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Interior design ideas for soft colors and wood

Come with us on a journey home that is eager to make you its lover.


The lounge of this house is  captivating. Cream-colored furniture is comfortable and blends into the space instead of taking up space due to its light color. The carpet on the floor and the wooden display table on it are in perfect place.

The other side

From this side, you can see the charmingly designed wooden ceiling and main wall of the room. The wall of the TV has a textured layer between the wooden planks, maintaining a light and dark color similarity, in front of which is a unique television stand with beautiful decorative pieces inside the niches. There are mirrors on the door in the back wall of the room.


Here, on one wall, pictures of the whole family are decorated with memories, while on the other, unique shelves and beautiful decorative pieces can be seen. This area also has a place to enjoy tea with chairs. From this side you can also see the front counter of the kitchen where there are beautiful stools for breakfast.

Home made office

Not only can you complete office work by sitting in this room, but you can also sit on this big sofa and read your favorite book. The lamp above the sofa is specially designed for this purpose. Beautiful shelves are adorned with colorful books, and cupboards and drawers have plenty of storage space.

Dining room

The dining room is not left behind in terms of  decoration. Vertical wallpaper on one wall and decorated curtains on the other make it stand out. The third wall not only has low cupboards for essentials, but also a beautiful piece of art to make it more interesting. Keeping in mind the theme of the house, there are table and chairs made of wood and decorated with cream color.


Designed in length, this kitchen has everything you need. Filled with drawers and cupboards, the kitchen has space for all the necessities. The doors of the cupboards on the walls decorated with square design tiles are made of glass so that you can find the item you need in them without opening them.

The first bedroom

Made of a beautiful combination of dark wood and light colored walls, this bedroom is unique. Instead of the rest of the decoration table, there is a unique wooden shelf with a large mirror. There is ample space for storage in the cupboards from the floor to the ceiling, while the beautifully designed roof has returned to the field with its beauty.

The second bedroom

The second bedroom is decorated with a charming combination of light purple and white to the liking of its owner. Large wardrobe mirrors on one side of the bed make the room more spacious. The back wall of the bed has beautiful shelves for books and decorative pieces.

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