautiful art wall that can be a gorgeous decoration point in a space with a wide view, but it is a choice that risks becoming quite burdensome in a small bedroom. Please remember that in a small bedroom, one main character is enough.

4. How to hang clothes in the bedroom

If you add clothes to a small bedroom, the atmosphere becomes even more cluttered. If you can’t afford to decorate the dressing room separately, it is a matter to think about storage ideas such as built-in wardrobes or drawers under the bed. It is recommended to avoid the storage method of hanging each clothes in a state of being exposed, and to put only a minimum of items such as bedding and basic items in the bedroom.

5. Arrangement of furniture that obstructs movement

No matter how pretty and stylish a space is, if the movement is obstructed, it is only the worst result that blurs the essence. When arranging bed and other furniture in a small bedroom, be sure to identify the movement in advance and maintain a sufficient space so that you can enter and exit comfortably. For example, if you place a desk or wardrobe together in a bedroom, you will need to calculate the free space when the chair is removed and the radius of all directions when the cabinet is opened.

6. Untidy Shelf Arrangement

A cluttered array of shelves in multiple directions is fatal in a small bedroom with limited visibility. It is best to keep the blank space as much as possible on the wall, but if that is not possible, it is better to reduce the number neatly and unify the direction in one direction. In particular, it is recommended to avoid shelves with a short width that go up from top to bottom as they tend to be more distracting than other types.

7. Heavy curtains that hang long

Long curtains are useful when you want to emphasize an elegant style. When matched with a French window that goes deep down to the floor, its unique charm is further enhanced. But if it’s an ordinary window in a small bedroom, floor-to-ceiling drapery-style curtains don’t suit you. Rather, it can reduce the sense of space, so let’s style the curtains with a light feel.

8. Partitions that divide small spaces inefficiently

If you use a partition wall or partition that divides the space in two, you can create a useful alpha room such as a study or a dressing room in the bedroom. But not in a small bedroom. If you forcefully try to divide the space, there is a much higher chance that even a single space will lose its function in the meanwhile. Let’s keep in mind that a simple interior design to be faithful to the original function is a way to increase the value of a small bedroom rather than dividing the space by force.

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